What bloggers want for the holidays

Gift Guide for Bloggers and Girl Bosses – Blogmas Day 5

This guide is both a guide for blogging must-haves, girl boss guide, and a gift guide for bloggers! Being a blogger myself, I’m sharing some of the items I use, and suggest for want-to-be, new, and seasoned bloggers alike!

Knowing what to buy as a blogger, or for a blogger is a task and a half. There are so many things, and services on the market that we need for a successful venture.

What bloggers want for the holidays

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Having a definitive guide on what to do, and how to do it when starting a blog, or revamping a blog is crucial. My course Rock Your Blog Launch is currently on sale for 80% off! It gives you workbooks, videos, guides, and my formula to making a beautiful, seamless blog that you will be proud of. Did I mention lifetime access?


I use a Snowball by Blue Microphones and am in absolute love! It’s super cute on my desk, doesn’t require a pop filter and is plug and play. Not to mention really affordable. If you already have a microphone and want to upgrade, consider the Blue Yeti. Other than doing voice-overs, I use my mic for my podcast!


Whether you go for a virtual one, or a physical one, having a planner is key. The ever-popular planner or bullet journal is essential for any creative.


While phones do a great job, if you want photos that are high quality, and give better credibility you need to invest in a DSLR camera. I currently use the Nikon D3400 and love it to bits! Nikon’s are really neat because there is actually an app that you download to your phone that will transfer your photos by Bluetooth. The app also works as a remote, again, the key for self-portraits! Also, be sure to pick up a camera bag as well, and a UV lens


Other than a planner, it’s nice to have notebooks on hand. In your purse, laptop bag, work tote. Notebooks everywhere, always. I even keep one in my bathroom so that when I’m getting ready in the morning I can quickly jot things down! Notebooks come in all sorts of sizes so get creative, not like that will be hard for you.


If you plan on taking pictures, vlogging, shooting footage, whatever, you need a tripod. Not only are they great for getting perfect still shots, but if you can take beautiful self-portraits. Save money on a photo shoot, do your own! It will minimize the awkwardness if you’re not comfortable in front of photographers.


Whether it’s a Ring Light, box light, or a LuMee case, if you’re an influencer, blogger or lady boss, you need your images to have good lighting. If you’re a beauty blogger especially, lighting is mandatory. For those of us who are lifestyle bloggers, box lighting is better suited because it’s for broader, diffused light.

Insulated Coffee Mug

We’re all busy, and we need that java, like we need air to breathe – okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. When you’re deep into your writing, or on the go, it’s easy to make a cuppa and then totally miss drinking it before it goes ice cold. I’m totally guilty of this. However, I detest microwaved coffee. I may be a mom, but microwave my coffee I will not! Keep your coffee warm with an insulated mug!

External Hard Drive

Clouds, backups and online virtual storage are great. However, stuff happens. Site’s go down, accounts get hacked. Having an external hard drive means you can keep everything in one handy place, safe and sound. You will also be keeping your computer free from clutter, which means super speedy computer for you.

Laptop Bag

Don’t be that person who shoves their precious laptop in a tote bag where it’s hardly protected from scratches, bumps, and liquids. It’s nice to be able to show up to a coffee shop with a cute laptop tote bag in hand, which can store all of the things you need. It’s never fun to buy a bag that you feel should belong to the tech guy at your day job, that you’re embarrassed to schlep around with. Go for something you actually want to be seen with.

What bloggers want for the holidays

If you want some other tips on blogging be sure to check out these posts:

What are your favorite, and most used items when it comes to blogging? Leave them in the comments below!

8 Christmas Traditions with Toddlers

Christmas Traditions With Toddlers – Blogmas Day 4

Do you love the holidays? You must, because otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on this post! Whether this is your first family Christmas or your sixth, I’m sure you have some Christmas traditions you love. When you add a kid to the mix, you start to see the holiday magic just like you did when you were young. Here are some Christmas traditions with toddlers the whole family can enjoy! If you want to take a peek at our own family traditions this post is for you!

Go to a holiday parade

Our holiday parade felt really early in our city this year. We got it under our belt the first weekend of November and it really kicked off the holiday spirit in our home! From seeing all of the floats to the big guy himself, it was super fun to take it in with our little guy for the second year in a row. While this will be his third Christmas, the first one he was pretty tiny and we were establishing a sleep schedule, so no parade that year!

