Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast

Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast is Here!

Friends, I have some exciting news. Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast is here!
I know you didn’t see it on your radar at all. But neither did I!
To hear about why I decided to pick up a mic and press record, you’ll have to listen for yourself. Don’t worry, I didn’t ramble in the first episode like I do here sometimes. At just shy of 15 minutes of your time, it’s a quick listen!

For some time now, I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes here at WAMT. Mainly to help yall. Seriously.

I’ve been working my ass off on creating some awesome items that I know you’ll love. Some of which being ecourses, and some being actual, legit products. More to come on those. But long of the short, this chica needed to buy a mic so that she could effectively communicate when creating courses and well, I did it. I committed, and I got a really awesome mic for a great deal.
It’s a bit bigger than I expected it to be, but it’s super cute. My husband’s reaction “what the hell is that?” Which I totally get, because it doesn’t conventionally look like a mic. Especially to him, who used to be a singer in a band.

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But, nonetheless, yours truly has a beautiful, white mic, to match my desk and everything on it! Honestly, I didn’t mean to match but it was on sale, so that happened. But, then again, I also didn’t look to see if they had other colors… Oh well!

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Please note that if you purchase the microphone above this blog will earn a commission.

Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running, at no extra cost to you!

I think I’ll name her Pearl.
Pearl and I are going to become the best of friends, I can just feel it. She may not speak to me, but boy oh boy, I speak to her. A lot.
I’m hilarious I know.
Anywho. The podcast.

Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast

I’ve made sure to name it Wine and Mommy Time the podcast so you can easily find it! Over time, it will be available on more and more apps.

For now, you can find the podcast on:

You can find any of these apps in the App Store, or on Google Play, all of which are free to download, and listen to me, Libby!
Fair warning, I sound like a 12-year-old, so there’s that…
Much like this blog, I don’t plan on holding back on the podcast. I’m going to speak my mind, and I won’t be filtering anything.

Don’t worry, the blog isn’t going anywhere. I am very much committed to you all, and this blog because well, it’s become a passion of mine.
When I’m not creating, I’m thinking about creating, and when I’m creating, I’m always 10 steps ahead, filling up my mind with the next things I want to create. Sometimes I feel like I need an assistant. But for now, a girl’s gotta do her hustle on her own, ya feel me?

So, if I can ask one more thing of you, it’s please, please go listen! And tell me what you think in the comments below!

If you’d like to share your own podcast, feel free to leave your link as well, because well, girl boss love, muah!

Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast

How to make a favicon and put it on your WordPress blog

How to Get a Favicon on Your WordPress Blog

How to Get a Favicon on Your WordPress Blog

Does your blog have a favicon? If it doesn’t yet, you need one. Honestly, super easy to make and make happen. Learn how to make a favicon in this post for your blog or site!

What is a favicon? Let me show you…

See the little icons in each of the browser tabs? They didn’t happen by mistake. My blog and those sites created and uploaded their own favicons! Cool eh!?

Why are they important? Well… they’re a part of your brand. And frankly, it’s an easy way to add even more personalization to your blog.

Ask yourself one question, how many browser tabs do you have open now? Probably a few. Or a lot. I usually have a lot and multiple windows… My poor brain.

Do you notice something? All of them have favicons.

It’s a really good way to make your tab stand out. Think of it as a little hand, virtually waving, reminding people they have you there.

Favicon tips:

  • Simple
  • Clean
  • Easy to identify
  • Colors identify with your brand

Don’t know what to choose? Keep it über simple. Mine is a W for what else, Wine & Mommy Time, naturally!

Other ideas are symbols or icons that you identify with. Much like in my post about Instagram highlight covers, it’s really easy to design these.

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Luckily, Canva actually has templates when you search logo! Keep in mind, however, that unless you upgrade, you will still have a white background with your favicon. If you’re so inclined, you can pop it into Photoshop and remove the background. I just haven’t done that yet is all.

Now that you have your favicon, you need to add it to your blog. But how? Glad you asked!

In your WordPress dashboard, hover over Appearance, and then click on Customize. By the way, this only works if you are using a self-hosted WordPress. Trust me, I tried when I wasn’t self-hosted, couldn’t do it.

Once you’re in your customize menu, click on Site Identity. This is where the magic will happen. In my case, it says Remove, or Change Image, if you don’t currently have one, it may say something else. This is where you will upload your favicon!

Once you’ve uploaded it, click on Publish, and voila! You now have a snazzy new favicon!

See how easy that was?

Make sure to share this with your other blogging buddies, or gals on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest using my social sharing buttons. And thank you!

How to make a favicon and put it on your WordPress blog

Results from just one week with Tailwind

First Week of Tailwind Review

For some time now I’ve been focusing on the reach of my brand as a whole. I’ve certainly upped my Instagram following and it’s doing really well. Now, it’s time to focus on the biggest traffic driver there is. Pinterest. So, I did it, I finally bought a year’s subscription to Tailwind. Heres my Tailwind review from less than one week of use.

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after following an ad this blog will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running.

Buying a Tailwind subscription has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Why? Because any blogger will tell you that Tailwind is one of, if not the best thing you can do to boost your blog.

If you approach Pinterest like a social media platform, you’re doing it all wrong.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Think about it. What do you go to Pinterest for? Recipes, blogging tips, parenting tips and beauty hacks right? Well, today people are more intrigued by scrolling something with images, rather than a bunch of headings. In other words, Pinterest beats Google, hands down.

Click here to get $15 off Tailwind and to start your free trial!

Frankly, Tailwind subscriptions aren’t pricey, by any means. You can go the monthly route, or the yearly route, which is what I opted for, pay once for the year and done, easy. Not to mention, the price is better for a year then it is monthly. It worked out to a bit more than $10/month, not too shabby!

So, what did it do for me? A week after signing up and filling up my queue, all of a sudden, my blog views broke my highest month ever. In one week.

