Cheap date nights – for when you’re on a budget but want a life

10 Cheap Date Nights - How to Keep it Fresh - Wine and Mommy Time

Date night. If you’ve been with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, whatever, chances are original ideas sometimes run cold. Also, at times, you just can’t afford something extravagant. Fear not, I have some great cheap date nights up my sleeve for you!

Typically you pick a restaurant, a pub, you know, the normal. That gets old though. Date nights really don’t need to be extravagant. Frankly, I think it’s more fun to reserve those nights for special occasions like anniversaries or something really significant.

Some of the best marriage advice my husband and I got before we were married was in our premarital class. We had to take it because of getting married in the church. A sentence that our group organizer said really resonated with me.

“Date night is cheaper than therapy or divorce”.

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Well as long as date night doesn’t require a private jet and some rare bottle of wine that is. If you’re one of the Real Housewives maybe that is the case, but let’s be honest. Probably not haha. Some of the best dates are the ones where you do something really simple and just get to connect.

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Think about it…

When was the last time you just went out to Starbucks and had a coffee or tea date? Actually that’s another thing they said in our class. Make time for “tea time” every night. That’s when you take 5-10 minutes to talk to each other about your day. That doesn’t mean what Sally said at the water cooler or whatever. Just how the day affected you, or anything that’s on your mind. Here’s an even bigger challenge. Try to not talk about the kids. Try it, it’s not easy. But it’s worth it!

Our typical date night planning conversation goes a little something like this: Do you want to go out tonight? Sure. Where would you like to go? I dunno, where do you want to go? I dunno… Sound familiar?

So I kicked back, took some time and broke down a list of some cheap date nights that you probably wouldn’t normally do or think of!

10 Cheap Date Nights - Wine and Mommy Time

Your inspiration…

Ice cream – Go out to get ice cream together. Better yet, if you have circumstances that mean you can’t leave the house, like little ones, go to the grocery store, pick up things like sprinkles, chocolate sauce, a couple different kinds of ice cream and make a DIY ice cream shop at home!

Game night – You could interpret this a few ways. Does your partner play video games? Play with them! (that would be free, bonus!) Or, go to Walmart together and pick out a two player game to play. Maybe you like playing cards? Go fish? The possibilities are endless.

Cook together – Cooking can easily be the most overlooked activity to do together. Switch things up a bit! Hop on Pinterest together and find a recipe you’ve never made! Head to a local farmer’s market and cook whatever you buy. Maybe you’ve been wanting to go take a cooking class at a local grocery store or community center. There are so many cooking videos on YouTube as well! Get creative and bon apetit!

Breakfast for dinner, in bed – Kind of a play off of #3. Cook breakfast for each other, or take turns it being one person’s night one day and the other another! Breakfast in bed is awesome, breakfast for dinner is awesome. Breakfast in bed for dinner, mind blown.

Go for a drive – I love just hopping in the car and just going wherever the road takes us. Some of mine and Geoff’s best chats are when we’re out cruising around. I put this in with cheap dates because you only really need to account for gas burned, or if you need one, a sitter. Bring some snacks with you or stop at a coffee drive through before you start!

Comedy club – Probably one of the most overlooked places in my opinion. A lot of them are pretty small, which makes it much more intimate and fun. It should be pretty easy to Google any local shows near you!

Local high school sports event – Not only will admission be much cheaper than going to a professional event, but the atmosphere can be pretty fun! Bonus points if you go on a rival night, those can get pretty exciting.

Dollar store paint night – Paint nights are all the rage right now, but unless you find a Groupon or a coupon code, they’re not all that cheap. Why not head to the dollar store, pickup some paint, brushes and small canvas’. YouTube would have some classes for sure, but you could also paint an object you have at home! Or if you feel ballsy, portraits of each other!

Read – I don’t mean read books separately. I’m talking, pick out a book together, you could even go to the library and get one. Then take turns reading it to each other! It could be as PG or racy as you want, the ball is in your court.

Bowling – When all else fails, go bowling. It’s retro, it’s a throwback, you may not have done it since you were a kid! So grab those ugly shoes and throw some balls!

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I think from this list alone, you should have some ideas to freshen things up, without breaking the bank. Even if it just got your mind flowing on something else then that’s the whole point right?

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