Christmas Gifts for the Mom-to-be – Blogmas Day 5

Blogmas day 5! Christmas gifts for the mom-to-be!

One of my best friends just announced that she’s pregnant! I’m so excited for her and her husband to get into the parent club! I got to thinking. Gifts for pregnant moms-to-be!

Julie is one of the best friends I’ve had in my life and the closest person to me for most of the years I was in Vancouver. Leaving Vancouver was more like leaving Julie behind. It hurt. A lot. Seeing her pregnancy announcement makes me miss her even more. She was with me through my pregnancy, beginning to end. Brought me to the hospital, spent the night at our place when I was in labor. Visited us in the hospital and came over the day we came home.

She helped plan my gender reveal and my baby shower. She was there for it all. I love and miss her dearly. Enough that I’m welling up writing this. Man, I wish I could just go be there with her.

On a happy, positive thought. Gifts! What does a pregnant mama-to-be need?

Think pampering. Relaxing, soothing things. Anything that makes her feel good and comforted.

When I got pregnant, I was the first of my friends (in Vancouver). I was kind of just Googling my way through, playing it by ear and Pinterest-ing everything.

Check out some of my boards!

In the first trimester, it’s all about rest, keeping nausea at bay and coming to terms with the journey that’s beginning. Usually, most people haven’t told other’s about their pregnancy until the second trimester. But that doesn’t mean that mama-to-be doesn’t have needs!

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First Trimester Gifts

Second Trimester Gifts

All of the first trimester items plus:

Third Trimester Gifts

First/second trimester plus:


Obviously, these lists don’t include baby things. Why? Because mama is important too. Pregnancy always puts so much focus on the baby(s) on the way and sometimes not as much on the mom. While being pregnant is the shortest part of your journey with your little one it’s a time to savor, because of how short it is.

Nurture yourself, or the mama-to-be in your life during this special time. She/you need it and deserve it.

Is there something I missed? I’m sure there is. Please let me know in the comments below!

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Christmas Gifts for Mom-to-be - Blogmas Day 5

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