Results from just one week with Tailwind

That’s right, more than one month’s views, in a week. Well frankly just under. I didn’t actually start loading up my queue until a couple of days over.

The day I purchased Tailwind, I also signed up for a Pinterest course I had my eye on. Elna Cain’s Pinterest Perfection Masterclass.

I’ve loved Elna’s helpful posts since before I started blogging, and honestly, she’s genuinely so sweet. I look up to her as not only a girl boss, but as a mom who’s totally rocking it with twins at home, and growing what I consider an empire. Women like her inspire the heck out of me and I’m more than happy to share her course with you. It’s the best $19 I’ve invested thus far in my blog. The fact that you get lifetime access to the course is also a huge plus.

I can’t wait to see where Tailwind takes me, but don’t you worry, I’ll be keeping you posted!

Click here to get $15 off Tailwind and to start your free trial!

What have been your biggest traffic drivers for your blog? Share your experience below!

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Results from just one week with Tailwind

50+ More Mommy Blogger Post Ideas

50+ More Mommy Blogger Topics

Welcome to the big, broad world of mommy blogging! If you’ve hit a writer’s block, which totally happens, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got a list of mommy blogger topics to get your juices flowing.

Getting past writer’s block can be a tough one. When I started out, I felt like every post had to be perfect. Had to be viral.

That’s not the case. The simple act of writing, to make mistakes, and to keep the train moving, is so important.

I often find that once I start writing one post, my brain starts going off on so many tangents. But it wasn’t always that way. In December I did Blogmas. Ever since then, I haven’t stopped. Blogmas was the best thing I could have done creatively for my blog because it made me commit to writing. Every, single day.

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Writing down ideas as soon as they come to mind is really important. Especially if you’re a mom. Because well, kids. Those little suckers can make you forget a thought real quick so if something pops into your head, make a note. It could be on the fridge, your phone, a napkin, a diaper, whatever.

This post is a continuation of Why You Need Your Own Mommy Blog + 30 writing prompts

Check out this list of 50+ mommy blogger topics!Click To Tweet

50+ more ideas for mommy blogger topics:

  1. Holiday-themed pregnancy reveals
  2. Tummy time activities
  3. Toddler activities
  4. Exercises you can do with your baby
  5. How to find a mom tribe
  6. A day in the life for you
  7. How you sleep trained your baby
  8. Your fears before parenthood
  9. A letter to your pre-mom self
  10. Monthly update on you and the family
  11. 20 things people don’t know about you
  12. Coping with pregnancy loss
  13. Inexpensive activities for the family
  14. At home date nights for parents
  15. Your beauty routine
  16. A spotlight of your favorite bloggers
  17. Your guilty pleasure
  18. DIY gifts made with your kids
  19. Nursery reveal
  20. Nursery decor ideas
  21. Your must-have nursery items
  22. What’s in your diaper bag?
  23. What it’s like to be a stay at home mom
  24. Life as a working mom
  25. The thing you struggle most with balancing
  26. Why you started your blog
  27. What your blogging goals are
  28. People you look up to in real life
  29. Inspirational Instagram accounts
  30. Pregnancy must-haves, by trimester
  31. Amazon shopping list for moms
  32. Your favorite splurge or save baby items
  33. How you named your child
  34. A rant about celebrity baby names
  35. Lactation recipes
  36. Quick and easy breakfast recipes
  37. Your go-to, weeknight dinner recipes
  38. Things your kids do that make you crazy
  39. Favorite Youtube moms
  40. Things your husband does that make you crazy
  41. Your house cleaning schedule
  42. Why you choose cloth diapers
  43. Pros and cons of a winter/summer pregnancy
  44. What you packed in dad’s hospital bag
  45. If you had to repack your hospital bag, what would you bring?
  46. Newborn care tips
  47. Baby laundry tips and tricks
  48. Pregnancy books you liked
  49. Books for new dads
  50. The newest craze in baby gear
  51. What you miss about being pregnant
  52. Things you don’t miss about being pregnant

Time to get started

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, I highly advise you do. Mom life is a struggle, any mom knows that. Where do we look to the most when family and friends don’t have any advice, or we’ve exhausted their suggestion banks? Pinterest. Where do the bloggers live? Pinterest. Picking up what I’m putting down?

Check out my blogging resources as well as the posts below that will help get you on your way to mommy blogging realness!

Anything you’d like to add? Share your topic ideas below in the comments!

If you want to keep this for your reference, take advantage of my social buttons! Tweet, Pin or share this on Facebook for later!

50+ More Mommy Blogger Post Ideas

March Blogging Update - 2018

What We’ve Been Up To – March Update

It’s March, how did that happen? It feels like I just finished Blogmas and now it’s our little man’s birthday month already. Time for a little March update on what our fam-jam has been up to!

If I’m being honest with my readers, which I strive to be, I’ve been slacking in the content department. Luckily, I planned really well at the beginning of February which meant that most of March was covered. However, now I’m in a funky place of needing to kick my own self in the butt. It’s not that I don’t want to write, I’ve just been taking more me time.

Okay, that sounds like an excuse. And it kind of is. But here’s what your little fam jam has been up to!

If you didn’t already download it, please, please, please, download Babies vs Parents!

It’s something I had been working on for awhile and am so excited to have launched for you all this month!

Hubby is learning to drive

Actually, he got his learner’s on our anniversary last summer. So I’ve been schooling him on it whenever we can get my mom to look after the little man on weekends. Yes, he’s in his 30’s and just now learning to drive. He didn’t have the need for it when we were out west, and when he was younger he didn’t feel the need. But now, with a family, and a car in his name, it’s time.

Honestly, he’s doing amazing and I couldn’t feel safer in the passenger seat. I can’t wait for our first road trip that I can just hang out and relax rather than being the only driver.

Seriously. That coastline though.

Running season has started

Another point about the hubby, a theme I’m sure. Joking!

