Being the wife of a runner

Being The Wife of a Runner

Being the wife of a runner isn’t easy. I don’t touch on what my husband does on here but it’s about time I did. My husband is a runner, and by runner, I mean competitive, marathon training runner. But he wasn’t always this driven.

When my husband and I met, I was 18 and he was in his early 20’s. We went out, we partied and for a while, our health wasn’t the most important thing to us. All that changed after we got married.

Not long after we got married, my parents dropped a bomb on us that my dad had Prostate cancer. Not much longer after his diagnosis, he had a procedure to implant nuclear beads that would kill those particular cancer cells. You can read more on targeted radionuclide therapy here.

Dad’s news to us spawned a positive effect on my life to start getting myself together and start putting my health at the forefront. I got a gym membership and became happily engrossed in fitness. It took hubby a bit longer. But not by much!

Life as a runner's wife

Why he started

Anytime we’d have a few drinks, Geoff would go to the nearby corner store to buy cigarettes. He’d lie to me and say he was getting snacks, I knew otherwise. Finally, on February 20th, 2013, he smoked his last cigarette and started running. Quitting smoking was something he did on and off for years so I was apprehensive. However, running slowly became his passion.

That spring, he completed his first 5k race. He was all nerves that morning as we got to the race arch. I was nervous for him! He’s so hard on himself and compares his progress to others. While his placement wasn’t in any top tier, it was a personal win for him and I was so proud of him.

Watching them struggle

Over these past 5 years, I’ve seen him struggle, succeed, set and reach goals that I couldn’t imagine obtaining myself.  Seeing him either get an injury which would keep him from running, or being defeated by a cold, or the weather was difficult. You want to fix why they’re unhappy, but you know that all they really want, or need, is to get some miles under their feet.

Sometimes it’s just because of having a crazy schedule that he can’t make it out. Maybe we’re working opposing shifts, it happens. Or, if we take a trip somewhere, he wouldn’t be eating his usual foods and running like he normally would. All of which play huge factors in his mood, which yes, can translate into our home life.

Support, no matter what

While I don’t enjoy running at all, watching him do something he loves makes me so happy. It’s a much better example for our son than the previous lifestyle. Not to mention, he’s in better shape now than when we first met. Can’t shake a finger at that fact!

It’s easy to take for granted the changes people make in their lives when it’s not yourself directly. When you just sit and think about the distance that 10k is and the fact that your significant other just casually run that any day of the week, it’s pretty crazy. But a good kind of crazy. An influential kind of crazy, infectious even.

If you’ve never been at the finish line of a big race or a marathon, you need to experience it for yourself. People are cheering on loved ones, strangers or just cheering out of pure excitement. It’s really exhilarating.

It can get expensive

Everything has a price. And running, it adds up. Sneakers needing to be replaced every so many miles, Garmin watches, race registration. That’s just a high overview!

You’ll get into extras like the cost of clothes for seasonal running (especially all of the extras needed for winter running). Also, think about the time spent prepping for a race.

Time is money, and time is also relationships. When you’re leading up to a big race, there are no other plans to be made. Period. Everything is prepping for that race. Down to making sure that long distance runs are happening, then the dreaded taper, where they cut back on runtime, but they also need more rest.

You’ll see your food budget take a jump during race season, and especially on race, and post-race weeks because of carbohydrate loading. And also supplementation. Don’t forget the supplements, electrolytes, omega’s, protein and more. And so many bananas. Basically all of the bananas.

It takes sacrifice

With all of the miles he’s accumulated, it doesn’t go without sacrifice. His running means me supporting him and his goals, which can sometimes mean putting mine on the back burner. We’re not perfect, and if I’m being honest, yes, we do fight. Not that he doesn’t give me my time, but I still have a hard time asking for it. Because well, mom guilt. We’re still figuring out our balance, even with a two-year-old.

Throw making plans out the window because training, during race weeks, takes precedence over everything.

There’s no clear way of knowing how long it’ll take for us to get into a good groove, but hey, parenthood, right?

Race season is very much active now, and he is currently training for another full and half marathon. This means extra miles, and certainly some added crankiness on both our parts. Mine because “run” becomes a four letter word to me if you know what I mean. And for him, because he’s burning the candle at both ends.

Trust me, I have my days where when he complains about being tired, or burnt out, I respond with, “you choose to do this” however, it’s not a bad choice to make.

However, I’d take running Geoff, over smoking, unhealthy Geoff, any day.

After a race

There’s something so exhilarating about race day, even if you’re not running it! The build-up of all of the training runs, meal prep, and the emotional rollercoaster is about to be worth it all.

I mentioned before, but honestly, if you’ve never been in the crowd of a big race, you need to go. It’s so amazing watching those people coming across the finish line. Sometimes it’s with tears streaming down their face, into the arms of loved ones. Or, the announcer is calling out the names of the top division leaders.

It’s awesome to see your person come across that finish line, and get to give them a massive sweaty hug because they’ve accomplished something amazing.

