Chocolate and Wine Pairing – Wine Wednesday

Wine and chocolate. Separate, great, together, even better. What a better thing to talk about than chocolate and wine pairing? Nothing! Both can be equally sensual, addictive, enticing and mouth-watering.

One great point about pairing wine and chocolate is that it is probably one of the easiest things to do. You don’t need to hunt down some fancy, schmancy bottle to go with some particular meal that will take a bunch of ingredients. You could probably accomplish some great pairings in under 10 minutes at both the grocery and the liquor store. If you live somewhere that allows alcohol in the grocery store then probably even shorter!

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Wine and Chocolate Pairings - Wine Wednesday - Wine and Mommy Time

Now that Valentine’s day has come and gone, it’s easy to find marked down chocolate everywhere. So stock up, because well… You never know when you may need an emergency reserve. Just kidding, who saves chocolate? No one.

I want to keep this week’s Wine Wednesday short and sweet so I won’t hold back any further.

Check out this beautiful reference I found for you! Yes, I was lazy this time and didn’t make my own but the kind folks over at ProFlowers made an awesome one!

Wine and Chocolate Pairings…


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