16 Gender reveal cake designs

Gender Reveal Cakes

Call it baby fever but I love looking at all things baby and pregnancy related! Aside from announcing your pregnancy, finding creative gender reveal ideas are the next big, and fun thing to do! Gender reveal cakes are a great way to celebrate and surprise your loved ones, not to mention you and daddy-to-be! Check out my post 14 fun gender reveal options for even more inspiration.

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If you haven’t read about our gender reveal party you really have to! It has our gender reveal cake in it which was a huge crowd pleaser. Not to mention it served a great purpose telling us that we were having a beautiful baby boy! Not that I needed telling because deep down I had a feeling he would be a boy.

From cake pops to donuts, cakes, balloons, smoke bombs and more, there are so many creative ways to do your gender reveal.

Some people choose to find out the gender and keep it to themselves until the big reveal. All the power to them, you’re lips are clearly better sealed than this mamas!

Gender Reveal Facebook Invite - Wine and Mommy Time
This is what our Facebook event invite looked like!

How to keep it a secret

When we did our gender reveal cake, I had our ultrasonographer write down the gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. I then gave it to a coworker who bakes as a side hustle. She was the first person to know, other than the girl who wrote it down. I have to say, those few days between when I gave her the envelope until the day of the reveal were brutal. She sat just a few cubicles down and we pretty much always took lunch or coffee breaks together so yeah, it was hard avoiding her.

Whenever we eventually get pregnant with another baby, I’m not sure if we’ll choose to know and do the reveal ourselves; or if we want to be surprised again. More and more places aren’t even giving you the results because well, it’s not medically necessary, rightfully so. Also, they can and have gotten it wrong, and then you end up buying all of the wrong stuff. So that sucks.

Another option, if you’re not able to find out the gender by ultrasound is by doing blood work. There are tests your doctor can order for you, which are elective, so be prepared to pay for it. Or, there are home tests that you can take as well! While I clearly haven’t tried either… From what I gather, they can predict the gender earlier than ultrasound and are extremely accurate. Going the testing route may make it easier to keep the gender a secret from yourself. Depending on how you receive the results.

16 Gender reveal cake designs

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With all of that said.. Let them eat [gender reveal] cake(s)!


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Decor Inspiration:

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Oh Baby sprinkle cake // Weddbook
It’s A… // Riane Lutz Photography

What comes after a gender reveal cake?

Your baby! And with your new baby comes a few more parties, you know, just a few right?

If you’re done planning the gender reveal, why not start planning their first birthday? That’s a natural progression, right?

I have a sugar-free cake smash recipe that our son absolutely loved! Made with applesauce and all sorts of nutritious bits! And guess what the “icing” is made out of… Well, you’ll have to go check out the recipe to know that. Other than your typical smash cake, people are also doing all sorts of wacky, and unconventional first birthday smashes, I’ve compiled some for you here!

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How did your gender reveal turn out? I’d love to know in the comments below!

16 Gender reveal cake designs

The Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom-to-Be

Mom-to-be’s Hospital Bag Checklist

Mom-to-be’s Hospital Bag Checklist

+ a free printable, just for you!

I wish this could be an “if I could re-pack my hospital bag” post, but let’s be real. It’s an “if I actually packed a hospital bag” post. You’ll soon see why.

If you’re already pregnant, you should pack your bag right now.

Okay, that’s a bit premature. But seriously, once you’re part way into your second trimester, you should really start packing that thing. Along with daddy-to-be’s bag, which luckily, I’ve already written about!

If you leave it too late, you’ll end up like I did, sitting on a toilet, waiting for your husband to arrive with granny panties and the biggest feminine pads you’ve seen since you started puberty.

Packing my hospital bag was such an oversight that it basically didn’t even happen. I’m not joking, the day I was going to go get the things I needed for my bag, I got out of bed, and my water broke. You can read about our birth story here!

Don’t do what I did

So, long story short.

I stopped working one month before my due date, mainly because my hubby and I were living on the other side of the country, with no family. We had framily (friends who were like family) but it’s not the same. Mainly because I’d say, we love our framily more, joking!

