2018 Gift Guide for Him

The Perfect Gift Guide for Him – Blogmas Day 6

Are you wracking your brain for what to get your man for Christmas? Here comes a guide that isn’t just pajamas, socks and underwear. No, this a gift guide for him! A gift guide of things he wants but probably has been neglecting to buy for himself.

2018 Gift Guide for Him

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after following an ad this blog will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running.

Touchscreen gloves

Is there anything more annoying than the struggle of using your phone with gloves? Well, there is… But don’t let cold fingers be the reason why your texts are going unreturned! Enter touchscreen gloves. You can get them in knit, or leather which I came across in my searches.

Stylish headphones

If your guy is anything like mine, he runs his through the wash, loses them, you name it. Get him a set of actual headphones, not earbuds. He will thank you, and you will thank yourself when he’s watching some late night hockey in bed – tis the season!

Chic watch

I’m not talking Rolex here, but there’s something about a man with a timepiece. It’s Uber sophisticated looking. I love how stylish they are now, compared to the crap digital ones with velcro straps when we were in middle school. Watches have come a long way. Maybe it’s an Apple watch, Garmin, a wooden one, or a sleek one, there are so many to choose from.

Electric shaver

Probably something he doesn’t replace as much as he should. Between face and manscaping, those babies get a lot of mileage over time, and chances are, he isn’t cleaning it properly. Do some research first because not electric shavers all are made alike. I can guarantee the response to unwrapping will be “I’ve been meaning to get a new one!”

Beard bib

Admittedly, maybe this is more for you. The first time I saw these I thought they looked stupid. That same day hubby shaved, and I’ve wanted one ever since. Maybe this will be the year… Beard bibs go around his neck and then attach to your mirror. Keeping all of his trimmings contained in one spot until they’re ready to flush or rinse down the sink. Keeping your counters clean and clipping free!

Beer or wine kit

Does your guy like to unwind after a long day with a pint of beer or a glass of wine? Pick up a kit! A beer kit or a wine kit to be exact. Or, better yet, pick up a brewing package if your local microbrew or wine shop offers them on location! Many winemaking suppliers offer options to make wine in their locations which is a great hobby for both of you.

RFID blocking wallet

No one needs a velcro wallet being whipped out at dinner. Also, no one needs their identity being stolen! Pick up a nice leather, or vegan leather (pleather) RFID wallet.

Whiskey rocks

Don’t let that nice whiskey you bought him for Christmas get watered down. Whiskey rocks sit in the freezer until you need them, they won’t melt or water your bevy down. Also, you can use them in other drinks as well, and they look cool.

Overnight bag

That gym bag or backpack are probably getting pretty ratty, also, they’re not very pleasing to the eye. Having a nice overnight bag is like the difference of you using a lunch bag as a purse. Give him the option to have something nice he can pack his skivvies in. Not only will he look worldly at the airport, but he’ll finally look like he’s getting out of that bachelor stage. Win win!

Toiletries bag

You have a makeup bag, he should have a toiletries bag. Simple as that. It’s not hot to be toting grocery bags with your shaving, grooming and hygiene needs. Not hot at all. Do the right thing by him, and you, get a cute (but masculine) toiletries bag.

Bluetooth speaker

Does your guy listen to music when he’s getting ready, or when yall are just hanging out? Probably from his cell phone right? Mine too. As convenient as it is, it has that rough around the edges sound which isn’t so smooth and is a little bit tin-like. Bluetooth speakers are a great thing to add to your home. Maybe it’s an Echo Dot, Alexa, or even a shower speaker! Plus it’s kind of a gift for you, so that’s always nice.

Tile Mate

Is he constantly losing stuff? You’re probably pretty sick of constantly having to tell him where he left the remote, car keys, his phone charger, etc. No more having to sigh and point in plain sight. Tile Mate is a Bluetooth tracker that you can put on darn near anything. It operates off of an app on your phone which you know will always be within reach. Plus, they’re water resistant, so if your kid starts chewing on it, you should be pretty good.

What would you add to this list? Leave it in the comments below!