So, as you may or may not know, my husband is a runner. I’m not talking a casual jog around the block, I’m talking marathons, races, all that stuff. His first race of the season was the Frostbite 5 Miler, and the name held up to the hype. The first race of the season means spring is coming. As far as I’m concerned!

Actifry addiction

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after following an ad this blog will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running.

My newest kitchen device has taken over our lives. No joke. My mom bought a T-fal Actifry, which had been sitting in her car for awhile. Well, now it proudly sits in my kitchen.

Honestly, this thing is a dream.

It’s like if you took a convection oven, and added a moving component to the mix, with a bit of fryer crispness. However, unlike a deep fryer, which you will never, ever see in our kitchen, the Actifry uses one tablespoon of oil. One tablespoon folks. It’s pretty amazing. I’ll be sure to share some of my creations with you soon! Below are spicy, crunchy chickpeas in the making. Yum!

Telegram loops are taking over

Okay, this, admittedly, is one of the reasons why I’ve been fairly MIA on the blog. Telegram loops, or rather, Instagram loops. You know you’ve seen them. I started hosting a few loops, and it’s a lot more work than I thought it’d be. But let me tell you, if you’re a blogger, trying to get a following going, it’s a great thing to try out.

I’m working on a guide on how to start your own, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

For now, if you’d like to join in on any of mine, check out the links below:

(make sure you have Telegram downloaded)

I’m knitting, grandma style

Okay, so this is totally random.

I was dropping the hubby off at work one day when I saw a couple walking down the street. The girl had one of those toques on with a ponytail hole in it. Next thing I knew, I was in the knitting aisle at Walmart. Now I’m 1/3 of the way through a blanket. That escalated quickly.

It’s actually really peaceful, and relaxing! The pattern I am currently following-ish is this simple striped knit blanket.

Check out how it’s coming along!

Sunday walks

The winter wasn’t too much of a winter if you ask me. When I think of Halifax in the winter I think of mountains of snow everywhere, snow days and well, a hell of a lot of that white stuff. This year has been exceptional. The province as a whole hasn’t received very much, which on one hand is good, but it really makes you think about global warming.

Another bright side of not much snow means that we’ve been able to go out for family walks. We’ve been making a point to go out on Sunday’s, which is the only day Geoff and I are off of work together. Sunday’s are filled with, the hubby going for a long run, me getting in some blogging time, and us having a family walk. It’s a nice balance for us all!


Family sickness

The end of February/beginning of March brought a ton of stress into our lives. My dad was borderline dealing with pneumonia, and then my mom got sick.

With me starting my new job, and hubby working an hourly job, it was a brutal week and a half. Luckily, my work understood and worked with me not being able to be there for a tiny bit. Same with Geoff’s work. Why did it affect our home so much? Well, my mom is my son’s primary care when hubby and I are working. So when both her and dad got sick at the somewhat same time, it meant we had no one for Mr. P.

Really got me to thinking that we need to start looking for some emergency care for him. But everyone is healthy now and doing well! So fingers crossed that was the last sickness of the season.

Peyton’s second birthday

Our baby is turning two! Insert uber crying sad emoji face times one billion here.

The hashtag #staylittle has never been so true in our home. This little man has changed our lives so much and for the better. He’s crazy, funny, loving and so damn smart that half the time I sit there amazed at what comes out of his mouth.

Next weekend my in-laws and one of my sister-in-law’s will be coming up to celebrate the little man’s birthday at my parents’ place with us and family.

We’re doing a Paw Patrol theme, obviously.

What has March been like so far for your family? Have a blog update? Drop it below in the comments!


Blog Topics for Every Day of the Year

Unofficial Holidays for Every Day of the Year

If you’re struggling for topics to write about, you’ve come to the right place. I bring you, the only list you’ll ever need of unofficial holidays.

Some months it’s easy as pie to come up with blog posts, other’s, I’m pulling my hair out.

When you’re in need of something to just peak your creative interest, or a theme, refer to this list to get you through. Luckily, I’ve also made a downloadable copy, just for you to keep on hand in case the time strikes. Because we both know it will.

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You’ve probably seen them. World donut day, eat ice cream day, or my personal favorite, wine day.

Let’s sink in and check out these totally ridiculous, and somewhat obscure days. Leave no day behind, there’s literally a day for nearly anything you can think of.


  1. National Hangover Day // Bloody Mary Day
  2. Science Fiction Day
  3. Festival of Sleep Day
  4. Trivia Day // Spaghetti Day
  5. Bird Day // Whipped Cream Day
  6. Bean Day // Cuddle Up Day
  7. Tempura Day // Bobblehead Day
  8. Clean Off Your Desk Day // Bubble Bath Day
  9. Word Nerd Day // Static Electricity Day
  10. Bittersweet Chocolate Day // Peculiar People Day
  11. Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day
  12. Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day // Marzipan Day
  13. International Skeptics Day // Make Your Dreams Come True Day
  14. Organize Your Home Day // Dress Up Your Pet Day
  15. Strawberry Ice Cream Day
  16. Nothing Day // Fig Newton Day
  17. Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day
  18. Thesaurus Day // Winnie the Pooh Day
  19. National Popcorn Day
  20. Penguin Awareness Day // Cheese Lover Day
  21. Squirrel Appreciation Day
  22. National Blonde Brownie Day // Hot Sauce Day
  23. Handwriting Day
  24. Beer Can Appreciation Day // Compliment Day
  25. Opposite Day
  26. Spouse’s Day
  27. Chocolate Cake Day
  28. Data Privacy Day // Fun at Work Day
  29. Puzzle Day
  30. Insane Answering Message Day // Croissant Day
  31. Inspire Your Heart With Art Day // Backwards Day