Any pickle, I had been off of work for exactly two weeks and had my list planned of what I was going to buy for my hospital bag. Because well, Pinterest told me what to get, as did my doula. However, the list my doula gave me was the best, seriously.

I can’t thank her enough, our doula was amazing.

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So, the day I was getting out of bed, to get ready to go shopping, my water broke. And when I say water broke, it was more like the hoover dam erupted from my lady parts. Luckily, it waited to happen until I got into our bathroom.

Can I just say, I was not prepared for the fact that it would keep coming, whenever it felt like it, with no warning, in random gushes?

Yeah, that was fun. And I’m sure I’m painting a beautiful picture for you.

Anywho, that’s all I need to say, to tell you that, your baby, or babies if you’re having multiples, will come whenever they like. So you better be prepared with a bag at the door.

Don’t wait until you’re well into your third trimester, and sitting on the toilet, waiting for your husband to get home from work and the mall with everything you need.

Again, glamorous, as usual, I know!

After my hubby got home, not only did we throw any random things I thought I’d need in the bag, but we started doing all of the things we didn’t do ahead of time. You know, like our baby’s laundry, and things like that.

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I think the day my water broke was also the day I realized what type of mom I’d be. A hot mess. There was no stopping it, I was on the hot mess express with no stops in sight from the get-go.

With all of the items, I’m about to list off, keep in mind, when it comes to beauty and hygiene, try to go for items with little to no scent. Because well, you’re in a hospital darling.

Printable Mom-to-be hospital bag checklist

Get your copy of the mom-to-be hospital bag checklist here!


Shampoo & conditioner

Might we suggest using travel size bottles? Save space, and weight in your bag for when you steal. I mean, graciously take, all of those mesh underwear the nurses thought they had hidden.

Body wash

Go for something that is gentle on your skin, and that will be safe for your baby if you are breastfeeding.

Toothbrush & toothpaste

Well duh.

Deodorant or antiperspirant

Goes without saying, but, like toothpaste and a toothbrush, needs to be here.


Buy one that you are willing to throw away at the hospital, because well, there will be blood, and other stuff happening. Also, be very, very gentle on your nether regions. My suggestion, use your peri bottle, if you do need some wiping, type of cleaning to be done, don’t wipe, pat. For the love of stitches, pat, do not, ever, ever wipe new stitches, ouch. Not to mention, you don’t need those getting stuck in your loofah.

Wine and Mommy Time the Podcast

Tucks medicated wipes

These babies are technically for hemorrhoids, however, they’re also a new mama’s best friend. Again, pat, do not wipe.

Depends or overnight pads

Many second time moms opt for depends. We already know what it was like to have postpartum bleeding leaks, so we know better. You can always pad up a depend. While I know it will hurt your ego to buy them, you’ll thank yourself later.

Shower flip flops

If you haven’t had a child, you don’t know the horror of what your shower will look like after birth. Let’s think about how many other post-birth ladies have been in that shower. Get shower flip-flops, then throw them out when you’re leaving the hospital.

Breast pads

This is one of those optional things. Your milk may not have come in enough for you to be leaking everywhere yet, but every mom is different. Bring some just in case. You don’t need a whole box, but some are better than none if you need them.

Peri bottle

Oh, this bottle. It’s a new mom’s bestie. No joke, it’s so refreshing. Lucky for me, my hospital gave me one. It’s basically like a normal water bottle, that you spray your tender bits with to help clean them without rubbing. You can always ask ahead if your hospital will supply you with one.

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Full coverage underwear

Also known as, granny panties. Get a size up from what you think you need because pads will be taking up a lot of real estate in those sexy skivvies. And no, boy shorts or those cheeky lace underwear won’t do. You need the full kit and caboodle. I’m talking, what your literal grandmother would wear. You’ll end up throwing these out after you’re past your postpartum bleeding stage anyway.

Slippers & socks

Bring slippers that you are okay with throwing away. In case you have an accident on them while you’re laboring, or otherwise. Socks or even slipper socks are wonderful as well. Personally, shoes were only worn by myself when I was entering and leaving the hospital. Otherwise, it was slipper socks and socks for me the whole time.