Gingerbread house – or cookie baking

Now, mama beware, you may end up with more sugar in your kid, than on the house, or cookies themselves – so don’t say I didn’t warn you. While I find gingerbread houses stale and totally inedible, they look beautiful, maybe that’s how I’ll save calories… Or, maybe I’ll just make cookies this year and eat them all. I mean share them, I’ll share the cookies.

Elf on the shelf

While our son isn’t really old enough to understand Elf on the shelf, tons of people go nuts over that creepy little doll. Maybe we will partake next year, but this year, we’ll still be sitting it out. You could make it a really fun competition between you and your spouse to see who can get the most creative!

Watch Christmas movies

I have a whole post on the Ultimate Christmas Movie list which you really need to check out. It includes an adult beverage game as well, to get you into the holiday spirit, or the spirits into you (haha) – here’s a link to my DIY Irish cream recipe, you’re welcome. The fact that holiday movies range from child to parent-oriented, is what makes them so fun, and usually timeless!

Visit Santa

The big guy himself is always an interesting experience. Maybe it’s the overly prepared people around. Or the hot mess that is you and your gang, it’s fun to get the Santa picture checked off of your Christmas bucket list as a family. Sure there are some kids who go totally postal with they see the man in red, but hey, what’s the holiday season without a meltdown or two? Or twenty-two… This year we got to go to the Victorian Christmas at Citadel Hill. That was our first meet and greet with the jolly dude until the official photo.

8 Christmas Traditions with Toddlers

Wear matching holiday jammies

Now, I know for a fact, my hubby will not be down for this. I, on the other hand, will totally be down for matching little man! The jury is still out on if we’ll go super Christmas-e or if we’ll just get jammies that match. Maybe if we go for the latter hubby will jump in too! Fingers crossed…

Attend a Christmas tree lighting

Depending on where you live, there may be only one tree lighting. Or, if you live somewhere like we do, here in Halifax, and the surrounding areas there are tree lightings for nearly every town, nook, and cranny. No joke! There are towns here who even stack lobster traps and adorn them with lights! My only question is – where are the lobsters, and can I have some? This year we missed the main, downtown tree lighting but I’m determined to go to another one somewhere!

Decorate the Christmas tree

Maybe you’re a real tree fan, maybe you like fake, decorating the tree is so much fun! Not to mention, I love the perfect glow it gives off, there’s nothing like it. This year we’ve switched it up a bit. We went with blue, silver and white and are leaving the kitschy ornaments aside. We did, however, make salt dough ornaments which were so much fun! Here is some Christmas tree decor inspiration.

Basic Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

There are some of our suggestions for Christmas traditions to get your holiday spirit glowing. Do you have any Christmas traditions with toddlers that have been a hit in your home? Share below in the comments!

8 Christmas Traditions with Toddlers

The Yoga Lover Gift Guide

Yoga Gift Guide – Blogmas Day 3

Do you have a yoga lover in your life? Give the gift of om with this yoga gift guide!

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after following an ad this blog will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running.

For years I’ve dabbled back and forth with my love for yoga. Sometimes it’s a solo love but for the past, while it’s been how hubby and I have been connecting. If you haven’t read it already, go check out my post called 6 Yoga Essentials For Your Home Practise. If you don’t have time right now, check out my visual guide below.

The gift of yoga itself is an awesome gift! I highly suggest the gift option through MyYogaWorks, click here to get my discount code.

If you want to know the basics of what any yogi needs for an at-home practice check out this post – 6 Essentials for Yoga at Home.

Yoga gift guide

  1. Mat bag – It can be awkward to carry around a yoga mat. Also, no one wants to be face down on a mat that’s been sitting bare on public transit, or in the trunk of their car that they never clean (you know it’s true!) Mat bags range from simple to complex with pockets and room for other gear.
  2. Yoga wheel – For anyone from beginner to advanced yoga wheels are great for practicing and perfecting backbends. Yoga wheels can also be used for advanced balance poses!
  3. Essential oils – Explore an even more sensory practice by incorporating essential oils. You can diffuse them, or apply them to the skin.
  4. Mat spray – Mats get gross, there’s no doubt about that. However, not all cleaners are made the same. Using a household cleaner may make a mat slippery, or lose its intended stickiness. Trust me, it’s no fun to face plant. Mat sprays range from scented by essential oils to unscented.
  5. Hot yoga towel – Like cleaners, towels are also not all made the same. Hot yoga towels are meant to go on top of your mat during Bikram or hot yoga classes to help you not slip. Usually they have a bit of grip on one side, or they’re microfibre and naturally, don’t slide.
  6. Yoga socks – Do you or a yogi you know travel a lot and not have the ability to take a may? Yoga socks are a good workaround. They give feet the staying power they need to get your namaste on anywhere, any time.