This past spring was the first time I got to bring Peyton to the finish line of a marathon Geoff ran. As I passed Peyton over the barricade to Geoff, tears running down his face, it made everything worth it. You’re so proud of your partner, and especially seeing the example they are making for your little one(s).

Not all races are the same

Did you know there are races which are themed? Many are and those are really fun to be at!

Sure, it’s great to go to a race that has these crazy, amazing athletes, who are trying to qualify for massive races like Boston Marathon, or maybe even a regional qualifier!

But, races for causes like Terry Fox, or Pride races, are so much fun. Some races, like color races where people literally pelt the runners with colored chalk, are considered fun runs. You may also be familiar with foam runs, or mud runs, or even costume themed races! No matter what the idea, crazy, or great, I can guarantee, there is probably a race for that. Even Disney holds races

Also, did you know there’s an all Women’s race in San Francisco sponsored by Nike, which at the end, you’re given a Tiffany necklace by a firefighter? Yeah. That’s a thing, and you can check that out here!

You may not be a runner

If you are the spouse of a runner, who doesn’t run themselves, you know where I’m coming from. Why don’t I run? Because I don’t enjoy it. And I’m not going to do something I don’t like doing, just to do something. I’d rather be writing or creating, or just taking in some quiet time. And that’s okay. Everyone has their own thing.

What I do miss is working out. Weight lifting, and training. I used to have a trainer, and I used to go to the gym every day, and I worked hard. Like really damn hard. And I was so proud of my body. That is something I want to get back to, absolutely. But we can’t have both parents out of the house at the same time. So, while I’m still trying to figure out my balance, and make my time, there’s always yoga!

Find something mutually beneficial

Finding something you both enjoy, that’s a happy medium can be a good compromise for the both of you. If you’re a runner, or if your spouse is, you know how important stretching. For a little while, a very little while… I managed to get Geoff to do yoga with me. But, like anything else, that tapered off. He got busy, I didn’t feel like waiting around, because let’s be honest, I feel like I always am. So we stopped doing that together.

But you know what, even now, he will sometimes pop some yoga on tv, or the laptop and get a good stretch in, so I know I helped in some way!

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Maybe you both like hiking, or going for walks. The main thing is that you can’t lose that time together because well, you’re a team. Like I said, we’re not perfect, and lately, we’ve been like ships passing in the night. But that too shall pass, and we will have our “us” time once the dust settles.

Is your spouse a runner? I’d love to hear how ya’ll balance it. Parenthood, your relationship with other, and your time for you! Leave your input in the comments below.

How to Find A Mom Tribe Online

How to Find Your Mom Tribe

Motherhood can make you feel really isolated and alone. Your non-mom friends are able to come and go as you used to and you probably feel left behind. But you know what, you’re so not. I want to help you find your mom tribe.

When my little guy was a newborn up until about five months old, we were living on the other side of the country from our family and childhood friends. None of our friends there had kids which was really hard for us. Especially for me, being home, alone with our little bundle.

I spent a lot of my time going for long stroller walks. Grocery shopping became my hobby. However, after awhile I realized, hey. There are other women in the same boat as me. I can’t possibly be the only one going through this alone.

Guess what, I wasn’t.

Through scrolling Pinterest, something clicked. All of these things I was saving, about my new life as a mom, were written by moms.

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What does that tell you? That there is a virtual community of moms. Mommy bloggers! That’s when I started this blog. On September 1st, 2016, I bought my domain and here I am today.

Having something I can pour my heart into has really helped fill that void. Other than the love I have for my little man, and my hubby obviously. It’s a great creative outlet, and one of my favorite ways to de-stress.

Blogging leads me into another avenue to meet other moms. Aside from having babies and writing, do you know how many Facebook mommy groups are out there? It’s nearly impossible to put a number on it.

Here are some things you can search for when looking for a Facebook mommy group:

  • Local mom groups
  • Statewide/province-wide mom groups
  • Mommy blogger groups
  • Parenting groups for different nationalities
  • Lifestyle groups for moms
  • Moms who travel
  • Recipes for families
  • Baby and parent fashion
  • Postpartum help
  • Fitness tips for moms

And so much more.

Anything you could possibly think of could be out there for you to find. You just have to find it!

Here are some of the Facebook groups I’m a part of:

Now, some groups do require you to submit some information. It’s just so they know you’ll be safe for the group. It’s an approval process. While I know that can make you feel like an outsider, keep in mind there can be sensitive topics in some of these groups. So be mindful and keep that in mind.

There are also apps! Shocker I know. While I’m not on any of those, yet… If you’re so inclined, check some of them out.

Okay, some of those sound pretty cool… I may need to pop on and check some of them out. Many of them are like Tinder, for meeting mom friends.

Aside from meeting other moms while ordering at Starbucks in the middle of the day, online is a great way. Why? Because it’s hard to meet people in real life. Let’s be honest. Sometimes, it’s just easier to be on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. And mom’s understand that.