2018 Gift Guide for Him

What bloggers want for the holidays

Gift Guide for Bloggers and Girl Bosses – Blogmas Day 5

This guide is both a guide for blogging must-haves, girl boss guide, and a gift guide for bloggers! Being a blogger myself, I’m sharing some of the items I use, and suggest for want-to-be, new, and seasoned bloggers alike!

Knowing what to buy as a blogger, or for a blogger is a task and a half. There are so many things, and services on the market that we need for a successful venture.

What bloggers want for the holidays

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after following an ad this blog will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running.


Having a definitive guide on what to do, and how to do it when starting a blog, or revamping a blog is crucial. My course Rock Your Blog Launch is currently on sale for 80% off! It gives you workbooks, videos, guides, and my formula to making a beautiful, seamless blog that you will be proud of. Did I mention lifetime access?


I use a Snowball by Blue Microphones and am in absolute love! It’s super cute on my desk, doesn’t require a pop filter and is plug and play. Not to mention really affordable. If you already have a microphone and want to upgrade, consider the Blue Yeti. Other than doing voice-overs, I use my mic for my podcast!


Whether you go for a virtual one, or a physical one, having a planner is key. The ever-popular planner or bullet journal is essential for any creative.


While phones do a great job, if you want photos that are high quality, and give better credibility you need to invest in a DSLR camera. I currently use the Nikon D3400 and love it to bits! Nikon’s are really neat because there is actually an app that you download to your phone that will transfer your photos by Bluetooth. The app also works as a remote, again, the key for self-portraits! Also, be sure to pick up a camera bag as well, and a UV lens


Other than a planner, it’s nice to have notebooks on hand. In your purse, laptop bag, work tote. Notebooks everywhere, always. I even keep one in my bathroom so that when I’m getting ready in the morning I can quickly jot things down! Notebooks come in all sorts of sizes so get creative, not like that will be hard for you.


If you plan on taking pictures, vlogging, shooting footage, whatever, you need a tripod. Not only are they great for getting perfect still shots, but if you can take beautiful self-portraits. Save money on a photo shoot, do your own! It will minimize the awkwardness if you’re not comfortable in front of photographers.


Whether it’s a Ring Light, box light, or a LuMee case, if you’re an influencer, blogger or lady boss, you need your images to have good lighting. If you’re a beauty blogger especially, lighting is mandatory. For those of us who are lifestyle bloggers, box lighting is better suited because it’s for broader, diffused light.

Insulated Coffee Mug

We’re all busy, and we need that java, like we need air to breathe – okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. When you’re deep into your writing, or on the go, it’s easy to make a cuppa and then totally miss drinking it before it goes ice cold. I’m totally guilty of this. However, I detest microwaved coffee. I may be a mom, but microwave my coffee I will not! Keep your coffee warm with an insulated mug!

External Hard Drive

Clouds, backups and online virtual storage are great. However, stuff happens. Site’s go down, accounts get hacked. Having an external hard drive means you can keep everything in one handy place, safe and sound. You will also be keeping your computer free from clutter, which means super speedy computer for you.

Laptop Bag

Don’t be that person who shoves their precious laptop in a tote bag where it’s hardly protected from scratches, bumps, and liquids. It’s nice to be able to show up to a coffee shop with a cute laptop tote bag in hand, which can store all of the things you need. It’s never fun to buy a bag that you feel should belong to the tech guy at your day job, that you’re embarrassed to schlep around with. Go for something you actually want to be seen with.

What bloggers want for the holidays

If you want some other tips on blogging be sure to check out these posts:

What are your favorite, and most used items when it comes to blogging? Leave them in the comments below!

8 Christmas Traditions with Toddlers

Christmas Traditions With Toddlers – Blogmas Day 4

Do you love the holidays? You must, because otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on this post! Whether this is your first family Christmas or your sixth, I’m sure you have some Christmas traditions you love. When you add a kid to the mix, you start to see the holiday magic just like you did when you were young. Here are some Christmas traditions with toddlers the whole family can enjoy! If you want to take a peek at our own family traditions this post is for you!