The Ultimate Yoga Gift Guide

Basic Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

Salt Dough Ornament Recipe – Blogmas Day 2

There’s something about handmade ornaments that brings me back to my childhood and it’s so magical! For day two of Blogmas, I’m sharing my salt dough ornament recipe.

When I was little I remember a salt dough ornament recipe that smelled of cloves and ginger which we made in school. We made ornaments shaped like gingerbread people and houses with puffy paint that made them look like they had icing on them! Also, if you want some other tree decor ideas, click here.

For sake of ease, I’m sharing my super simple salt dough recipe that you can adapt as you desire.

Salt dough can be used to make ornaments for your tree, handprint keepsakes, or fun sculptures with your little ones! Not to mention, it’s super simple to make.

This is also a really great sensory play activity if your little one likes getting their hands dirty. Our little guy didn’t enjoy the hand mixing part but he did a great job with using the cookie cutters to make the ornament shapes!
Do you ever start making something and realize you don’t have all the tools you need? Apparently, I don’t own a rolling pin, so I improvised with a wine bottle, how’s that for thinking on your toes (hehe). Also, I don’t keep plastic straws in the house because it’s an unnecessary plastic waste so we used q tips to make the holes for hanging.

I baked my ornaments while little man napped which worked out perfect. They cooled on a cooling rack while I made dinner and then later that evening I threaded them with thin, blue yarn and a bell.

Basic salt dough ornament recipe

  • ½ cup salt

  • ½ cup of all-purpose flour

  • ¼ cup warm water

My recipe is on a half recipe of what I originally found. You may wish to double, triple, or quadruple the recipe as you need!


  1. Preheat oven if you are baking them (temperatures below)

  2. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper

  3. Dissolve salt into warm water

  4. Mix in flour by hand and knead into a dough ball

  5. Roll out with a rolling pin to ¼ or ⅛ inch thickness on a parchment paper. (Keep in mind, the thicker they are, the longer to dry)

  6. I used star cookie cutters for my desired shapes

  7. Transfer shapes to the parchment lined cookie sheet

  8. Bake per times and temperatures below

Basic Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

How to dry salt dough

  1. 250°f for 1-2 hours+ (the method I used)

  2. 150°f for 2-3 hours+

  3. Air dry for a day or more

*Cooking times, and temperatures may vary depending on your appliance.

Salt dough clay add-ins/ons

  • Cinnamon

  • Glitter

  • Food coloring

  • Paint

  • Beads

  • Lace

Get creative!

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Basic Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

50 Blogmas Post Topics

50 Blogmas Post Ideas – Blogmas Day 1

Blogmas has officially begun and I’m so excited! I feel like the best way to kick off this year’s festivities is by sharing a list of blogmas post ideas!

If you want a peek at last year’s list, click here.

Also, make sure to share this post on Pinterest because you know you’ll end up needing it! If you have a blog with Blogmas post ideas on it, share your link below in the comments for others to enjoy!

If memory serves me correctly, I told myself that I would start planning well before December 1st. Well, that, much like saying I’d have my holiday shopping done in advance were just dreams (haha). Maybe next year!