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Mom’s get other moms. Maybe we just need someone to get some quick meal ideas from. Or maybe someone just to rant to about how much your boobs are hurting because your baby is teething and nursing, at the same time. There’s a mom friend for that. Hell, there’s a mom tribe for that.

Do you have any tips? Let them be known! Leave them in the comments below.

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How to Find A Mom Tribe Online

10 At Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

10 At Home Date Ideas for Parents

The other night, hubby and I made plans to have a home date night. Let me tell you, it’s the most we’ve connected in quite some time. It really made me think though, we need more at home date ideas for parents.

Why? Because parenthood.

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Date Night E-book with over 200 date night ideas!
We had a great time making an effort of having no screen time that night. No tv, no phones. Just him and I. It was so refreshing.

It’s really easy for us to let weeks and weeks pass before we even realize that we haven’t had time together in well over a month, or a few. Which is scary when you think about it. The most important thing as a couple, especially a couple with one, or a few kids, is time together.

Before we got married, we had to take a marriage course because we were getting married in the Catholic church. While neither of us are practiciCatholicsics, the course taught us a lot about communication.

Our biggest takeaway was to put each other first. Always, in all ways.

We’re not perfect, but life is always a work in progress.

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Think about it, the kids wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a connection. You have to keep that connection alive. You’re more than just parents. You’re best friends and lovers and that is just as important as being a great mom and dad.

Okay, enough serious mushy mush.

Get ready to fuel that fire from the comforts of home with some of these great at home date ideas for parents!

10 At Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

1. Game Night

This could really have some fun options. Hubby and I used to love playing Guitar Hero. Maybe your thing is card games or board games. Have your guy teach you how to play his favorite video game. It’s a great way to have some light-hearted fun.

2. Couch Fort and Movies

The adult pillow fort! Stack up those couch cushions, break out the pjs and fire up the Netflix. Let your inner kid fly, but keep it adult with some fancy cocktails like these!

3. Cook Together

Maybe he’ll cook the main and you’ll make dessert! It’s fun to collaborate in the kitchen. Even if it’s just a simple charcuterie board, the kitchen is the heart of the house.

4. Photo Evidence

Take a trip down memory lane. Break out those photos from when you first met, or maybe your wedding day! Reminisce about the old times and connect over the things that brought you together in the first place.

5. Paint Night

There are tons of painting how-to videos on YouTube. Grab a couple of canvas’ from the dollar store, and some paint and let your inner Picasso take over. Hell, if you don’t end up with some new wall art, at least you had fun in the process! Extra points if it’s finger paint.

intimacy games

6. Wine Tasting

Have a wine and cheese pairing party for two! My suggestion, start with a couple of bottles of wine that you love and Google some pairings for them! No time to waste? I have some candy and wine pairings here for you!

7. Breakfast for Dinner, In Bed

Having breakfast in bed is the best. But let’s face it. With kids, it probably doesn’t happen too much anymore. Have breakfast in bed at night, it’s the best!

8. Write to Eachother

It’s so beautiful to read sweet words from your significant other. Not only is it something that may give you that ego boost you’ve been needing after a long week but it really gets your hearts pumping.

9. Dreamboard Together

Everyone has ideas of dream vacations, homes, lives. Sit down together with some bristol board or paper and make a dream board! Or a vision board! Maybe they’re really lofty things but either way, you’re bonding and your connecting. Have fun with it! No dream is too big.

10. Spa Date

If your man likes a little pampering get the foot scrub and bath salts out. While it’s not for every guy, mine included, some really enjoy it! Take it a step further, add a face mask maybe. Some candles, some bubble bath, soak it up!

Need more ideas? I love this e-book from the Dating Divas, 52 Dates. It’s stocked full of date ideas for every week of the year!

Best ideas for easy date night!

Do you have some ideas? Other’s would love to see! It’s what we’re here for! Share in the comments below.

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10 At Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

12 Steps to Getting Pregnant

12 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Pregnancy

Thinking about getting pregnant? I’ve put together some great information on how to prepare yourself for pregnancy!

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At first thought, planning on getting pregnant seems pretty simple. Do the deed, take a test, bam, baby on the way. Not really the case. Well for some it is but it’s probably because they did it at the right time.

When you’re deciding to bring a precious little life into the world there are a lot of things to consider and a lot to prepare for. Other than buying a crib and clothes. Getting your body ready for pregnancy is really important.

The hubby and I decided together that it was time to start trying for little P before Geoff’s 30th birthday. We certainly thought it’d take longer than it did to conceive, but low and behold, one month later I was knocked up!

Now I’m not saying I can guarantee that you’ll have the same success.

Hopefully, you will!

But there are ways to get ready for getting pregnant. Let’s get into it!

12 Steps to Getting Pregnant

1. Talk to your partner

Obviously, being on the same page as your partner is very important. That goes without saying. While this isn’t something to get your body ready, it’s important to know that both of you are mentally, and financially ready. This is a good time to figure out your views on how many kids each of you wants and talk about things like family medical history.