Go to a holiday parade

Our holiday parade felt really early in our city this year. We got it under our belt the first weekend of November and it really kicked off the holiday spirit in our home! From seeing all of the floats to the big guy himself, it was super fun to take it in with our little guy for the second year in a row. While this will be his third Christmas, the first one he was pretty tiny and we were establishing a sleep schedule, so no parade that year!

Gingerbread house – or cookie baking

Now, mama beware, you may end up with more sugar in your kid, than on the house, or cookies themselves – so don’t say I didn’t warn you. While I find gingerbread houses stale and totally inedible, they look beautiful, maybe that’s how I’ll save calories… Or, maybe I’ll just make cookies this year and eat them all. I mean share them, I’ll share the cookies.

Elf on the shelf

While our son isn’t really old enough to understand Elf on the shelf, tons of people go nuts over that creepy little doll. Maybe we will partake next year, but this year, we’ll still be sitting it out. You could make it a really fun competition between you and your spouse to see who can get the most creative!

Watch Christmas movies

I have a whole post on the Ultimate Christmas Movie list which you really need to check out. It includes an adult beverage game as well, to get you into the holiday spirit, or the spirits into you (haha) – here’s a link to my DIY Irish cream recipe, you’re welcome. The fact that holiday movies range from child to parent-oriented, is what makes them so fun, and usually timeless!

Visit Santa

The big guy himself is always an interesting experience. Maybe it’s the overly prepared people around. Or the hot mess that is you and your gang, it’s fun to get the Santa picture checked off of your Christmas bucket list as a family. Sure there are some kids who go totally postal with they see the man in red, but hey, what’s the holiday season without a meltdown or two? Or twenty-two… This year we got to go to the Victorian Christmas at Citadel Hill. That was our first meet and greet with the jolly dude until the official photo.

8 Christmas Traditions with Toddlers

Wear matching holiday jammies

Now, I know for a fact, my hubby will not be down for this. I, on the other hand, will totally be down for matching little man! The jury is still out on if we’ll go super Christmas-e or if we’ll just get jammies that match. Maybe if we go for the latter hubby will jump in too! Fingers crossed…

Attend a Christmas tree lighting

Depending on where you live, there may be only one tree lighting. Or, if you live somewhere like we do, here in Halifax, and the surrounding areas there are tree lightings for nearly every town, nook, and cranny. No joke! There are towns here who even stack lobster traps and adorn them with lights! My only question is – where are the lobsters, and can I have some? This year we missed the main, downtown tree lighting but I’m determined to go to another one somewhere!

Decorate the Christmas tree

Maybe you’re a real tree fan, maybe you like fake, decorating the tree is so much fun! Not to mention, I love the perfect glow it gives off, there’s nothing like it. This year we’ve switched it up a bit. We went with blue, silver and white and are leaving the kitschy ornaments aside. We did, however, make salt dough ornaments which were so much fun! Here is some Christmas tree decor inspiration.

Basic Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

There are some of our suggestions for Christmas traditions to get your holiday spirit glowing. Do you have any Christmas traditions with toddlers that have been a hit in your home? Share below in the comments!

8 Christmas Traditions with Toddlers

The Yoga Lover Gift Guide

Yoga Gift Guide – Blogmas Day 3

Do you have a yoga lover in your life? Give the gift of om with this yoga gift guide!

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after following an ad this blog will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running.

For years I’ve dabbled back and forth with my love for yoga. Sometimes it’s a solo love but for the past, while it’s been how hubby and I have been connecting. If you haven’t read it already, go check out my post called 6 Yoga Essentials For Your Home Practise. If you don’t have time right now, check out my visual guide below.

The gift of yoga itself is an awesome gift! I highly suggest the gift option through MyYogaWorks, click here to get my discount code.

If you want to know the basics of what any yogi needs for an at-home practice check out this post – 6 Essentials for Yoga at Home.

