Christmas Traditions With Toddlers – Blogmas Day 4

Do you love the holidays? You must, because otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on this post! Whether this is your first family Christmas or your sixth, I’m sure you have some Christmas traditions you love. When you add a kid to the mix, you start to see the holiday magic just like you did when you were young. Here are some Christmas traditions with toddlers the whole family can enjoy! If you want to take a peek at our own family traditions this post is for you!

Go to a holiday parade

Our holiday parade felt really early in our city this year. We got it under our belt the first weekend of November and it really kicked off the holiday spirit in our home! From seeing all of the floats to the big guy himself, it was super fun to take it in with our little guy for the second year in a row. While this will be his third Christmas, the first one he was pretty tiny and we were establishing a sleep schedule, so no parade that year!

Gingerbread house – or cookie baking

Now, mama beware, you may end up with more sugar in your kid, than on the house, or cookies themselves – so don’t say I didn’t warn you. While I find gingerbread houses stale and totally inedible, they look beautiful, maybe that’s how I’ll save calories… Or, maybe I’ll just make cookies this year and eat them all. I mean share them, I’ll share the cookies.

Elf on the shelf

While our son isn’t really old enough to understand Elf on the shelf, tons of people go nuts over that creepy little doll. Maybe we will partake next year, but this year, we’ll still be sitting it out. You could make it a really fun competition between you and your spouse to see who can get the most creative!

Watch Christmas movies

I have a whole post on the Ultimate Christmas Movie list which you really need to check out. It includes an adult beverage game as well, to get you into the holiday spirit, or the spirits into you (haha) – here’s a link to my DIY Irish cream recipe, you’re welcome. The fact that holiday movies range from child to parent-oriented, is what makes them so fun, and usually timeless!

Visit Santa

The big guy himself is always an interesting experience. Maybe it’s the overly prepared people around. Or the hot mess that is you and your gang, it’s fun to get the Santa picture checked off of your Christmas bucket list as a family. Sure there are some kids who go totally postal with they see the man in red, but hey, what’s the holiday season without a meltdown or two? Or twenty-two… This year we got to go to the Victorian Christmas at Citadel Hill. That was our first meet and greet with the jolly dude until the official photo.

8 Christmas Traditions with Toddlers

Wear matching holiday jammies

Now, I know for a fact, my hubby will not be down for this. I, on the other hand, will totally be down for matching little man! The jury is still out on if we’ll go super Christmas-e or if we’ll just get jammies that match. Maybe if we go for the latter hubby will jump in too! Fingers crossed…

Attend a Christmas tree lighting

Depending on where you live, there may be only one tree lighting. Or, if you live somewhere like we do, here in Halifax, and the surrounding areas there are tree lightings for nearly every town, nook, and cranny. No joke! There are towns here who even stack lobster traps and adorn them with lights! My only question is – where are the lobsters, and can I have some? This year we missed the main, downtown tree lighting but I’m determined to go to another one somewhere!

Decorate the Christmas tree

Maybe you’re a real tree fan, maybe you like fake, decorating the tree is so much fun! Not to mention, I love the perfect glow it gives off, there’s nothing like it. This year we’ve switched it up a bit. We went with blue, silver and white and are leaving the kitschy ornaments aside. We did, however, make salt dough ornaments which were so much fun! Here is some Christmas tree decor inspiration.

Basic Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

There are some of our suggestions for Christmas traditions to get your holiday spirit glowing. Do you have any Christmas traditions with toddlers that have been a hit in your home? Share below in the comments!

8 Christmas Traditions with Toddlers

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