2. Check out maternity benefits

Does your work offer maternity leave? You should probably check to see if you’re eligible. If you don’t know where to find this information contact your human resources department. Some workplaces offer a maternity top up. What this means is that on top of your government maternity benefit, your work will top up to a certain percentage of your regular wage. Keep in mind, I was on maternity leave in Canada and the benefits are different from the United States and other countries.

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3. Get off of birth control

Probably an obvious suggestion but has to be said. While it’s great for preventing babies, it’s not great if you’re trying to make one. One good thing about birth control if you’ve been on it is that your cycle has probably been on clockwork. Typically it takes at least a month for the effects of birth control to leave your body. Depending on how long and what type you’re using it could be more. Consult your doctor. In the meantime, this article from is a great resource to tell you all you need to know.

4. Get to know your cycle

There are so many ways you can do this. By using a calendar to track the beginning and end, or an app. Using an app is my personal way.

For years I’ve been using Clue to track my period, symptoms and otherwise. Clue is a free app that has the option to purchase more features. I haven’t needed to upgrade to the paid version.

Clue is easy to use, and the longer you use it for, the more accurate it is at dating your ovulation window. In other words, it tells you when the best time to get busy is if you’re trying to either make a baby or not.

You can find Clue in the app store, and also in play store for Android phones. Once you create your free account the app will follow you wherever you go phone-wise by using your chosen login. I hadn’t used the app during my pregnancy, obviously. But when I logged in, with a new phone, after Peyton was born, all of my data was there!

5. Take an ovulation test

Haven’t been tracking your period for very long? That’s okay. Pick Up some ovulation tests and start testing! Ovulation is the only time of the month you can conceive, and it’s a pretty short window. Three days! This step is crucial in pregnancy preparation so that you know the right times to try.

6. Begin taking prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are amazing for a woman’s body whether she is trying to get pregnant or not. As told to me by a nurse friend. Start taking these three months before you try to get pregnant.

The difference with prenatal vitamins compared to regular multivitamins is that they have folic acid, more iron and other vitamins crucial to supporting a healthy pregnancy. How much folic acid do you need? Look for prenatal vitamins containing 400-800 micrograms. For more information about how to choose the right prenatal vitamins check out this article from the Mayo Clinic.

7. Consult your doctor or midwife

Aside from knowing your period, talking to your doctor is another very important thing to do. Booking a preconception appointment is a common thing to do when thinking about becoming pregnant. For the most part, your doctor, or midwife will lead the way with a slew of questions. We experienced both the care of a doctor and a midwife in my first pregnancy, read more about that here.

Some of the things you should ask are:

  • Should you change your eating habits or lose weight?
  • Do you have any family medical history that is concerning to either you or your partner?
  • Is genetic screening needed?
  • Are you healthy enough for pregnancy?
  • Are your eggs and his sperm in check? Now is the time to find out!

8. Cut back on alcohol

For some, maybe the hardest part. But, if you’re trying, you really should cut back. If you’re like me and get pregnant quicker than you expected, you want to be sure that little fetus has the cleanest and healthiest home possible.

9. Stay away from smoking/drugs

If you’re a smoker, you should consult your doctor about getting off of tobacco. While I’m not a smoker and can not speak to what that would entail, it’s best to speak with a pharmacist or your healthcare professional. If you don’t smoke but your partner or people around you smoke, you should avoid secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is just as dangerous for you and your impending pregnancy.

10. Eat healthier

Having a healthy body mass index is a great way to make sure you’re good to go. Also, adopting the habit of eating better will make it easier to make healthy choices during your pregnancy and through your life really. Check your BMI here, it may surprise you. A healthy BMI is from 18.5-24.9. Not saying you need to be a rake, just keep in mind that a healthier body is a healthier home for a potential baby on the way.

11. Take care of yourself

Being stressed out and overtired are never good for your body or mental health. Get lots of rest, maybe take up meditation or yoga. Do things that make you happy, and things that make you feel pampered. Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve had a facial or a massage. Do it! Just relax and let mother nature take over. When your body is ready, it will pay off in spades.

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12. Get frisky

Clearly, doing the deed is necessary. My biggest point of advice, enjoy your partner. Don’t make baby making a job. Nothing natural happens unnaturally, well for the most part. Plus, a healthy sex life is important for your relationship! Trying for a baby shouldn’t be stressful for either of you. Have fun, don’t be safe, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink. By the way, studies have shown that a healthy sex life primes your body for pregnancy! So, moral of this tip. Have lots and lots of sex. 

All I can say about this incredible journey is keep that line of communication open between you and your partner. Having a united front is so important to establish. Your happiness, pregnancy, and relationship depend on it.

I truly wish you the best in your conception journey! I’m rooting for you, mama! Now go get prepping!

What helped you get pregnant? Share with other mamas in the comments below!

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12 Steps to Getting Pregnant

My Favorite Christmas Memory - Blogmas Day 24

My Favourite Christmas Memory – Blogmas Day 24

Blogmas Day 24. AKA, Christmas Eve! First off, I can’t believe that I actually accomplished Blogmas 2017. It was certainly a huge undertaking. Make sure to check out my post at the halfway mark!  It’s about time I get personal and share my favourite Christmas memory.