  1. Work Naked Day // No Politics Day
  2. Day of the Crepe // Play Your Ukulele Day
  3. Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day // Carrot Cake Day
  4. Stuffed Mushroom Day
  5. Chocolate Fondue Day
  6. National Chopsticks Day
  7. Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day
  8. Laugh and Get Rich Day
  9. Pizza Day
  10. Umbrella Day
  11. Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day // Make A Friend Day
  12. Clean Out Your Computer Day
  13. Get A Different Name Day
  14. Ferris Wheel Day // Library Lovers Day
  15. Gumdrop Day // Singles Awareness Day
  16. Do A Grouch A Favor Day
  17. Random Act of Kindness Day
  18. Drink Wine Day
  19. Chocolate Mint Day
  20. Love Your Pet Day // Cherry Pie Day
  21. Card Reading Day
  22. Single Tasking Day // Margarita Day // Be Humble Day
  23. International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
  24. Tortilla Chip Day // Open That Bottle Night
  25. Chocolate Covered Nut Day // Clam Chowder Day
  26. Tell A Fairy Tale Day // National Pistachio Day
  27. No Brainer Day // Kahlua Day
  28. Public Sleeping Day // Chocolate Souffle Day


  1. Peanut Butter Lovers Day // World Compliment Day
  2. Old Stuff Day // Banana Cream Pie Day
  3. I Want You to be Happy Day // Mulled Wine Day
  4. Pound Cake Day // Marching Music Day
  5. Absinthe Day // Learn What Your Name Means Day
  6. National Frozen Food Day
  7. Cereal Day
  8. Be Nasty Day // Proofreading Day
  9. Barbie Day // Get Over It Day
  10. Middle Name Pride Day // Pack Your Lunch Day
  11. Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day
  12. Napping Day
  13. Open An Umbrella Indoors Day // Jewel Day
  14. Write Your Story Day // Pi Day
  15. Absolutely Incredible Kid Day
  16. Panda Day // Artichoke Hearts Day
  17. National Quilting Day
  18. Goddess of Fertility Day // Awkward Moments Day
  19. Let’s Laugh Day // Chocolate Caramel Day
  20. Ravioli Day // World Storytelling Day
  21. Fragrance Day
  22. Goof Off Day
  23. Chip and Dip Day // National Puppy Day
  24. Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
  25. Waffle Day // Pecan Day
  26. Spinach Day // Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
  27. Spanish Paella Day
  28. Something on A Stick Day
  29. Mom & Pop Business Owners Day
  30. Take A Walk in The Park Day
  31. World Backup Day // Bunsen Burner Day


  1. Fun At Work Day
  2. Children’s Book Day // Peanut Butter & Jelly Day
  3. World Party Day // Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day
  4. Tell A Lie Day // Walk Around Things Day
  5. Read A Roadmap Day // Go For Broke Day
  6. New Beer’s Eve // National Tartan Day
  7. Caramel Popcorn Day // No Housework Day
  8. Draw A Picture of a Bird Day
  9. Name Yourself Day
  10. Siblings Day
  11. Cheese Fondue Day // National Pet Day
  12. Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  13. Peach Cobbler Day // Scrabble Day
  14. Moment of Laughter Day // Reach As High As You Can Day
  15. World Art Day
  16. Eggs Benedict Day // Wear Pajamas to Work Day
  17. Haiku Poetry Day
  18. Jugglers Day // Animal Crackers Day
  19. Amaretto Day // High Five Day
  20. Look Alike Day // Cheddar Fries Day
  21. Record Store Day // Astronomy Day
  22. Jelly Bean Day
  23. Zucchini Bread Day // Take A Chance Day
  24. Poem in Your Pocket Day
  25. DNA Day // East Meets West Day
  26. Pretzel Day // Hug An Australian Day
  27. Tell A Story Day
  28. Astronomy Day // Kiss Your Mate Day
  29. Shrimp Scampi Day // Zipper Day
  30. Honesty Day // Hairstyle Appreciation Day


  1. Batman Day // Loyalty Day
  2. Baby Day // Brothers & Sisters Day
  3. Garden Meditation Day
  4. No Pants Day // Star Wars Day
  5. Free Comic Book Day // Oyster Day
  6. No Diet Day // Beverage Day
  7. Tourism Day
  8. No Socks Day
  9. National Sleepover Day // Moscato Day
  10. Shrimp Day // Clean Up Your Room Day
  11. Eat What You Want Day // Foam Rolling Day
  12. Nutty Fudge Day // Limerick Day
  13. Apple Pie Day // Fruit Cocktail Day
  14. Dance Like A Chicken Day // Buttermilk Biscuit Day
  15. Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  16. Sea Monkey Day // Piercing Day
  17. Pack Rat Day // Walnut Day
  18. Pizza Party Day // No Dirty Dishes Day
  19. Devil’s Food Cake Day // Learn to Swim Day
  20. Quiche Lorraine Day // Take Your Parents to the Playground Day
  21. Talk Like Yoda Day
  22. Vanilla Pudding Day
  23. Lucky Penny Day
  24. Scavenger Hunt Day // Brother’s Day
  25. Sing Out Loud Day // Wine Day
  26. Blueberry Cheesecake Day
  27. Sunscreen Day
  28. Hamburger Day
  29. Put A Pillow in Your Fridge Day
  30. Mint Julep Day
  31. National Macaroon Day


  1. National Donut Day // Nail Polish Day
  2. Leave The Office Early Day // Rocky Road Day
  3. Repeat Day
  4. Cheese Day // Applesauce Day
  5. Hot Air Balloon Day // Veggie Burger Day
  6. National Running Day // Drive-In Movie Day
  7. Chocolate Ice Cream Day // VCR Day
  8. Name Your Poison Day // Best Friends Day
  9. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day // Rose Day
  10. Iced Tea Day
  11. Corn On The Cob Day
  12. Red Rose Day // Peanut Butter Cookie Day
  13. Sewing Machine Day
  14. Bourbon Day // Strawberry Shortcake Day
  15. Nature Photography Day
  16. Juggling Day // Fresh Veggies Day
  17. Eat Your Veggies Day
  18. International Picnic Day // International Sushi Day
  19. Sauntering Day // Kissing Day
  20. Ice Cream Soda Day
  21. National Selfie Day
  22. Chocolate Eclair Day // Onion Ring Day
  23. Pink Day // Typewriter Day
  24. Swim A Lap Day
  25. Log Cabin Day // Catfish Day
  26. Chocolate Pudding Day
  27. Helen Keller Day // Sunglasses Day
  28. Body Piercing Day
  29. Waffle Iron Day // Mud Day
  30. Meteor Day