Make sure they are comfy, and that they are wide enough to accommodate possible swollen feet. My feet retained so much water that my flip flops didn’t really fit. Yeah, it was that bad. They were so uncomfortable.

Nightdress or pj’s

What I really mean by nightdress is moomoo. You know, those big, huge, granny nightgowns. This is a time to be comfortable, and accessible. For your baby, and the toilet. Again, I’m just going to be real with Y’all. This isn’t about glamor, this is about functionality. Some people choose PJ pants and a top. I preferred the ease of a moomoo for all of the private part cleanings, as well as pumping and breastfeeding.

Printable Mom-to-be hospital bag checklist

Get your copy of the mom-to-be hospital bag checklist here!

Yoga pants

My entire hospital stay, I lived in a hospital gown and a moomoo. Some moms prefer outfits, and if you do, I suggest, the stretchier the better. Just be realistic though, you’re probably still going to be in maternity clothes for a while. So be kind to yourself, don’t bring your pre-pregnancy yoga pants, they won’t fit, and your hormones are already at an all-time high.


Preferably ones that have easy access for breastfeeding, if you’re doing it. Don’t bring overly fitted shirts either. Think tunic, or relaxed fit, again, probably your maternity clothes still.

Going home outfit

Baby isn’t the only one who needs one of these. You do too! Pick something comfy.

Nursing bras

You don’t want an underwire bra right about now. Again, going for comfort and ease of access. I was wearing some wonderful nursing bras from my third trimester well into my postpartum time and I can’t say enough good things about them!

Mid-Length robe

Something I wish I would have brought to the hospital was a robe. I saw so many new moms wandering the halls with cute, functional, cotton robes and I was highly envious. Especially if you’re wearing a hospital gown or a nightdress, they’re a great, practical accessory. Go for a short or mid-length robe so that you don’t have to worry about either dipping it in the toilet, or tripping on it!

Don’t forget daddy-to-be’s checklist either!


Body & face lotion

Hospitals are so dry. Remember to opt for brands which are gentle enough to be close to your baby’s skin.

Hair ties & bobby pins

You’ll probably have some in your hair on the way to the hospital anyway. However, just like at home, you’ll lose them at the hospital, so pack extras!

Makeup & brushes

Some moms are in full glam, some decide to be au natural. Typically, I’m always wearing makeup. However, while in the hospital, I didn’t put any on until we were leaving! These items are totally up to you. It is nice to have something on hand for those hospital pictures with your baby, or when people stop by unexpectedly.

Makeup remover

This can be in the form of wipes, micellar water, your remover of choice, or as I prefer to use coconut oil. Why coconut oil? Well, it’s natural, it doesn’t sting, it gets the job done well, and my face isn’t left feeling dry and terrible afterward. All you have to do is melt a dollop in your hand, rub all over your face, and then wipe off with a cloth. That’s it!

Dry shampoo

It’s hard to find time to shower, and even harder to find dry shampoos with no scent. I prefer dry shampoo in a pinch rather than washing my hair because for one, I’m saving time, and two, ain’t nobody got time to blow dry their hair while in the hospital. Nobody.

Lip Balm

Do not, I repeat, do not forget this. Also, like your other skincare items, don’t forget to make sure that it is safe for your baby, because well, there will be baby smooches.

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Cellphone & charger

What list wouldn’t be complete without these? You’ll already have your phone, that’s a given, just for the love of Buddha, don’t forget the charger!

Tablet, or laptop, and charger

I’d prefer a tablet over a laptop, much lighter, and less cumbersome. But to each their own! It would have been wonderful to have some Netflix available for those times when little man was sleeping and we were just sitting there asking each other “now what?”.

External charger

These are great in an emergency, like for instance, when you forgot that cell phone, or tablet charger that I told you to bring. Or your spouse forgot theirs.

Book or magazine

Some people like to read, I’m not one of them. At least not books. I read blogs, which is probably why I have one. I don’t have time to sit down with a whole book at this time in my life. But, if you enjoy them, maybe you would like that more than Netflix!

Then there are magazines, do people still buy those? You know you can get them on your tablet now right? Then again… Much less heartache if you forget a magazine at the hospital rather than your tablet or laptop!