Yoga gift guide

  1. Mat bag – It can be awkward to carry around a yoga mat. Also, no one wants to be face down on a mat that’s been sitting bare on public transit, or in the trunk of their car that they never clean (you know it’s true!) Mat bags range from simple to complex with pockets and room for other gear.
  2. Yoga wheel – For anyone from beginner to advanced yoga wheels are great for practicing and perfecting backbends. Yoga wheels can also be used for advanced balance poses!
  3. Essential oils – Explore an even more sensory practice by incorporating essential oils. You can diffuse them, or apply them to the skin.
  4. Mat spray – Mats get gross, there’s no doubt about that. However, not all cleaners are made the same. Using a household cleaner may make a mat slippery, or lose its intended stickiness. Trust me, it’s no fun to face plant. Mat sprays range from scented by essential oils to unscented.
  5. Hot yoga towel – Like cleaners, towels are also not all made the same. Hot yoga towels are meant to go on top of your mat during Bikram or hot yoga classes to help you not slip. Usually they have a bit of grip on one side, or they’re microfibre and naturally, don’t slide.
  6. Yoga socks – Do you or a yogi you know travel a lot and not have the ability to take a may? Yoga socks are a good workaround. They give feet the staying power they need to get your namaste on anywhere, any time.

The Ultimate Yoga Gift Guide

Basic Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

Salt Dough Ornament Recipe – Blogmas Day 2

There’s something about handmade ornaments that brings me back to my childhood and it’s so magical! For day two of Blogmas, I’m sharing my salt dough ornament recipe.

When I was little I remember a salt dough ornament recipe that smelled of cloves and ginger which we made in school. We made ornaments shaped like gingerbread people and houses with puffy paint that made them look like they had icing on them! Also, if you want some other tree decor ideas, click here.

For sake of ease, I’m sharing my super simple salt dough recipe that you can adapt as you desire.

Salt dough can be used to make ornaments for your tree, handprint keepsakes, or fun sculptures with your little ones! Not to mention, it’s super simple to make.

This is also a really great sensory play activity if your little one likes getting their hands dirty. Our little guy didn’t enjoy the hand mixing part but he did a great job with using the cookie cutters to make the ornament shapes!
Do you ever start making something and realize you don’t have all the tools you need? Apparently, I don’t own a rolling pin, so I improvised with a wine bottle, how’s that for thinking on your toes (hehe). Also, I don’t keep plastic straws in the house because it’s an unnecessary plastic waste so we used q tips to make the holes for hanging.

I baked my ornaments while little man napped which worked out perfect. They cooled on a cooling rack while I made dinner and then later that evening I threaded them with thin, blue yarn and a bell.

Basic salt dough ornament recipe

  • ½ cup salt

  • ½ cup of all-purpose flour

  • ¼ cup warm water

My recipe is on a half recipe of what I originally found. You may wish to double, triple, or quadruple the recipe as you need!


  1. Preheat oven if you are baking them (temperatures below)

  2. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper

  3. Dissolve salt into warm water

  4. Mix in flour by hand and knead into a dough ball

  5. Roll out with a rolling pin to ¼ or ⅛ inch thickness on a parchment paper. (Keep in mind, the thicker they are, the longer to dry)

  6. I used star cookie cutters for my desired shapes

  7. Transfer shapes to the parchment lined cookie sheet

  8. Bake per times and temperatures below

Basic Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

How to dry salt dough

  1. 250°f for 1-2 hours+ (the method I used)

  2. 150°f for 2-3 hours+

  3. Air dry for a day or more

*Cooking times, and temperatures may vary depending on your appliance.

Salt dough clay add-ins/ons

  • Cinnamon

  • Glitter

  • Food coloring

  • Paint

  • Beads

  • Lace

Get creative!

If you enjoyed this activity be sure to share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Basic Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

50 Blogmas Post Topics

50 Blogmas Post Ideas – Blogmas Day 1

Blogmas has officially begun and I’m so excited! I feel like the best way to kick off this year’s festivities is by sharing a list of blogmas post ideas!

If you want a peek at last year’s list, click here.

Also, make sure to share this post on Pinterest because you know you’ll end up needing it! If you have a blog with Blogmas post ideas on it, share your link below in the comments for others to enjoy!

If memory serves me correctly, I told myself that I would start planning well before December 1st. Well, that, much like saying I’d have my holiday shopping done in advance were just dreams (haha). Maybe next year!