  1. International Joke Day // Chicken Wing Day
  2. I Forgot Day
  3. Compliment Your Mirror Day
  4. Country Music Day // Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
  5. Bikini Day // Work-a-holics Day
  6. World Kissing Day // Fried Chicken Day
  7. Tell The Truth Day
  8. Video Games Day // Chocolate With Almonds Day
  9. Sugar Cookie Day
  10. Pina Colada Day // Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day
  11. Blueberry Muffin Day // Mojito Day
  12. Pecan Pie Day // Eat Your Jello Day
  13. Embrace Your Geekness Day
  14. Gummy Worm Day // National Nude Day
  15. Be A Dork Day // Ice Cream Day
  16. Global Hug Your Kids Day // Corn Fritters Day
  17. Emoji Day // Peach Ice Cream Day
  18. Caviar Day // Sour Candy Day
  19. Stick Out Your Tongue Day
  20. Space Exploration Day // Lollipop Day
  21. Junk Food Day
  22. Hammock Day // Ice Cream Day
  23. Vanilla Ice Cream Day
  24. Cousins Day // Tequila Day
  25. Threading the Needle Day // Culinarians Day
  26. Uncle and Aunt Day // Coffee Milkshake Day
  27. Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
  28. Milk Chocolate Day // Water Park Day
  29. Lipstick Day // Lasagna Day
  30. Cheesecake Day // Father-in-law Day
  31. Avocado Day // Raspberry Cake Day


  1. Girlfriend’s Day // Mountain Climbing Day
  2. Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  3. Grab Some Nuts Day // National Watermelon Day
  4. Campfire Day // Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  5. Sisters’ Day // Work Like A Dog Day
  6. Fresh Breath Day // Root Beer Float Day
  7. Lighthouse Day
  8. Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbor’s Porch Day
  9. Book Lovers Day // Rice Pudding Day
  10. Shapewear Day // Lazy Day
  11. Son & Daughter Day
  12. Middle Child Day
  13. Left-Handers Day // Prosecco Day
  14. National Creamsicle Day
  15. Relaxation Day // Lemon Meringue Pie Day
  16. Rum Day // Tell A Joke Day
  17. Thrift Shop Day
  18. Ice Cream Pie Day // Fajita Day
  19. Soft Ice Cream Day
  20. Chocolate Pecan Pie Day // Radio Day
  21. Spumoni Day // Brazilian Blowout Day
  22. Tooth Fairy Day
  23. Ride The Wind Day // Sponge Cake Day
  24. Waffle Day // Pluto Demoted Day
  25. Kiss and Make Up Day // Banana Split Day // Whiskey Sour Day
  26. Dog Appreciation Day // Cherry Popsicle Day
  27. Just Because Day // Pots De Creme Day
  28. Bow Tie Day // Cherry Turnovers Day
  29. Chop Suey Day
  30. Toasted Marshmallow Day
  31. Trail Mix Day // Matchmaker Day


  1. No Rhyme or Reason Day
  2. Blueberry Popsicle Day // Bacon Day
  3. Skyscraper Day
  4. Eat an Extra Dessert Day
  5. Be Late For Something Day // Cheese Pizza Day
  6. Read a Book Day // Fight Procrastination Day
  7. Acorn Squash Day // Beer Lover’s Day
  8. Literacy Day
  9. Teddy Bear Day
  10. Swap Ideas Day // TV Dinners Day
  11. Make Your Bed Day // Ants on a Log Day
  12. Chocolate Milkshake Day // Day of Encouragement
  13. Positive Thinking Day // Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day
  14. Cream Filled Donut Day // Stand Up to Cancer Day
  15. Make A Hat Day // Clean Up Day
  16. Play-Dough Day // Guacamole Day
  17. Monte Cristo Day // Apple Dumpling Day
  18. Rice Krispie Treat Day // Cheeseburger Day
  19. Talk Like A Pirate Day
  20. String Cheese Day // Pepperoni Pizza Day
  21. Miniature Golf Day
  22. Hobbit Day // White Chocolate Day
  23. Checkers Day
  24. Punctuation Day
  25. Lobster Day // One-Hit Wonder Day
  26. Love Note Day // Pancake Day
  27. Chocolate Milk Day
  28. Ask A Stupid Question Day // Drink Beer Day
  29. Coffee Day
  30. Hot Mulled Cider Day // Love People Day


  1. International Coffee Day // World Vegetarian Day
  2. Name Your Car Day // National Consignment Day
  3. National Boyfriend Day
  4. Vodka Day // Taco Day
  5. Chic Spy Day // Do Something Nice Day
  6. Plus Size Appreciation Day // Noodle Day
  7. Frappe Day // Inner Beauty Day
  8. Pierogi Day
  9. Curious Events Day // Moldy Cheese Day
  10. Cake Decorating Day // World Mental Health Day
  11. Coming Out Day // It’s My Party Day
  12. Farmers Day
  13. Yorkshire Pudding Day // No Bra Day
  14. National Dessert Day
  15. Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day // Cheese Curd Day
  16. Dictionary Day // Liqueur Day
  17. Wear Something Gaudy Day
  18. Chocolate Cupcake Day
  19. Seafood Bisque Day
  20. Observe the Moon Night
  21. Count Your Buttons Day // Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
  22. Color Day // Caps Lock Day
  23. Mole Day // Boston Cream Pie Day
  24. Bologna Day
  25. Greasy Food Day // Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day
  26. Mule Day // Pumpkin Day
  27. American Beer Day
  28. Chocolate Day // Animation Day
  29. Internet Day
  30. Candy Corn Day
  31. Caramel Apple Day // Magic Day