Bluetooth speaker

This is for playing those soothing, Enya tracks while you’re in labor. Just kidding, they’re for blasting gangster rap that’ll help you through those gnarly contractions because you, like me, opted for no epidural. Jokes aside, the speakers on your phone are only so loud, and it’s nice to have some ambiance in those hospital rooms.

Notebook & pen

This isn’t just for sketching. Consider this notebook your new memory apparatus. Whenever a doctor, nurse, lactation consultant, or midwife offers a tip, write it down. There will be so many things flying at you verbally, it’ll be like the most important pre-final lecture of your life. Also, it’s a great way to chronicle your labor, how you felt when you were pre-contractions, during, and after birth.


I’ve listed some ideas of what you could bring, to get you started. Things I would really put to the top of the list are fresh fruit and veggies, bottled drinks, and instant oatmeal, along with granola bars. You’d be surprised how expensive some hospital cafeterias are, also, you need good nutrition. Not the grey crap they have you try to ingest. Also, drinks can add up. So buy a pack of G2 at Walmart and have it at the ready for when you’re en route for mission baby.

Instant oatmeal packs make a great snack, plus, the oats are great for helping with that milk supply you’re hoping will come in fast!



You don’t want those flat, crappy hospital pillows. Just bring yours with you, it’s comfy, it smells like home, and you’ll thank yourself.

List of phone numbers

This list should be printed, not on someone’s phone. Why? Because when you’re full on in labor, there is no time to be fumbling through your contact list for aunt Edna who happens to have the spare key to your house because you forgot to let the dog out. Also, it’s good to have any vital phone numbers such as insurance, your parents, etc.

Nursing pillow

Some people can maneuver those uncomfortable hospital rockers a certain way to make feeding comfortable. Some. I wasn’t one of them. Nursing pillows help you get into that new-to-you position.

Eye mask & ear plugs

Every night, I sleep with an eye mask on and earplugs in. The mask is for obvious reasons, light. And the plugs just help drown out far off noises. Trust me, I still hear when my little guy starts squirming on his baby monitor, but it’s nice to help deafen out the cries from laboring moms, and other people’s babies. Or the annoying guests in the room next to you.

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Insurance card & drivers license

People don’t realize how vital it is to have these two items. Not only does the hospital need to know who you are, but also, how will you be covering that fancy private room of yours? Bring your cards, they will help hospital staff with being able to speak to your carrier to hash out the details so you don’t end up in a sticky, and expensive situation.

Delivery notes

This could be your birth plan. If you have one. Or your list of procedures you do/don’t want to be performed on your new baby. For instance, do you want delayed cord clamping? Maybe you want to breastfeed right away and have baby cleaned on you. Or, do you want certain affirmations said to you to calm you down? Anything that is important to you, or that you feel may get overlooked, is worth having written down so your birth team knows what you do and do not want.

Travel bag

Don’t try to cram everything into that cute little gym bag. You need space. Regardless of how neat you’ve packed, you’ll need room for rummaging. Why? Because chances are, someone else will need to go through it for you at some point, and the more room you have for things to be moved around without having to unpack the entire bag onto the gross hospital floor, the better. Also, you’ll probably take a bunch of stuff like mesh underwear, extra pads, the blanket they wrapped your baby in for the first time, you name it. There’s no shame, we all do it.

Pro tip, use this list as a hospital bag repack list! What does that mean? Make sure you don’t forget anything leaving the hospital, because trust me, they’ll be turning that room over quick for the next mommy-to-be and her posse!

You got this!

This is going to be a fun, crazy and bumpy ride, but darn it, that baby is going to come when they are ready, so now, you will be too! I have all the faith in the world mama. Ladies like me and you are birthing babies all over the world right now. It’s an amazing, scary, thrilling, painful and unexplainable experience, and I’m so, so excited for you!

If you have any suggestions for what should go into a hospital bag, leave it below in the comments!

