Champagne Cocktails – Blogmas day 27

What is it about New Year’s that just screams champagne? I’m fascinated with champagne cocktails for this upcoming holiday.

I don’t quite know why, but when I think about champagne, I think of two things. The Great Gatsby, and New Year’s Eve. It’s kind of glamorous really.

Champagne facts

Fun fact, you can only call champagne, champagne, if it’s from Champagne, France. True story. All other wines with bubbles are just sparkling wines. So next time your friend says that they are opening a bottle of bubbly, that’s a fun little tidbit.

Another fun fact. Most champagnes, those ones from France that is. Don’t typically have their vintage on them (year). Why? Because of how tough it is to get a great year of growth in the climate that the grapes are grown in. Because of the demand for this particular wine, vintages aren’t used because of much of the time. A few years worth of grapes needs to be mixed in order to keep up with the amount needed. Therefore, a vintage cannot properly be marked. You can read more about this here.

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Champagne is also an amazing palate cleanser and it lovely between courses if you’re having a large dinner. Or, if you’re passing hor ‘d oeuvres and don’t want something to pair poorly. This is why it’s one of the most commonly passed beverages at cocktail parties.

20 Champagne Cocktails - Wine Wednesday

Champagne cocktails

So, aside from being pretty, fancy and delicious, we can make some amazing cocktails. Check out some of the ones I’ve found below!

  1. Champagne Cosmo // from The Blond Cook
  2. Blood Orange Champagne Mule // from Half Baked Harvest
  3. Champagne Jello Shots // from The College Tourist
  4. Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails // from Kirbie Cravings
  5. Lavender Lemonade Prosecco Cocktail // from Happiness is Homemade
  6. Rose Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas // from Fox and Briar
  7. Champagne Lemonade // from Real Housemoms
  8. Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail // from The Adventure Bite
  9. Champagne Floats // from Real Housemoms
  10. Island Champagne Cocktail // from Mantitlement
  11. Blackberry Ombre Sparkler // from The Cookie Rookie
  12. Cherry Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail // from Real Housemoms
  13. Amaretto Orange Bellini // from Wine and Glue
  14. Grapefruit and Sage Champagne Cocktail // from Floating Kitchen
  15. Rosemary Pear Sparkler // from Bon Aippetit
  16. Champagne Soaked Drunken Gummy Bears // from The Skinny Fork
  17. Champagne Lemonade Margaritas // from Marla Meridith
  18. Elderflower Prosecco Cocktail // from Great British Chefs
  19. Pineapple Mimosas // from Blackberry Babe
  20. Skinny Champagne Margaritas // from With Salt and Wit

I’d love to know if you have any great champagne cocktail recipes! Please leave yours in the comments below.

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