  1. Men Make Dinner Day // Deep Fried Clams Day
  2. Deviled Eggs Day // Look for Circles Day
  3. Sandwich Day // Housewife’s Day
  4. King Tut Day // Common Sense Day
  5. Love Your Red Hair Day
  6. Nachos Day // Saxophone Day
  7. Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
  8. Tongue Twister Day // Harvey Wallbanger Day
  9. Chaos Never Dies Day
  10. Vanilla Cupcake Day
  11. Origami Day // Sundae Day
  12. Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day
  13. World Kindness Day
  14. Spicy Guacamole Day // Pickle Day
  15. Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day // Use Less Stuff Day
  16. Fast Food Day
  17. Take A Hike Day // Baklava Day
  18. Princess Day
  19. Play Monopoly Day
  20. Peanut Butter Fudge Day // Absurdity Day
  21. World Hello Day // Red Mitten Day
  22. Go For A Ride Day
  23. Fibonacci Day // Buy Nothing Day // Espresso Day
  24. Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
  25. Shopping Reminder Day // Parfait Day
  26. National Cake Day
  27. Craft Jerky Day // Bavarian Cream Pie Day
  28. French Toast Day // Red Planet Day
  29. Electronic Greeting Card Day
  30. Computer Security Day


  1. Eat a Red Apple Day // National Pie Day
  2. Special Education Day
  3. Make a Gift Day // Roof Over Your Head Day
  4. Sock Day // Wear Brown Shoes Day
  5. Day of the Ninja
  6. Microwave Oven Day // Gazpacho Day
  7. Letter Writing Day //  Cotton Candy Day
  8. Brownie Day // Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day
  9. Christmas Card Day
  10. Dewey Decimal System Day
  11. Noodle Ring Day
  12. Ambrosia Day // Ding-a-ling Day // Poinsettia Day
  13. Cocoa Day // Pick A Pathologist Pal Day
  14. Bouillabaisse Day // Monkey Day
  15. Wear Your Pearls Day // Lemon Cupcake Day
  16. Chocolate-Covered Anything Day // Barbie & Barney Backlash Day
  17. Maple Syrup Day // Wright Brothers Day
  18. Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day
  19. Underdog Day // National Hard Candy Day
  20. Sangria Day
  21. Ugly Sweater Day // Dalek Remembrance Day
  22. Date Nut Bread Day
  23. Festivus // Pfeffernusse Day
  24. Eggnog Day
  25. National Pumpkin Day
  26. Candy Cane Day // Thank-you Note Day
  27. Fruitcake Day // No Interruptions Day
  28. Card Playing Day
  29. Tick Tock Day
  30. Bicarbonate of Soda Day
  31. Make Up Your Mind Day // Champagne Day


My poor fingers are about ready to fall off now. So I hope you’re happy. Joking, that was really fun to research, to be honest!

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Which day are you going to celebrate next? Let us know in the comments below!

Blog Topics for Every Day of the Year

110 Affiliates Programs for Mommy Bloggers on Shareasale

110+ Affiliate Programs for Mommy Bloggers on Share A Sale


If you’re starting to monetize your blog, affiliate marketing is a great option to start out with. I’m going to do some of the legwork for you and bring you a list of Shareasale affiliates for mommy bloggers.

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What is affiliate marketing? Good question, glad you asked! Affiliate marketing is when you have a unique link to an advertiser’s product or website which you place on your blog, social media, or website. When a viewer clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission. Yay!

110 Affiliates Programs for Mommy Bloggers on Shareasale

Be sure to post a disclaimer in each post that you put affiliate links in, here is mine, which also applies to this post:

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after following an ad this blog will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start monetizing your blog and/or social media. Why? Because you don’t need to keep a storefront, inventory, or actually create anything. Well, you do have to write a post, but you’re doing that anyway.

When I started dabbling in the world of affiliate marketing, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. It’s easy to sign up for them, sure, but once you’re signed up, then what?

There are so many lists for people who are general bloggers. You know, the people who blog, to teach bloggers? I call them expert bloggers. They know what they’re doing and their damn good at it.

Get the Shareasale mommy blogger affiliate list here!

However. Not all of us have hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of dollars to throw at one of their courses. Let’s be real. Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford to pay for one of the ones I’ve had my eye on, but until then. I will learn by trial and error. Like many of them did, might I add!

So, with that in mind. I want to help you get started, at least by bringing you an easy, free, resource. My grand poobah of a list.

The golden list of Shareasale affiliates for mommy bloggers.

Yes. I said golden.

Why? It’s simple, just click on the link, apply for the program. Boom. No searching needed. You’re welcome.

Passive Income for Mommy Bloggers

Obviously, starting out, it’ll take time to build up your following, and traffic to the point that your converting people who will buy from a link you’ve placed. But patience young padawan. It will come. And when it does, oh baby, you’ll be shining like Ralphie when he got that Red Ryder bb gun on Christmas morning.

Even if it’s a measly $10 commission. It’s a step in the right direction.


Sign up for Share A Sale

Haven’t signed up for Shareasale yet? Fear, not chickadee, it’s easy and free! Just visit the banner link below to get started. Then come back here and take advantage of the handy list, and download I have to get you on your way.

Once you’ve signed up, I’d highly suggest using a spreadsheet to keep everything organized. And oh, what do you know, I’ve also included that in the file for you. How kind of me. Hehe.

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My suggestion to you is to choose from the list in the document that you are about to download, brands that you genuinely connect with. If you want to apply to them all, that’s your choice. However, your readers are probably expecting you to be real with them. Much like I am with you folks.

Get the Shareasale mommy blogger affiliate list here!

Make sure that your posts contain affiliate links that are relevant to what your post topic is. In other words, I wouldn’t put a wine advert in a post that’s about pregnancy.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! My email is [email protected], and I’m always checking it.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re denied partnership with a brand. It’s fine! Don’t take it personally. Just move on, and find another. It’s all good. And there is no reason why in the future, you can’t contact them and ask why. Maybe it’s an easy fix, maybe they just see that you don’t have enough content yet. Totally fixable.

