DIY Bulletproof Coffee Pods

Have you been seeing something called bulletproof coffee bouncing around your social media feeds? I have been, and also a few coworkers talking about it at work! So, I’m bringing you a recipe! For bulletproof coffee pods!

Now, these aren’t like Keurig or Tassimo pods. However, they are still pods, or bombs if you will!

Bulletproof coffee is basically a ketogenic way to start your day. It loads your system up with full fats rather than artificial, processed fats. You can read more about the ketogenic way of life here.

I know what you’re thinking. Why the hell would I be wanting to add fat to my daily routine, isn’t the point of being healthy being low fat? Actually no. It’s no. Usually “low fat” or “fat-free” has more sugar or additives. Or, it leaves you hungry and craving and then reaching for bad things.

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A balanced diet consists of healthy fats and your other food groups.

Bulletproof coffee pods are like little fat bombs that you’re going to blend into your coffee to make it a filling, frothy, delicious situation.

By no means do I follow the ketogenic diet, mainly because I don’t believe in the word diet. But, I’ve really been loving how these little gems are helping keep me fuller longer in the morning before heading off to work.

My usual morning routine consists of bulletproof coffee and a nice dense smoothie chalk full of spinach, berries, banana, spirulina and other tasty things. The two of these, starting my day set me up right Related Post: Lactation Smoothies

Aside from the ingredients in the recipe, you need a blender or food processor to blend the ingredients really well. Trust me when I say that you can’t get the same effect from a whisk in hand. You could also try an immersion hand blender as well!

Also, ice cube, or chocolate mold trays, I purchased chocolate molds on Amazon but I found them too small so I opted for ice cube trays. Whichever works better for you, go for it!

My first bulletproof coffee attempt, before making pods.

You can see a bit of the coconut oil inside the rim, and it’s not super frothy, however, it was still pretty tasty!

Tools you will need:

  • Blender, immersion hand blender or food processor
  • Microwave safe mixing bowl
  • Chocolate molds or ice cube trays
  • Handheld milk frother
  • Sealable container
  • Whisk

Ingredients for bulletproof coffee pods:

  • ¾ cup of grass-fed unsalted butter
  • 1 ½ cups of organic coconut oil
  • 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 15-20 drops of natural liquid sweetener


  1. Melt butter and coconut oil in the microwave in 10-second intervals until nearly fully melted
  2. Put all ingredients in your blender and blend on high
  3. Pour into molds or ice cube trays *tip* if you are using silicone trays, put them on a cookie sheet first
  4. Put trays in the fridge until solid 30 minutes to an hour
  5. When the pods are set, pop them into a sealable container and store in your fridge.

Making bulletproof coffee with pods:

  1. Microwave your coffee pod for about 30-45 seconds to coax it to start melting (if you are using ice cube tray pods, use 1, chocolate molds use 2)
  2. Brew your coffee over the pod(s), if you’re using drip coffee, pour over your pod(s) use your frothier to give it a good mix
  3. Warm your milk in the microwave in a mug larger than your coffee making mug and froth the milk
  4. Pour the coffee mix into your frothed milk
  5. Froth the coffee and milk together

Some people do this whole process in a blender but let’s be honest, I want to drink my coffee in peace and quiet as I’m getting ready. I don’t need to be waking up the house before I need to, and neither do you, so that’s why I use a handheld milk frother!

This is how a typical bulletproof coffee pod outcome is for me! Frothy, tasty, creamy, delicious!

Have you tried this recipe? I’d love to know what you think of it in the comments below!

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DIY Bulletproof Coffee Pods

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