I find it very fitting that we’re in Cape Breton for Christmas Eve. It’s been quite some time. Actually, the last time we were here on Christmas Eve, was where this story began!

If you read my post, How Wine and Mommy Time Began you’ll know that my husband and I spent some time doing long distance. Halfway through that time, he proposed. This is the story of that day and night. The funny, the weird, the happy and everything in between.

The backstory

I have to start by telling you that Christmas wasn’t always great for my family. When I was 11 my grandfather died on Boxing Day. His home was really where our family came together and did the holidays. Even when my grandmother was still living, after he was gone it just wasn’t the same. The family started growing apart and we stopped doing holidays together.

When started dating, I would spend Christmas with my significant other’s’ families. Maybe it was to run from the memory of my grandfather passing. Or maybe because I was trying to fill that void of a family not being close. A distraction I guess. However you want to read it, I basically just didn’t care too much for Christmas as a whole.

Geoff was the first person I could really open up to about the whole situation. The first Christmas I spent with his family he made sure to tell them about my weariness. They were so accommodating and I really appreciated that.

I promise this story will take a turn for the happy. It’s coming, I promise!

In summer of 2009, I left for Vancouver. Not knowing if Geoff and I would make it. We had some arguments, the distance was hard, really hard. A four hour time difference isn’t exactly ideal. When I was planning on coming home for Christmas I made the choice to go to him and his family first.

Christmas break 2009

A week before Christmas 2009, I flew to Cape Breton. Geoff worked most of that week so on Christmas Eve when he got home I was so excited to finally spend some time with him. He was really nervous and acting very strange. We were at home, with his parents and his two sisters. Christmas music on, the fireplace channel on TV, really cozy.

Geoff kept asking me to go out to dinner but I was pretty much settled in for the night and happy to be home with him. Eventually, he gave up asking and called a cab to get snacks at the corner store. Weird, I know. When he got back, Geoff started handing out chocolate bars. The room went oddly quiet, I think I was too immersed in the arm with the poker jabbing at the burning log on the screen.

Next thing I knew, Geoff was down on one knee, his mom who was sitting beside me, and two sisters sitting across from me were tearing up and his dad was smiling. He was proposing! I remember a mention of Christmas’ with me being special, wanting to spend more together and then just a blur of words. Why I said the next thing that came out of my mouth is beyond me. “Get to the point.” Blunt, I know. So he just came out and said it “Libby, will you marry me?”. My response, “are you serious!?” Obviously, my next word was “yes”!

So with that, we were engaged!

A Christmas engagement, read this blogger's story!Click To Tweet

We called my parents, who did not know it was coming. Dad I think was having wine and thought me saying “you’re going to have a son” meant I was somehow pregnant. Haha! No dad, clearly not pregnant, but you’re gaining a new son. Silly, silly man. Mom was so excited and squealy, similar to how she was when we told them I was pregnant.

It really goes without saying that, that Christmas memory was my favorite. It’s one for the books for sure!

And with that, I’m so so happy to be back in Cape Breton for Christmas Eve!

What is your favorite Christmas memory? I’d love to know in the comments below!

My Favorite Christmas Memory - Blogmas Day 24

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary - An open letter

5th Wedding Anniversary – Letter to my husband

Marriage isn’t always easy, once you throw a baby into the mix. That shit gets even harder. I’m not going to fluff it up and put glitter on it and tell you that it’s wonderful. It isn’t always. Sometimes it honestly feels like life is just happening around us and that we can’t catch a break.

Mine and hubby’s 5th wedding anniversary is just around the corner and frankly, I don’t know where the time went. Looking back to the day he proposed, Christmas Eve 2009. It’s just amazing to me where time has taken us.

While time has made me a bit more jiggly, my laughs have made lines I don’t regret and my crazy days have not so long since gone, you’ve been there. When I look back at it all, the long-distance relationship we had, the cross-country moves, the struggles we’ve overcome and way more than either of us would ever share. I couldn’t picture it to have been with anyone else.

I honestly believe that hard times either break or make a relationship. The shit we’ve endured, the odds that seemed like they were ever stacked against us. We’ve always risen to the top and got through it.

When I look back, the things we’ve overcome would separate other couples. I think our stubbornness, or maybe our never give up nature is to credit for that. Some friends have come and gone but you’re the one friend that will never give up on me.

To my husband who’s stuck with my crazy for the better part of the past 10 years. I thank you. You met me when I was 18. I’ve put you through hell and back I’m sure. I was wild and crazy and didn’t apologize for anything. Even though I’m more than positive that there are about a zillion things I should have. Yep, I can and will admit that!


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I can honestly say I grew up with you, as a woman and as a person. I’ve come so far, and all with you by my side. You kept me level headed when I didn’t want to be and thank goodness you did. While reality checks weren’t always easy, they were the best thing for me. You keep it real and I appreciate that. You tell me when I’m being crazy, to this day, and even when I don’t want to hear it, whether your right or wrong, I’ll take that over a doormat any day.