What I’ve liked about Shareasale is how easy it is to use. Their search option has a great filter that you can really hone in on what types of brands you are looking for. For example, wine is something that’s within my brand, so I’ve also searched for wine companies, and have come out with a list of about a dozen or so that I like.

So mama, get out there, and get clicking!

Get the Shareasale mommy blogger affiliate list here!

Do you have any on the list that you’ve had success with? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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110 Affiliates Programs for Mommy Bloggers on Shareasale

How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers Tutorial

How to Create Instagram Highlight Covers

How to Create Instagram Highlight Covers Tutorial

I’m really trying to up my Instagram game. Frankly, I’ve been neglecting it, which as a blogger is a no-no. I had a bit of a time trying to figure out how to create Instagram highlight covers, so in my searches, I’ve decided to chronical how I did it! It’s actually pretty easy, and rather than having someone design them for you for about $10-$20, just DIY it. Save your money, get you something pretty.

Creating your highlight images

Pop on over to Canva and create a design.

Then click on blog graphic.

Then, click on backgrounds and choose, or customize to the color of your choice. This will be the primary color of your highlight icons. If you prefer, you can use an image. However, if you are using an image, make sure it’s still easy to make out any font or graphic you’re using as your primary indicator of what’s behind that icon. Remember, keep it easy on the eye.

Click on text, and then add a heading. This will be the title if you choose to use words on your highlight covers. I personally prefer graphics so if you choose that route as well, move on to the next step.

Add a graphic by clicking elements, and then click shapes. Now you can search the various graphics to find what really speaks to you, or what works best for the covers you’re wanting to make. Do this by typing a word into the search field. Try to keep your elements in similar size so that your covers will be cohesive. I tried to keep mine around 300×300 when possible.

The categories you choose to make are totally up to you! My categories are as follows:

Mom life, blogging, wine, food, beauty, and fun. I may add more in the future, but for now, that’s it!

Once you’re happy with your icon, click file, then save. While I know Canva does autosave, sometimes you work a bit too fast so just be sure to do this step.

Now it’s time to click download! Select JPG file type when doing this.

So, you’ve got your shiny new highlight covers. What’s next?

Time to get them on your phone and get them on Instagram!

There are many ways to put images from your computer onto your phone. My favorite is Gdrive, I use Google for damn near everything and file sharing is certainly a part of that. Once I’ve put them in my Google Drive on my computer, I can easily download them from the GDrive app onto my phone.

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Let’s get them onto your Instagram now!

All you have to do, is upload them to your story. To do that go to your main feed and select the camera. In your options for Live, normal, boomerang, etc., you should see a square with squiggles, that is where you can select an image that already exists on your phone. Choose that, and then find your covers that you downloaded from your file share app. You will need to upload them one by one.

Let your followers know that you’ll be posting some random stuff to your story in advance, just to give them a heads up!

Turn them into Instagram highlight covers

Now that your new cover photos are in your Instagram story, you can highlight them! To do this, go to your profile, and press the ( + ) new icon. This should be right under your bio. Then press next.

If your image isn’t lining up the way you want it to, you can select Edit Cover to move it as you like.

Lastly, name your highlight and press done.Keep in mind, the first one you add to your highlights will be your last option. So with that in mind, to get Mom Life to be my first one, I had to add it last.

Do these steps for each of your highlight covers. And with that, you now have beautiful, new covers and a cohesive look!

But how do I add to those highlight covers?

Glad you asked. Because I did too!

First add to your normal story. Like you did with adding your images for the highlight cover photos.

Next, press and hold the category image you want to add to, select edit highlight. Now you can choose from your archived stories and choose the one you want!

If this tutorial was helpful for you, please let me know by tagging me @wineandmommytime in one of your posts so I can check it out! Just make sure to let me know that’s why you’re tagging me, hehe.

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How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers Tutorial

Start a Blog in Three Easy Steps

Start A Blog in 3 Easy Steps

First off, I’m so excited for you! You’re joining this crazy blogging life. Congrats and buckle up because you’re in for a ride! You’ve probably been battling back and forth with yourself on whether or not to start this but clearly, you’ve made the right choice because you’re here! Now, let me help you start a blog!

I honestly wish you all of the success in the world with your new endeavor. It’s an incredible way to stay creative, which as a mom, is hard to find time to do. You’ll quickly find that you’re not alone, there are so much of us out here and we all have your back.

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after following an ad this blog will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running.

Obviously writing is a big part of starting a blog, but before you can publish anything, you need a home!

I’ll help you through the three main steps to set up your new business. Whether you are coming into this with the intention of making some cash, or to just have a hobby, we all start with the same three steps.

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1. Choose a Hosting Company

What’s a host? A host is like where your blog will live. Everyone needs somewhere to live, including your blog! It’s the physical location as to where the world can find you. Think of it as your street address.

My suggestion, Bluehost. Why? For over 10 years, they’ve been the most recommended host for WordPress bloggers. Which is why they should be your only choice. They have 24/7 tech support, which is exactly what you want. Along with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can’t shake a stick at that.

Another great perk? One-click WordPress install. Yep. One click. That tells you how hand in hand they are with the world’s best blogging platform.

Check to see below if the name you have in mind is available!

Is it available? If yes, secure it now before someone else does!

When you go to the Bluehost homepage and click on the “get started now button” you’ll come to this next page:

Now you can choose the plan that fits your needs. Bluehost will do the legwork if you need to transfer a domain name as well! You’ll get these two options if you’ve purchased your domain name somewhere like GoDaddy.

You get a decent list to choose from as well. Have you ever noticed how some blogs are .com and others are .net or something else? Well, that could be because when they went to register, .com wasn’t available, or another domain name suited their brand better. For instance, .co is becoming very popular in the blogging community.

What are the options you have to choose from?