So, in the spirit of keeping things easy peasy lemon squeezey…

Blogmas Post Ideas

  1. Blogmas post ideas

  2. Gift guides

  3. Salt dough recipe

  4. Christmas cookies

  5. Wrapping inspiration

  6. Family photo inspiration

  7. Dream Christmas

  8. Your favorite Christmas traditions

  9. Christmas in your city

  10. What Christmas means to you

  11. Your blogmas experience

  12. Ugly Christmas sweaters

  13. Christmas dinner recipes

  14. Vegan Christmas recipes

  15. DIY Irish cream

  16. Christmas cocktails

  17. Holiday manicure/pedicure inspiration

  18. Successful family roadtrip tips

  19. Your Christmas decor home tour

  20. Ultimate Christmas movie list

  21. Favorite Christmas tv specials

  22. How to have a no-waste Christmas

  23. Minimalist Christmas tips

  24. How to keep stress levels down during the holidays

  25. Balancing work and the holidays

  26. How to document a Christmas pregnancy

  27. Christmas pregnancy announcements

  28. Christmas birth announcement ideas

  29. Stocking stuffers for men

  30. DIY presents

  31. White elephant gift ideas

  32. Secret Santa gift ideas

  33. Christmas books for kids

  34. Minute to win it Christmas activities

  35. How to host your first Christmas dinner

  36. Elf on the shelf ideas

  37. Last minute gift ideas

  38. Letter to Santa

  39. Ways to give back during the holidays

  40. Local Christmas events you attended

  41. Christmas bucket list

  42. Have a Christmas giveaway

  43. Tips to surviving Christmas shopping

  44. How to stay on budget during the holidays

  45. Roundup of other bloggers Christmas posts

  46. Visit a Christmas market and photo document it

  47. Christmas cracker ideas

  48. Work party style guide

  49. Christmas decorations in your town

  50. Reflection of the past year

50 Blogmas Post Topics

How Blogmas Helped Me As A Blogger

What Blogmas Taught Me

Guys and gals, it’s time to wrap up Blogmas. Yep, I’ve said it. It’s done. Want to know what blogmas taught me? Gear up because it was a lot!

Around the halfway mark I shared a bit about what Blogmas had taught me up until that point. You can read that at what blogmas has taught me so far.

Coming in to Blogmas I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough content. Worried that I wouldn’t be producing something interesting every single day and also that I wouldn’t have the time to do it. Boy was I wrong about all of that.

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What has Blogmas taught me?

No idea is bad

It’s better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all. I’m sure you’ve heard that saying. Writing applies. It’s better to have written and posted to have not written at all. The more you write, the more you develop your style. Usually the first few lines are the toughest ones to get out but once you get an idea flowing, oh buddy there’s no stopping. I learned that it was better to have written at least something than nothing at all. Not having anything to contribute during the holiday’s means your blog can get missed and slip away into the depths of the interwebs until the holidays are over. You don’t want that to happen. I used Blogmas as a way to stay relevant. And boy did it pay off.

My numbers went way up

I can honestly say that my readership has skyrocketed since taking on this challenge. What’s the big deal about that? Well, the more views you have, the better your stats. The better your stats, the better your chances are for signing on with affiliate networks. Which means money. Also, it’s a nice little ego boost! Not that I need it, but it gives me warm fuzzies seeing my numbers growing every day!

It wasn’t that hard or scary

I was nervous as hell to take this on in general. How could I possibly pump out a post per day, be a mom, a wife and work a full-time job? Well, guess what. I did it, so you can too. If anything, the fact that I was constantly thinking about it meant that I wasn’t running out of ideas.

It made writing a habit

Did you know that doing something for 21 days straight makes it a habit? It’s true! It became very habitual for me to sit down with my laptop while we were watching tv. I’d be writing, hanging out with hubby, and being productive. At this point, I don’t know that I will drop writing every day. Posting every day probably, however, we should be writing every day. Why? Because our blogs need content. There are so many other things you can be doing for your blog other than writing as well, I will get into those a little later on though.

Communicating with my hubby

A few days into Blogmas I told my amazing husband what I’d be up to for the month of December. That way he was in the loop and knew that I wasn’t just sitting on the laptop ignoring him. I think he’s liked seeing me busy with something I love and he’s spawned much more of an interest in it. Which is great! It’s easy to just get wrapped up in your writing, editing or whatever you are doing and not communicating your goals to your significant other. I personally think it’s important to keep that line open between the two of you. They will have a better understanding of what you do. To anyone who isn’t a blogger, this whole world probably seems very easy but we know it isn’t. Share your experiences with them, how can they get excited about something you’re not including them in?

Batching tasks

I had heard say about this mystical practice but hadn’t started doing it until Blogmas. Basically task batching is when you do like tasks together. For instance, doing all of your image editing at the same time, researching topics at the same time. Writing like posts at the same time means multiple pieces of content, done in less time! The references to this whole process could make up a post in and of themselves which I will certainly touch on in coming weeks so stay tuned!

How Blogmas Helped Me As A Blogger

My tips for you

Make a list in advance – or check out my post 75+ blogmas post ideas & topics

If you think about it, write it. It’s as simple as that!

Do things in batches. As mentioned above, do images in batches, editing in batches, etc.

Something is better than nothing. Also mentioned above, doing something keeps your creative juices flowing.

Things you can do for your blog that aren’t writing

As I mentioned above, there are things for your blog that you can do that aren’t writing. I know, that sounds counterproductive. But hear me out! Check out the list below that just may spark some extra productivity into your life!