So, in the spirit of keeping things easy peasy lemon squeezey…

Blogmas Post Ideas

  1. Blogmas post ideas

  2. Gift guides

  3. Salt dough recipe

  4. Christmas cookies

  5. Wrapping inspiration

  6. Family photo inspiration

  7. Dream Christmas

  8. Your favorite Christmas traditions

  9. Christmas in your city

  10. What Christmas means to you

  11. Your blogmas experience

  12. Ugly Christmas sweaters

  13. Christmas dinner recipes

  14. Vegan Christmas recipes

  15. DIY Irish cream

  16. Christmas cocktails

  17. Holiday manicure/pedicure inspiration

  18. Successful family roadtrip tips

  19. Your Christmas decor home tour

  20. Ultimate Christmas movie list

  21. Favorite Christmas tv specials

  22. How to have a no-waste Christmas

  23. Minimalist Christmas tips

  24. How to keep stress levels down during the holidays

  25. Balancing work and the holidays

  26. How to document a Christmas pregnancy

  27. Christmas pregnancy announcements

  28. Christmas birth announcement ideas

  29. Stocking stuffers for men

  30. DIY presents

  31. White elephant gift ideas

  32. Secret Santa gift ideas

  33. Christmas books for kids

  34. Minute to win it Christmas activities

  35. How to host your first Christmas dinner

  36. Elf on the shelf ideas

  37. Last minute gift ideas

  38. Letter to Santa

  39. Ways to give back during the holidays

  40. Local Christmas events you attended

  41. Christmas bucket list

  42. Have a Christmas giveaway

  43. Tips to surviving Christmas shopping

  44. How to stay on budget during the holidays

  45. Roundup of other bloggers Christmas posts

  46. Visit a Christmas market and photo document it

  47. Christmas cracker ideas

  48. Work party style guide

  49. Christmas decorations in your town

  50. Reflection of the past year

50 Blogmas Post Topics

Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast

Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast is Here!

Friends, I have some exciting news. Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast is here!
I know you didn’t see it on your radar at all. But neither did I!
To hear about why I decided to pick up a mic and press record, you’ll have to listen for yourself. Don’t worry, I didn’t ramble in the first episode like I do here sometimes. At just shy of 15 minutes of your time, it’s a quick listen!

For some time now, I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes here at WAMT. Mainly to help yall. Seriously.

I’ve been working my ass off on creating some awesome items that I know you’ll love. Some of which being ecourses, and some being actual, legit products. More to come on those. But long of the short, this chica needed to buy a mic so that she could effectively communicate when creating courses and well, I did it. I committed, and I got a really awesome mic for a great deal.
It’s a bit bigger than I expected it to be, but it’s super cute. My husband’s reaction “what the hell is that?” Which I totally get, because it doesn’t conventionally look like a mic. Especially to him, who used to be a singer in a band.

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But, nonetheless, yours truly has a beautiful, white mic, to match my desk and everything on it! Honestly, I didn’t mean to match but it was on sale, so that happened. But, then again, I also didn’t look to see if they had other colors… Oh well!

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Please note that if you purchase the microphone above this blog will earn a commission.

Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running, at no extra cost to you!

I think I’ll name her Pearl.
Pearl and I are going to become the best of friends, I can just feel it. She may not speak to me, but boy oh boy, I speak to her. A lot.
I’m hilarious I know.
Anywho. The podcast.

Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast

I’ve made sure to name it Wine and Mommy Time the podcast so you can easily find it! Over time, it will be available on more and more apps.

For now, you can find the podcast on:

You can find any of these apps in the App Store, or on Google Play, all of which are free to download, and listen to me, Libby!
Fair warning, I sound like a 12-year-old, so there’s that…
Much like this blog, I don’t plan on holding back on the podcast. I’m going to speak my mind, and I won’t be filtering anything.

Don’t worry, the blog isn’t going anywhere. I am very much committed to you all, and this blog because well, it’s become a passion of mine.
When I’m not creating, I’m thinking about creating, and when I’m creating, I’m always 10 steps ahead, filling up my mind with the next things I want to create. Sometimes I feel like I need an assistant. But for now, a girl’s gotta do her hustle on her own, ya feel me?

So, if I can ask one more thing of you, it’s please, please go listen! And tell me what you think in the comments below!