Deciding together, as a couple that we were going to start trying for a baby was a huge decision. I’m glad we waited and we made the choice when we did. We got a lot of really cool experiences behind us.

Parenthood has given me a whole new appreciation for our relationship and the time we spend together. Not only as parents, but as husband and wife, and as best friends. Sure there have been tons of tears, lots of arguments over diapers or what have you, but it’s so worth it.

You’re my best friend. Even in the middle of the night when Peyton was in his daemon phase, yes I’m talking to you colicy, three-month-old Peyton. Those times made us so much stronger. We went through the first five months as parents, as hard as they were, together. You stuck by my struggle with motherhood and emotions, or lack there was at times, like a champ. You even taught me how to change a diaper.

You’ve been the rock to my roll, the fudge on my sundae. Sometimes the thorn in my side but always the sparkle in my eye.

Coming up on this 5th wedding anniversary I couldn’t be prouder to call you my husband, and the father of my son. I’d do it all over again. I love you.

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary - An open letter

15 Girly Shows to Binge on Netflix

15 Netflix Shows for You and Your Girls

Remember when I talked about 18 Netflix Binges you could watch with your guy? Well, I haven’t forgotten about the ladies. Don’t you worry.

I know it’s summer but honestly, some nights all I want to do is just chill on the couch with either a nice radler or glass of wine and watch some me stuff. I’m totally obsessed with reality tv, however, I’m usually pretty caught up because I watch it soon after PVR-ing it.

If you’re also caught up on the Bachelorette, or any of the zillion Real Housewives shows then fear not lady. We’ve got you covered. By we, I mean me. Because Wine and Mommy Time is a team of one… Wow, that sounds lonely. Anyway!

While my taste may not be the same as yours just give some of these a try. I promise you’ll be able to find something. Keep in mind these are shows and not movies. Mainly because I think that movies deserve their own time, place and well, post!

So read on, and tune into this awesome chick-Netflix, see what I did there! Hehe.

Netflix for Chicks

  1. Grace and Frankie
  2. Friends
  3. Call the Midwife
  4. The Client List
  5. The Good Wife
  6. Orange is the New Black
  7. Gilmore Girls (both original and Netflix version)
  8. Mr Selfridge
  9. How to Get Away With Murder
  10. Scandal
  11. Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills
  12. Million Dollar Intern
  13. Scream Queens
  14. Bondi Tattoo Crew
  15. Wentworth

I’ve watched all of these, at least once. Some three or more times. Truth be told, I’m currently watching Friends over again, and I don’t feel the least bit ashamed.


Also, because I love ya’ll I’ve made this handy dandy infographic for you to save for later!


15 Girly Shows to Binge on Netflix


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Leave your comments below of the shows that were yes’ for you and ones I may have missed.


15 Girly Shows to Binge on Netflix

18 Shows to binge with your honey on Netflix - Wine and Mommy Time

18 Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix for couples

Honestly, who doesn’t love Netflix? If it’s not PVR’d or on Netflix, I probably won’t be watching it. Unless its hockey, football, or the occasional baseball… But that’s another story.

Nope, I’m not being paid for this post so I’m not going to throw a Netflix subscription link at you. Besides, Netflix is kind of like cell phones at this point. Everyone has it, and if you don’t either you’re living under a rock, or you have another streaming service.

I have this weird habit of waiting until a season of something has ended and then bingeing the whole thing. I love it. Maybe you do it too, and if you do, keep reading because I’m going to throw some shows your way.

Everyone’s taste is different, especially when it comes to couples and what they will want to watch together. My hubby pretty much only watches sports but there are some things he has watched with me. Which is nice! He’s more into comedy, anything to do with the war or some random nerdy things. My faves are all over the place. From girly crap to shows about criminals, fiction or nonfiction.

There is so much out there that it can take forever to find something you both agree on. It’s like being back in 2005 when we’d spend a whole Friday night at Blockbuster. For you uber youngins, people had to actually go to a store, look at DVD’s (or VHS’) on a wall, hope that there were enough copies available of their chosen one, pay to rent it for a few days and then bring it back a few days later. There was never a fear more real than worrying about that new release you’ve been impatiently awaiting not being there.

The struggle was real kids. Struggle was real.

If you’re anything like the hubs and I you probably spend more time scrolling Netflix than actually watching something. So hopefully some of our choices will lessen the scroll and give you more Netflix and Chill time with your person.

  1. Weeds
  2. Prison Break
  3. Better Call Saul
  4. The Crown*
  5. House of Cards* (there is a British version and the American version)
  6. Breaking Bad
  7. Mrs’ Brown’s Boys (highly recommended, hours of laughing!)
  8. Shameless (I suggest the British version)
  9. Suits
  10. Hannibal
  11. Schitt’s Creek
  12. Stranger Things*
  13. The Returned
  14. Glitch*
  15. Santa Clarita Diet*
  16. Between
  17. Black Mirror*
  18. How I Met Your Mother

Any one’s with a * by them mean that they are a Netflix original and only available through them.