  • Create opt-ins like checklists, guides, templates or a short ebook
  • Update your pinnable images
  • Brainstorm for digital products
  • Research affiliate programs/apply
  • Plan out your social media strategy
  • Re-organize your Pinterest boards/content
  • Engage with other bloggers by commenting on posts
  • Posting on your social media/replying to comments
  • Scroll Pinterest and make a secret board of inspiration for future posts

If you took part in Blogmas this year, what did you learn? Let me know in the comments below!

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Planning for 2018 Greatness

Christmas is now behind us. Which means we can start planning 2018! For some people that means weight-loss, others it means financial growth. Both of which are great things if done right. I’m talking goals people!

Over the next little while, I plan on focusing on reflection of the past year and how I can make improvements in this coming year.

Last year I wrote a post about goal setting, rather than resolutions. My perspective on that has not changed so I’d like to keep working on that and bring more value to this blog with some great new strategies for you all. Strategies that moms and non-moms alike can adapt to their own life!

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The best way to set goals is by looking at what did and didn’t work in the past. Maybe you spent too much money on eating lunch out, so you want to plan lunches ahead. Not only will it mean you’re saving money but you’ll probably be eating better, and it’s a nice thing you and your family or significant other can do together. Quality time, healthy eating and money saved. Win, win, win.

Over the next while I’m planning to bring you a series of posts. Posts about goal setting, organizing your life and frankly doing better all around!

The areas I intend to cover are:

  • Reflecting on 2017
  • Setting goals
  • Journaling tips
  • How to exercise for free
  • Finding time for yourself
  • Balancing work/mom/wife life
  • Digitally decluttering your life

My reflection of the past year

  1. I went back to work after being on maternity leave. To a new job, that didn’t make me feel fulfilled which also didn’t serve my family well. A couple of weeks ago I decided to take an offer somewhere that I think will be a better fit for my family and I. That in itself is a huge step and change. Onward and upward!
  2. This blog hasn’t steadily been as big a priority as I should have made it. With that said, I’ve talked about this with my hubby and he understands my needs and goals. We’re working together for me to better find time to work on this venture and it’s really exciting! Communication, it works!
  3. My friendships and relationships have been a struggle. I’m identifying that I need to make more efforts there. This will be a huge piece of my goals for 2018. I’ve lost track and need to get back to the people I value and who value me and stop letting life and work get in the way. It won’t be easy but it’s certainly important!

While I know three things don’t seem like a lot to reflect on, I think it’s better to have solid focuses. If you put too much on your plate you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Last year my word was change. I did a lot of that. This year my word is focus. I want to focus on:

  • Wine & Mommy Time
  • My family
  • Friends and relationships
  • What makes me truly happy

I can’t wait for what this year will bring! It’s the last year of my 20’s, which is scary to think about, where the hell did they go anyway?

What are your 2018 goals and how do you map them out? I’d love to read about it below in the comments!

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20 Champagne Cocktails - Wine Wednesday

Champagne Cocktails – Blogmas day 27

What is it about New Year’s that just screams champagne? I’m fascinated with champagne cocktails for this upcoming holiday.

I don’t quite know why, but when I think about champagne, I think of two things. The Great Gatsby, and New Year’s Eve. It’s kind of glamorous really.

Champagne facts

Fun fact, you can only call champagne, champagne, if it’s from Champagne, France. True story. All other wines with bubbles are just sparkling wines. So next time your friend says that they are opening a bottle of bubbly, that’s a fun little tidbit.

Another fun fact. Most champagnes, those ones from France that is. Don’t typically have their vintage on them (year). Why? Because of how tough it is to get a great year of growth in the climate that the grapes are grown in. Because of the demand for this particular wine, vintages aren’t used because of much of the time. A few years worth of grapes needs to be mixed in order to keep up with the amount needed. Therefore, a vintage cannot properly be marked. You can read more about this here.

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Champagne is also an amazing palate cleanser and it lovely between courses if you’re having a large dinner. Or, if you’re passing hor ‘d oeuvres and don’t want something to pair poorly. This is why it’s one of the most commonly passed beverages at cocktail parties.

20 Champagne Cocktails - Wine Wednesday

Champagne cocktails

So, aside from being pretty, fancy and delicious, we can make some amazing cocktails. Check out some of the ones I’ve found below!