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Not sure what to pack in your hospital bag? This hospital bag checklist for the mom-to-be will make sure you have everything you need, and nothing you don't! preparing for baby, birth and labour tips, first time mom, hospital packing list, hospital bag packing checklist

Our Son's Natural Birth Story

Our Son’s Birth Story – 28 Hours of Crazy

Our son turned tow today! Two! Buddha help us, I think that the terrible twos are hitting us already. In light of his birthday, you’ve never read our birth story. Mainly because I hadn’t shared it. Better late than never right? Now is as good a time as ever to share with you how those crazy 28 hours went.

Yes, I said 28 hours.


When I was pregnant I wasn’t the kind of mom-to-be who would read countless books and blogs. Let alone Google every little thought that came to mind. If there was anything pressing that I was wondering about I would jot it down and wait until my next doctor or midwife appointment.

The one thing I did enjoy reading was other people’s birth stories. Birth stories are one thing that we all share in common in that they are all different and help all of us realize when it is all said and done. That nothing will ever go as planned. I am a planner, anyone who knows me knows this. No matter how many hours you slave away at your birth plan or how many books you read, no birth is textbook, so buckle in and be ready for the unplanned and unexpected to happen because it can and will.

My due date was tentatively April 15th, 2016. When I was told this I immediately contacted my HR department at work and told them the news that I was expecting. Knowing myself and knowing that we did not have family around to help up prepare for this new arrival in our lives I knew that we would need all the time we could get. So I scheduled to stop working as of March 11th, 2016.

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The first two weeks of my maternity leave were to be considered vacation time through work and then I would apply for early EI for the remaining until I delivered.

For the first few days of my leave from work I rested. Waking up at 5:00 am every day for work and commuting nearly an hour to and from work to sit in a sedentary job while a baby is pressing into your ribs and on your bladder is not a comfortable thing. So rest was much needed. I slowly started doing things like washing baby clothes, doing A LOT of online shopping with my Amazon Prime, cleaning bottles, and so on. I didn’t have the urge to do things with a ton of vigor like many describe as nesting so I don’t know that I actually even nested until after little man came home.

Two weeks after being on leave from work, I decided it was finally time to pack my hospital bag. You know, that thing you should pack 6 weeks out… Yeah. That. Well at this point I was three weeks out from my due date.

On March 26th, 2016, I got out of bed, went into the bathroom to get ready for what should have been a day of shopping for my hospital bag. However, our little guy decided otherwise. Upon getting into our bathroom my water decided to break. My first thought, what the hell, did I just pee myself? No. It was different, and it wasn’t just one gush and done, no, it would gush, trickle, then gush, with no warning.

So unprepared

At this point my husband was nearly at work, remember how I said it was about an hour away? So I texted my cousin Jess and my Doula (Emily). Jess called me right away and calmed me down (thank you!). After getting off of the phone with her Emily told me to call triage at the hospital and to let them know.

Now time to text Geoff. So I sent out a simple text of “I think my water just broke”. I immediately received a phone call from Geoff, and the one time my phone suddenly drops reception in our place. I had to hang up and call him back. Geoff immediately started on his way back from work to me as I texted him the list of what I needed to purchase that day. Keep in mind, at this point I have NOTHING, none of those granny panties your told to get, no pads, toiletries, nothing. Poor hubby had to pick it all up and I thank him dearly for that. 

Side note, don’t forget a hospital bag for daddy-to-be. We did and totally regretted it. This post will tell you what you need for them!

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Time to hurry up and wait

While waiting for him to get home, as instructed by Emily, I showered as usual and got ready, knowing this would be the last time I would do so without a baby in our home.

Upon me calling the triage line, the midwife at the hospital told me that if I did not have contractions by 5:00 pm to come in. Keep in mind this is about 9:30 am. The day felt so weird, the impending change was very real, our family would grow from a husband and wife to a father and mother within the next 24 hours, or so.

We took a couple more belly photos, relaxed, watched TV and such. Our friends Julie and Peter came over around 4:30 pm and escorted us the two blocks, by car, to the hospital where I was checked out and had minimal pain at this point. They checked me and I was about 3 cm along. The midwife who examined me said that she would keep a room for me because they were starting to fill up. Because of the full moon and all. They sent us home.

Is it time yet?