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10 Free Date Night Ideas
10 Free Date Night Ideas - For when you're on a tight budget - Wine and Mommy Time







Since I love ya’ll so much, I’ve also made this nifty graphic you can save for future reference!

18 Shows to binge with your honey on Netflix - Wine and Mommy Time

If you have any binge-worthy suggestions that you and your significant person like please leave them below in the comments for others to enjoy!

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18 Shows to binge with your honey on Netflix - Wine and Mommy Time

10 Free Date Night Ideas - For when you're on a tight budget - Wine and Mommy Time

10 Free Date Night Ideas – For when you’re on a budget

Do you know what’s better than a cheap date night? A free date night. Yep I said free.

I know the thought of free date night sounds like you’re going to have a really boring time. But it doesn’t have to be!

Most of these ideas are home dates, which means they are great for parents! Or when the weather is bad and your plans have to be changed. Either way, as long as you and your significant other are getting time to connect that’s the important thing.

Honestly, I think the nights we stay home and just get to talk or reconnect after a long week, or even a few weeks, are my favorite moments. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get dolled up and go out for a night on the town, but who says you can’t do that at home?

When was the last time that you actually made home date plans? Okay, maybe for some you do it often, frankly if you do, I’d love to hear about it!

Whether it means you get all spiffed up and have a romantic dinner for two at your dining table, or the two of you don your finest pjs, there is always something to do at home.

10 Free Date Night Ideas - For when you're on a tight budget - Wine and Mommy Time

On to the dates…


YouTube night in – This could really go many ways. You could both swap back and forth your favorite high school jams. Maybe there is a funny viral video you’ve seen lately, or one you remember from your past, que Shoes, or Numa Numa. Or, you could even do YouTube karaoke, you know, grab a hairbrush and belt your heart out. If you’re too terrified to break out your lack of vocal skills, channel your inner lip singing skills. It’s up to you really!


Netflix and Chill – Laugh all you want but the original millennial at-home date night is always a great fall back plan. Now, if you’re like the hubby and I who take almost an hour to pick something out to watch, maybe you should both have some movies saved in your picks just to get the ideas flowing. Or, you could even binge watch a show together! That can be fun too, I’d probably suggest Friends or something like that because you don’t exactly have to follow along and frankly it’s funny as hell.


Make a date night passport – This is something I’ve been meaning for Geoff and I to do for awhile. You know when you pass by a restaurant on your way to another one and always swear you’ll go there next time? Or maybe you surf Urbanspoon and see too many to choose from and always end up going to the same place? Yeah, we’re bad for that too… Well the idea of a date night passport is easy. Grab a notebook, sit down together and brainstorm places you’d like to eat, go to, or things you’d like to do. Then next time you’re at a loss for ideas, voila! You have the passport at your disposal to flip through!


Take a hike – If you’re outdoorsy, I’m not talking cocktails on a patio, I’m talking wilderness… Taking a hike is always a nice way to reconnect. Jump on Google, I guarantee you if you put in your city/town, followed by “hiking trails” you are bound to find some. On the other hand, if you can’t, or if it isn’t quite the right season, how about a walk around your neighbourhood? Get your limbs moving and play tourists in your own city. Or maybe even Google what tourists do in your city, you’d be surprised sometimes at the things you overlook on a daily basis around you!


Workout/Do yoga – So many couples love to workout together. It’s a great motivator, not to mention it’s a good way to do something as a unit. Hubby and I enjoy, you can check out what I have said about them before here. If you want to make a commitment of doing yoga together, might I suggest the 30 day challenge? Don’t worry, they have beginner level! If downward dog makes you nervous, you can always head over to YouTube and take a peek around for some at home workouts on there as well! Bonus points if it’s a partner workout!


Sketch your dream home – You could do this together, or you could even do this separately and come back to compare it to each other. Is your dream home a cottage? Maybe it’s a small country home, who know’s! Get creative and have fun, who know’s, it may just come to fruition some day.


Plan your goals – I think this is a great relationship building activity. Some people choose to do this on an anniversary or New Year’s. Frankly I believe you can do it anytime. Sit down together, or separate, and write out your goals for the year. Think about if there is anything you would like to improve about your relationship, maybe saving for kids or a home.  Or maybe you’re wanting to make a career change! The possibilities are endless. Check out my post here where I talk about goal planning. It also has a free chart to download! Check in at the same time next year to see what you have accomplished or what directions have changed, it’s fun to see growth.


Living room fort – Grab some pillows, blankets and chairs and channel your inner child! Maybe you want to get fancy and string some twinkle lights. Just make sure they don’t give off heat and could potentially burn your fort down! This is probably the ultimate way to Netflix and Chill if you ask me. Snuggle in and enjoy!


Bevvies on the deck/stargazing – When was the last time you just sat on your deck, or maybe your front step and just shot the breeze with some drinks? There’s something so simple and enjoyable about just watching the passers-by and chatting away about nothing at all. Or, if you have a yard, or an open space outside, why not lay out a blanket and enjoy the starlight together? The beach is also a great place to do this, waves crashing, usually no one else around, so peaceful.