If you’d like to share your own podcast, feel free to leave your link as well, because well, girl boss love, muah!

Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast

How to make a favicon and put it on your WordPress blog

How to Get a Favicon on Your WordPress Blog

How to Get a Favicon on Your WordPress Blog

Does your blog have a favicon? If it doesn’t yet, you need one. Honestly, super easy to make and make happen. Learn how to make a favicon in this post for your blog or site!

What is a favicon? Let me show you…

See the little icons in each of the browser tabs? They didn’t happen by mistake. My blog and those sites created and uploaded their own favicons! Cool eh!?

Why are they important? Well… they’re a part of your brand. And frankly, it’s an easy way to add even more personalization to your blog.

Ask yourself one question, how many browser tabs do you have open now? Probably a few. Or a lot. I usually have a lot and multiple windows… My poor brain.

Do you notice something? All of them have favicons.

It’s a really good way to make your tab stand out. Think of it as a little hand, virtually waving, reminding people they have you there.

Favicon tips:

  • Simple
  • Clean
  • Easy to identify
  • Colors identify with your brand

Don’t know what to choose? Keep it über simple. Mine is a W for what else, Wine & Mommy Time, naturally!

Other ideas are symbols or icons that you identify with. Much like in my post about Instagram highlight covers, it’s really easy to design these.

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Luckily, Canva actually has templates when you search logo! Keep in mind, however, that unless you upgrade, you will still have a white background with your favicon. If you’re so inclined, you can pop it into Photoshop and remove the background. I just haven’t done that yet is all.

Now that you have your favicon, you need to add it to your blog. But how? Glad you asked!

In your WordPress dashboard, hover over Appearance, and then click on Customize. By the way, this only works if you are using a self-hosted WordPress. Trust me, I tried when I wasn’t self-hosted, couldn’t do it.

Once you’re in your customize menu, click on Site Identity. This is where the magic will happen. In my case, it says Remove, or Change Image, if you don’t currently have one, it may say something else. This is where you will upload your favicon!

Once you’ve uploaded it, click on Publish, and voila! You now have a snazzy new favicon!

See how easy that was?

Make sure to share this with your other blogging buddies, or gals on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest using my social sharing buttons. And thank you!

How to make a favicon and put it on your WordPress blog

Results from just one week with Tailwind

First Week of Tailwind Review

For some time now I’ve been focusing on the reach of my brand as a whole. I’ve certainly upped my Instagram following and it’s doing really well. Now, it’s time to focus on the biggest traffic driver there is. Pinterest. So, I did it, I finally bought a year’s subscription to Tailwind. Heres my Tailwind review from less than one week of use.

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase after following an ad this blog will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep Wine and Mommy Time up and running.

Buying a Tailwind subscription has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Why? Because any blogger will tell you that Tailwind is one of, if not the best thing you can do to boost your blog.

If you approach Pinterest like a social media platform, you’re doing it all wrong.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Think about it. What do you go to Pinterest for? Recipes, blogging tips, parenting tips and beauty hacks right? Well, today people are more intrigued by scrolling something with images, rather than a bunch of headings. In other words, Pinterest beats Google, hands down.

Click here to get $15 off Tailwind and to start your free trial!

Frankly, Tailwind subscriptions aren’t pricey, by any means. You can go the monthly route, or the yearly route, which is what I opted for, pay once for the year and done, easy. Not to mention, the price is better for a year then it is monthly. It worked out to a bit more than $10/month, not too shabby!

So, what did it do for me? A week after signing up and filling up my queue, all of a sudden, my blog views broke my highest month ever. In one week.

Results from just one week with Tailwind

That’s right, more than one month’s views, in a week. Well frankly just under. I didn’t actually start loading up my queue until a couple of days over.

The day I purchased Tailwind, I also signed up for a Pinterest course I had my eye on. Elna Cain’s Pinterest Perfection Masterclass.

I’ve loved Elna’s helpful posts since before I started blogging, and honestly, she’s genuinely so sweet. I look up to her as not only a girl boss, but as a mom who’s totally rocking it with twins at home, and growing what I consider an empire. Women like her inspire the heck out of me and I’m more than happy to share her course with you. It’s the best $19 I’ve invested thus far in my blog. The fact that you get lifetime access to the course is also a huge plus.

