Top 6 Amazon Baby Essentials

I’m certainly no stranger to online shopping. And I can honestly tell you that most of the things I get for our son, come from the magical store that is Amazon. I’m going to break down for you the essential baby items you need to put in your Amazon shopping cart right now.

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Why do I love online shopping? Well. The answer is easy. Frankly, there are a few answers. I’ll list them for you.

  1. I can drink wine while doing it.
  2. No need to interact with people.
  3. There are no lineups.
  4. My son can run around as he pleases.
  5. The deals are always better.
  6. I can always find what I want.
  7. Getting packages is fun.

Call me anti-social but personally, after being at work all day. There’s nothing better than just coming home. The last thing I want to do after getting home is going back out again. So that’s where I whip out my phone and let my fingers do the browsing.

When we were living out west and on our own with Mr. P in our early days, online shopping was my only solace. Peyton was colic and getting out of the apartment was like going on an expedition. The strategic diaper bag packing, wondering how long until his next meltdown would be, and then trying to get all of my shopping done.

Nightmare city.

Amazon and I became besties. You could say, it was even my other love. Sorry, husband.

There are some things that I will never give up. Coffee, wine, my husband, Amazon, and my son. No particular order. Retail therapy is a legit thing. So is buyer’s remorse. However, retail therapy trumps all.

How are the deals better though? Well, think about it. You’re cutting out the middleman. That brick and mortar store that has a lot more overhead cost than a warehouse. So, you see lots of great sales all of the time, as well as prices that are much closer to distributor cost.

Enough with my blabber, I’m sure I don’t need to convince you to join the revolution. Here are my top Amazon essential baby items.

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These are on the top of the list for a reason. Essential baby items for sure. When you sign up for Amazon Prime, which if your a mom, is a must-have by the way. You get 20% off of diapers. They have bigger boxes than I’ve even been able to find at Costco, and before the 20% off, they’re already a better price. For more info about Amazon Prime click here.

We spend less than $40/month on diapers, Canadian. That’s nothing to shake a beavertail at. Other online diaper subscriptions can run upwards of $100/month. I’ll take the savings thanks. Not to mention, that big, cumbersome box comes right to your door, so no taking up precious Ben & Jerry’s room in your shopping cart at the grocery store.

Summer Infant DuoMat

When we got our SUV, this was one of the first things I purchased for it. There was no way I was letting our beige leather get ruined.

This handy thing keeps your car seats safe from your car seat. What do I mean by that? It’ll keep your car from getting those awful divets in the seats, and keep your seats clean from those mucky toddler shoes.

Also, when your little one makes a mess, with food, or otherwise, you’ll thank yourself for this purchase. I love that it has little pockets on the hanging portion. Great for keeping snacks for you, or them in. Probably more you than them, because let’s face it. They have the diaper bag as it is.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottles & Nipples

While I know you can get these anywhere, Amazon has a much wider selection of Dr. Brown’s Bottles, as well as nipples. As your baby gets older, they’ll need new levels of nipples for faster milk flow and let me tell you, it’s hard to find them in store.

Amazon has gift set versions of bottles and large packs of nipples which is great for giving as they are receiving.

Diaper Genie Refills

Just like diapers, you’ll need diaper pail refills. You can subscribe to have these poop collectors auto-shipped to you as well. Something you certainly don’t want to run out of because no one wants a stinky nursery.

Just like in the stores, they come in a three pack, but you can find larger case lots as well if you take a peek around Amazon’s virtual aisles. Also, when you subscribe to 5 or more things, you get an extra discount. That’s a bonus.

Melissa and Doug Toys

These have to be some of the most popular kid’s toys on the market. I love that they’re wooden and last forever. As well as the fact that they’re pleasing to the eye. While not all of their things are wooden, it’s what they and Hape are known for.

Why are toys on this list? Well because your kid needs to play and frankly, I’ve gotten the best deals on Melissa and Doug toys on Amazon by far. Sometimes a fraction of the cost of what I’ve seen in stores. These things can run you a pretty penny and they add up fast. So save yourself some time, and some money, buy them online.

Crib Accessories & Baby Proofing Needs

There are so many great crib essentials out there. My favorite are protectors. You can really dress up your nursery, and keep your crib safe from baby teeth with them. They are easy to install and even easier to take care of.

From rail guards to breathable bumpers, to crib sheets, or even changing pad covers. Amazon has a huge selection. Again, pricing. I can’t believe the price difference between Amazon and the baby stores. I think they honestly just slap the word baby in the name and jack things up by like 30%. 

When that little one of yours starts rolling and crawling, it’s time to think about baby proofing the house. Another thing that can run up your shopping bill. I’ve made some great purchases that ended up being just add on’s to other orders because they were so low cost.

Check out some of the things I recommend:

At the end of the day, online shopping should be something to make your life easier. Luckily for us, it’s also saved us money, which it probably will for you as well.

However, buyer beware. I don’t suggest surfing that Amazon app after a few glasses of wine. You may get a mad husband out of it.

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Do you have any great online finds? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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6 Essential Baby Items You Should Be Buying Online

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