Volunteer together – If you have never done volunteer work, let me tell you it is so rewarding. If you check out Craigslist there are always places looking for help. Maybe it’s a soup kitchen, or the local cat shelter. Someone is always in need of extra hands. It’s a way to get out of the house and so something new together that you can talk about afterward. Not only are you giving back but you are making memories together and that’s what it’s all about.

See, there is so much to do for free! Simple things are sometimes the most memorable. I hope that these spark some great memories for you and your love.

10 Cheap Date Night Ideas - Wine And Mommy Time

Cheap date nights – for when you’re on a budget but want a life

10 Cheap Date Nights - How to Keep it Fresh - Wine and Mommy Time

Date night. If you’ve been with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, whatever, chances are original ideas sometimes run cold. Also, at times, you just can’t afford something extravagant. Fear not, I have some great cheap date nights up my sleeve for you!

Typically you pick a restaurant, a pub, you know, the normal. That gets old though. Date nights really don’t need to be extravagant. Frankly, I think it’s more fun to reserve those nights for special occasions like anniversaries or something really significant.

Some of the best marriage advice my husband and I got before we were married was in our premarital class. We had to take it because of getting married in the church. A sentence that our group organizer said really resonated with me.

“Date night is cheaper than therapy or divorce”.

Date night is cheaper than therapy or divorceClick To Tweet

Well as long as date night doesn’t require a private jet and some rare bottle of wine that is. If you’re one of the Real Housewives maybe that is the case, but let’s be honest. Probably not haha. Some of the best dates are the ones where you do something really simple and just get to connect.

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Think about it…

When was the last time you just went out to Starbucks and had a coffee or tea date? Actually that’s another thing they said in our class. Make time for “tea time” every night. That’s when you take 5-10 minutes to talk to each other about your day. That doesn’t mean what Sally said at the water cooler or whatever. Just how the day affected you, or anything that’s on your mind. Here’s an even bigger challenge. Try to not talk about the kids. Try it, it’s not easy. But it’s worth it!

Our typical date night planning conversation goes a little something like this: Do you want to go out tonight? Sure. Where would you like to go? I dunno, where do you want to go? I dunno… Sound familiar?

So I kicked back, took some time and broke down a list of some cheap date nights that you probably wouldn’t normally do or think of!

10 Cheap Date Nights - Wine and Mommy Time

Your inspiration…

Ice cream – Go out to get ice cream together. Better yet, if you have circumstances that mean you can’t leave the house, like little ones, go to the grocery store, pick up things like sprinkles, chocolate sauce, a couple different kinds of ice cream and make a DIY ice cream shop at home!

Game night – You could interpret this a few ways. Does your partner play video games? Play with them! (that would be free, bonus!) Or, go to Walmart together and pick out a two player game to play. Maybe you like playing cards? Go fish? The possibilities are endless.

Cook together – Cooking can easily be the most overlooked activity to do together. Switch things up a bit! Hop on Pinterest together and find a recipe you’ve never made! Head to a local farmer’s market and cook whatever you buy. Maybe you’ve been wanting to go take a cooking class at a local grocery store or community center. There are so many cooking videos on YouTube as well! Get creative and bon apetit!

Breakfast for dinner, in bed – Kind of a play off of #3. Cook breakfast for each other, or take turns it being one person’s night one day and the other another! Breakfast in bed is awesome, breakfast for dinner is awesome. Breakfast in bed for dinner, mind blown.

Go for a drive – I love just hopping in the car and just going wherever the road takes us. Some of mine and Geoff’s best chats are when we’re out cruising around. I put this in with cheap dates because you only really need to account for gas burned, or if you need one, a sitter. Bring some snacks with you or stop at a coffee drive through before you start!

Comedy club – Probably one of the most overlooked places in my opinion. A lot of them are pretty small, which makes it much more intimate and fun. It should be pretty easy to Google any local shows near you!

Local high school sports event – Not only will admission be much cheaper than going to a professional event, but the atmosphere can be pretty fun! Bonus points if you go on a rival night, those can get pretty exciting.

Dollar store paint night – Paint nights are all the rage right now, but unless you find a Groupon or a coupon code, they’re not all that cheap. Why not head to the dollar store, pickup some paint, brushes and small canvas’. YouTube would have some classes for sure, but you could also paint an object you have at home! Or if you feel ballsy, portraits of each other!

Read – I don’t mean read books separately. I’m talking, pick out a book together, you could even go to the library and get one. Then take turns reading it to each other! It could be as PG or racy as you want, the ball is in your court.

Bowling – When all else fails, go bowling. It’s retro, it’s a throwback, you may not have done it since you were a kid! So grab those ugly shoes and throw some balls!

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I think from this list alone, you should have some ideas to freshen things up, without breaking the bank. Even if it just got your mind flowing on something else then that’s the whole point right?