  1. Champagne Cosmo // from The Blond Cook
  2. Blood Orange Champagne Mule // from Half Baked Harvest
  3. Champagne Jello Shots // from The College Tourist
  4. Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails // from Kirbie Cravings
  5. Lavender Lemonade Prosecco Cocktail // from Happiness is Homemade
  6. Rose Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas // from Fox and Briar
  7. Champagne Lemonade // from Real Housemoms
  8. Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail // from The Adventure Bite
  9. Champagne Floats // from Real Housemoms
  10. Island Champagne Cocktail // from Mantitlement
  11. Blackberry Ombre Sparkler // from The Cookie Rookie
  12. Cherry Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail // from Real Housemoms
  13. Amaretto Orange Bellini // from Wine and Glue
  14. Grapefruit and Sage Champagne Cocktail // from Floating Kitchen
  15. Rosemary Pear Sparkler // from Bon Aippetit
  16. Champagne Soaked Drunken Gummy Bears // from The Skinny Fork
  17. Champagne Lemonade Margaritas // from Marla Meridith
  18. Elderflower Prosecco Cocktail // from Great British Chefs
  19. Pineapple Mimosas // from Blackberry Babe
  20. Skinny Champagne Margaritas // from With Salt and Wit

I’d love to know if you have any great champagne cocktail recipes! Please leave yours in the comments below.

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Boxing Day 2017 – Blogmas wrap up

Blogmas day 26! Aka, boxing day 2017. What is it about boxing day that has you feeling like the whole world is hungover? Even if you aren’t actually hungover, you can tell that everyone’s in this weird phase. I call it the Christmas morning after.

What morning after am I referring to? Don’t act like you don’t know.

You know, the walk of shame. Boxing day is the walk of shame of the holidays. Think about it. Everyone’s kind of awkward, you’re not quite sure if you should hang around or vacate your in-laws. Also, it’s almost like everyone involved doesn’t really want to talk about it. Just clean up the mess, throw it out onto the sidewalk and start thinking about New Years.

Christmas with my in-law’s

This Christmas was a great one. We spent it in Cape Breton with my in-law’s and that whole side of the family. The only thing missing was my older sister-in-law and her two kids. We had so much fun visiting with family, catching up and just watching Christmas through our toddler’s eyes. It seemed like this year’s theme was tonka trucks and anything with wheels for the little man. Not that he’d complain about it because that’s pretty much all he’s interested in.

Look what hubby bought me! A branded wine glass! He knows me so well.

While everyone chowed down on Turkey, I made myself a Tofurkey. Yep, I’m aware that I did a whole post about how to make a vegetarian Christmas dinner. However, time wasn’t on my side. It’s a hell of a lot harder to plan what you want to eat when you’re staying at someone’s place. I didn’t want to feel like I was intruding or in the way. Next weekend we’ll be doing another round of Christmas with my parents so I will plan ahead for that!

Want to know what my basting recipe was?

  • 1/2 freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 1tbsp soy sauce
  • 3 minced garlic cloves
  • Brown sugar to taste

Pour half on the roast and veggies. Then, when you have 10 minutes of bake time left pour the other half and finish uncovered!

In my Christmas Eve post, I highlighted one of the best and one of the worst memories I had ever had at Christmas. If you go read that, you’ll know why Boxing day is a weird, somber, awkward day for my family. This year marks nearly 20 years since my grandfather passed which is really weird to think about.

I also made some super tasty vegan eggnog white Russians!


Vodka, and vegan eggnog, with ice. Duh!

Check out some of the pictures from this year’s Christmas day with our family!

I wish all the best for you and your’s!

Merry Christmas 2017 – Blogmas Day 25

It’s here! Christmas day is here! Blogmas day 25. The holiday festivities are in full swing for us! Merry Christmas!

On Friday we decided to jump into our Christmas road trip early since there was inclement weather in the forecast for Saturday. We made really good time and got to my in-laws in no time. Well, 4ish hours, give or take. But good time if you ask me! I picked the hubby up from work and we were on our way with the little man. We arrived by just after 9pm and Peyton went to bed soon after, as if totally normal.

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No road trip would be complete with some sort of mishap. Ours was that one of our headlights decided to die. It died right when we pulled out of the gas station for our fill up. Oh well. There are worse things. We’ll get it sorted when we get back home. It shouldn’t be an issue.

Getting to spend the holidays with family is what this time is all about. I could honestly care less about the presents and all that. I just want some good wine, good laughs and some good memories.

From our family to yours, the Merriest of Christmas’, and a Happy New Year, cheers!