Our Family Christmas Traditions – Blogmas Day 3

Blogmas day 3 folks! Let’s talk about family Christmas traditions. Do you have any? It’s finally Christmas month! Yep, I’m aware that’s not an actual thing but if you want to cram in as many Christmas family traditions you pretty much need a month.

This is only our second Christmas with a little one so we’re far from having all of those down pat.

Last year we tried to have the perfect Christmas and do all of the Christmassy things since it was Peyton’s first. We quickly learned that a) nothing goes as planned, and b) refer to a. That was okay though because the main thing is that we took tons of pics to remember it and were able to enjoy it with family for the first time in years.

Vancouver Christmas’

When we were out west, all of our holidays were spent with our framily. You know, friends who are your family. We would host everyone at our place since pretty well all of our friends weren’t from there either. I would cook the turkey and the main things like sweet potato casserole and such. Framily would bring other sides, their bevvies, and dessert.

It was always so nice to have everyone come together. Looking back over the years, to our first “Orphan Holiday” as we’d call it. It’s so nice to see how much we have all grown. We may not be in the same city but all of them will always have a part in my heart.

Traditions with hubby

Putting the tree up absurdly early was always a thing. Always. Also, not taking it down until a very long time after Christmas. Why? Because we could and because frankly, is there anything better than tree lighting? I think not. Everyone looks good in it, it’s like having candlelight but without the fire hazard.

Our tree tradition would consist of us putting on the Glee Christmas soundtrack, sipping wine, putting up the tree and then snuggling up on the couch to watch White Christmas. If you haven’t seen that movie yet, please do yourself a favour and add it to your movie list for this year. You won’t regret it I promise.

Throughout the time leading up to Christmas, we’d watch as many holiday movies as we could handle. And then some.

On Christmas eve we would inflate our air mattress, turn on the tree and snuggle in for the night so we could wake up with the glow of the Christmas tree on the morning of that special day. Some years we’d open our stockings that night but it wasn’t always on Christmas Eve. The air mattress is one tradition I’d really like to bring back. Maybe we will next year since we’ll be in our place from that Christmas on!

Last Christmas

Last Christmas, Geoff bought a beautiful version of the book ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Seriously, the artwork in this book is stunning. He bought the book with the intention that we’d read it to Peyton every Christmas Eve and then when he’s got his own baby, we’ll pass it on to him. I know, adorable right. He thought that up all on his own, no suggestive Facebook tagging required.

Short and sweet folks, those are a few of our Christmas traditions, I can’t wait to build more with our little guy over the years to come.

What are some of your Christmas traditions? I’d love to know! Leave yours in the comments below!

Our Family Christmas Traditions - Blogmas Day 3

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