  • .com
  • .co
  • .club
  • .tech
  • .space
  • .online
  • .info
  • .us
  • .name
  • .biz
  • .org
  • .website
  • .org
  • .site

Got your name? Awesome! Now you fill out the basic account info and choose any add-on’s that you’d like. Fill out your payment information – the scariest part of all because you’re so close!

Now take a deep breath. And press submit.

Congratulations! You’re the proud mommy of a beautiful, newborn domain. All shiny and new!

Now you’re ready to install your blogging platform, WordPress!

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2. WordPress Installation

I know, it sounds difficult and scary. But I promise. It’s really not! Just like when you just clicked submit. You only have one click to do here.

Go to cPanel, find a section that’s called “MOJO Marketplace”, then choose “One-Click Installs,”. Then you get to click the handy-dandy WordPress icon that’s in the blog section.

Now that you’ve clicked the “install” button, your installation preferences will show up on a new page.

  • Decide where you want to install WordPress. For this, you select which domain you want to use WordPress on.
  • Advanced Options. Here you will set up your username and password. Essentially, they are your login properties. The biggest point here is to be sure that the “automatically create a new database for this installation” box is ticked. If you have another database, then that’s your choice, but I’m assuming you don’t.
  • Confirm that you’ve read the terms and conditions.

3. Time to choose a theme

Login to your new blog through WordPress. Going forward, anytime you’re working on your blog, you’ll go to It should go without saying that YourNewbornBloggyBlogName is where you’ll actually put the name of the domain you bought. Enter your username and password and away we go!

On your first log in, you’ll come home to a very basic, in every sense of the word, blog. Change that. Keep in mind, no theme is set in stone. You can change it up as much as you want, whenever you want. There are tons of free ones to choose from.

If you want one really pretty and feminine and would like to purchase one down the road, or now, I suggest Pretty Darn Cute Designs. They have the best girly themes ever. Seriously.

Things you should look for in a theme:

  • A font that is easy to read. Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, or Courier are good options.
  • It must be mobile compatible, most are. Check anyway though.
  • Choose one that is customizable to your needs so you can really make it your own.
  • If you are buying a theme, make sure that it’s one that will update automatically with WordPress.

That’s it! Well not totally. Now you need to start writing. So start generating some amazing content. One day, I hope you will be writing a how-to like this one to inspire other soon-to-be bloggers to make the leap like you did.

Did this article help you start a blog? I’d love to see it! Leave your link below. Hello, free advertising.

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Start a Blog in Three Easy Steps

Happy Planner Mini Review

My Review of the Happy Planner Mini

Want an honest review of the Happy Planner Mini? I’ll give it to you straight.

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after following an ad this blog will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running.

I recently picked up the Happy Planner Mini. Yes, I’m trying to convert from my Bullet Journal to some sort of pre-formed structure. Here’s my Happy Planner Review!

Since I started blogging I adopted bullet journaling. It’s fun, carefree and totally customizable. Sounds perfect.

In theory.

At the beginning of 2017, I mapped out my bullet journal. All was going great.

Until I went back to work from maternity leave.

The Mommy Minder - By Wine and Mommy Time

Life got crazy busy and I was hardly finding time to blog. Let alone keep up with my bullet journal.

However, I got a rhythm back with Wine & Mommy Time and obviously, that meant I needed a planner. I find it hard to map ideas and such purely on an app or computer. I need pen to paper.

While it was nice to have a fully customizable journal, it takes time to get it where you want it to be.

So for right now, I’m saying: new year, new planner!

Amazon planner essentials:

I did some research, comparing two of the top planners out there. The Erin Condron planner, or ECP as I’ll call it and the Happy Planner (HP). Mind you it wasn’t extensive research but here are the main points for this mama.

The HP is available at places like Michaels. Meaning it’s super easy to find. The ECP, only available online, from what I’ve seen.

Being in Canada, the exchange rate, shipping, and duties make the ECP close to $100 l. I can’t, for the sake of my mental wellbeing, and marriage, spend that on a planner. The HP was about $20 and change at Michael’s, on sale mind you. But a far cry from the ECP.

Michael’s had a whole little second dedicated to HP stuff, which I can see myself going crazy on shortly! I can imagine that stickers and such for the ECP aren’t available as readily as HP.

The Mommy Minder - By Wine and Mommy Time

So, with those few points, I was on the hunt for the right HP for me! Who knew there were faith, student, teacher, fitness and financial based ones! Also, you can buy expansions which are pretty cool.

I opted for a box set which would have stickers, dividers and a bunch more cool things to get me started with my HP. So, I found the one I wanted on the Michael’s site, called them and put it on hold.

Yay! Off to get my Happy Planner I go!

Or so I thought. Dun, dun, dun, dunnnnnn.

Now, I need to preface this with one small thing. You all know I keep it real with you and don’t sugar coat my feelings.

So here goes, my honest, real review of the Happy Planner.

When I arrived and asked for my item at the service desk, it was all ripped open and the stickers were missing. The cashier thought that was normal for some reason. So, I skipped off down the aisles to check for more.

Low and behold, the only ones in the size I wanted that had stickers intact were the Bible study ones. While that may work for some, it’s not what my needs are.

30 minutes later I sauntered up to the same cashier and plopped down the one of the few they had. It’d have to do. After all, I can always get more stickers or dividers. Right? The version I purchased was the 13-month mini planner.

I got it home, unboxed it and had quickly realized that mini truly does mean mini. A bit of buyer’s remorse set in. But, being hopelessly optimistic, I plugged on, starting to fill out its bitty pages.

My hope is that I didn’t make a “make-due” decision and that I’ll prove myself wrong. The book itself is adorable, in a tiny kind of way.

So, with that, I need to remind myself that taking up a new planner is like adapting to a new phone. You hate it at first. You want your old apps and functionality back, but in time you grow to work with it and love it.

I’ll keep you all posted!

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What type of planner serves well for you? I’d love to know in the comments!

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Happy Planner Mini Review