I can’t wait to see where Tailwind takes me, but don’t you worry, I’ll be keeping you posted!

Click here to get $15 off Tailwind and to start your free trial!

What have been your biggest traffic drivers for your blog? Share your experience below!

Make sure to Tweet, Pin or share this post on Facebook by using my social buttons so you don’t lose it!

Results from just one week with Tailwind

50+ More Mommy Blogger Post Ideas

50+ More Mommy Blogger Topics

Welcome to the big, broad world of mommy blogging! If you’ve hit a writer’s block, which totally happens, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got a list of mommy blogger topics to get your juices flowing.

Getting past writer’s block can be a tough one. When I started out, I felt like every post had to be perfect. Had to be viral.

That’s not the case. The simple act of writing, to make mistakes, and to keep the train moving, is so important.

I often find that once I start writing one post, my brain starts going off on so many tangents. But it wasn’t always that way. In December I did Blogmas. Ever since then, I haven’t stopped. Blogmas was the best thing I could have done creatively for my blog because it made me commit to writing. Every, single day.

Related post: What Blogmas Taught Me

Writing down ideas as soon as they come to mind is really important. Especially if you’re a mom. Because well, kids. Those little suckers can make you forget a thought real quick so if something pops into your head, make a note. It could be on the fridge, your phone, a napkin, a diaper, whatever.

This post is a continuation of Why You Need Your Own Mommy Blog + 30 writing prompts

&url=x" data-link="https://twitter.com/share?text=Check+out+this+list+of+50%2B+%23mommyblogger+topics%21+%23momlife+https%3A%2F%2Fwp.me%2Fp7RrNV-x4&via=">&url=x" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">Check out this list of 50+ mommy blogger topics!Click To Tweet

50+ more ideas for mommy blogger topics:

  1. Holiday-themed pregnancy reveals
  2. Tummy time activities
  3. Toddler activities
  4. Exercises you can do with your baby
  5. How to find a mom tribe
  6. A day in the life for you
  7. How you sleep trained your baby
  8. Your fears before parenthood
  9. A letter to your pre-mom self
  10. Monthly update on you and the family
  11. 20 things people don’t know about you
  12. Coping with pregnancy loss
  13. Inexpensive activities for the family
  14. At home date nights for parents
  15. Your beauty routine
  16. A spotlight of your favorite bloggers
  17. Your guilty pleasure
  18. DIY gifts made with your kids
  19. Nursery reveal
  20. Nursery decor ideas
  21. Your must-have nursery items
  22. What’s in your diaper bag?
  23. What it’s like to be a stay at home mom
  24. Life as a working mom
  25. The thing you struggle most with balancing
  26. Why you started your blog
  27. What your blogging goals are
  28. People you look up to in real life
  29. Inspirational Instagram accounts
  30. Pregnancy must-haves, by trimester
  31. Amazon shopping list for moms
  32. Your favorite splurge or save baby items
  33. How you named your child
  34. A rant about celebrity baby names
  35. Lactation recipes
  36. Quick and easy breakfast recipes
  37. Your go-to, weeknight dinner recipes
  38. Things your kids do that make you crazy
  39. Favorite Youtube moms
  40. Things your husband does that make you crazy
  41. Your house cleaning schedule
  42. Why you choose cloth diapers
  43. Pros and cons of a winter/summer pregnancy
  44. What you packed in dad’s hospital bag
  45. If you had to repack your hospital bag, what would you bring?
  46. Newborn care tips
  47. Baby laundry tips and tricks
  48. Pregnancy books you liked
  49. Books for new dads
  50. The newest craze in baby gear
  51. What you miss about being pregnant
  52. Things you don’t miss about being pregnant

Time to get started

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, I highly advise you do. Mom life is a struggle, any mom knows that. Where do we look to the most when family and friends don’t have any advice, or we’ve exhausted their suggestion banks? Pinterest. Where do the bloggers live? Pinterest. Picking up what I’m putting down?

Check out my blogging resources as well as the posts below that will help get you on your way to mommy blogging realness!

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