Around 6:00 pm my contractions started, at around 9:30 pm we went back because my contractions were getting pretty bad. I experienced mine in my back, it felt like a stabbing horrible pain in the small of my back and wrapping around my sides. At this visit, they said I still wasn’t ready to admit to a room and offered me morphine. Remember how I said I didn’t really read or Google anything while pregnant? Well, this I should have before saying yes, apparently, morphine can make your contractions WORSE, it did that for me, instantaneously. But they sent us home again.

Around 11:30pm/12:00 am we returned to the hospital, I was convinced I was far enough along, but nope, they sent us back home and said to return around 6:00 am. Julie went to sleep in our spare room which would soon be our son’s room, finally.

Shi* got real

Late into the night, after many texts between Geoff and my Doula Emily in regard to pain management techniques, Emily was on her way to us. To read more about our incredible birth doula and what she did for both Geoff and me, read this post.

Once Emily arrived, Julie and Geoff went to bed. Emily took over, with a TENs unit in hand and her nurturing ways. She helped keep me as comfortable as she could, including running a bath and giving me emotional reassurance.

Around 6:30 am we decided it was time to head back to the hospital, my amazing friend Julie drove us then headed back home for some much-needed sleep. Upon arrival to the hospital, there was a lot of commotion, among the nurses and triage staff. While we were in the ward, waiting to be transferred into our room we heard them talking on the phone with another hospital. They were saying that there were no more rooms left and that they had mothers that would need to be transferred to them, in exchange for medical equipment. I’m not joking. I was being bartered for tubing.

Once we finally clued into what was going on, panic set in.

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Doulas and midwives for the win

Then, a miracle happened. A midwife came running around the corner saying, she’s not going anywhere, she’s with the midwives and we have a room for her. And just like that, she whisked us off to the room. Turn over from the family before us was so fast that there was still an ‘its a girl’ balloon floating in the corner. It was all happening so fast, it was kind of hard to register mentally. I was exhausted and anxious to get our baby boy safely into the world.

Emily helped me labor in various positions around the room, keeping moving helped. My poor husband was clearly emotional because of the amount of pain I was in. I opted not to have an epidural, because well, I guess I’m just crunchy like that.

After 3 hours of pushing, my midwife and doula said we may need to think about other options. As in the vacuum, forceps, or maybe even c section. They knew I was exhausted. Having been up for over 24 hours. My contractions were starting to slow to an almost stop, yet our son was crowning. We were given the option of Pitocin, if I couldn’t push him out naturally within an hour we’d have to have an intervention. So, with that, I started pushing, harder than I thought humanly possible. Contraction or not, I wanted to do this. 45 minutes later, at 1:55 pm, our son came shooting out into the world, literally.

My midwife must have been a catcher in her past life because my husband said Peyton came out flying.

That moment, when my husband and I looked at our son for the first time was the moment we became parents.

Are you a mommy blogger who’s shared their birth story? Share with other mamas and mamas-to-be in the comments below!

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Our Son's Natural Birth Story

15+ Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

15+ Easter Pregnancy Announcements

A holiday I never really put much thought into has always been Easter. However, with our son being born on Easter Sunday back in 2016, it brings a whole new significance to our home. You guessed it, it’s that time again, a holiday-themed pregnancy announcement post! This roundup will be Easter pregnancy announcements!

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Easter is the beautiful time of the year when things start blooming and baby animals are popping up everywhere!

I can’t say congratulations enough if you’re pregnant right now. If this is your first, buckle up! I hope to inspire you with my fun finds for this colorful holiday.

When I think about Easter, I think about pastels, baby colors if you will. Just light, airy and, bubbly and fun. It’s when we get to start getting out of the winter gloom and start to dream about what new things will be popping up.

Check out some of these Easter pregnancy announcement ideas I’ve found for you!


















Weren’t those egg-cellent? Okay, maybe I should leave the dad jokes to dads…

Did any of these inspire you? Share your Easter Pregnancy reveal with everyone in the comments below!

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15+ Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

St Patricks Day Pregnancy Announcements

St Patricks Day Pregnancy Announcements

Lucky in love? And now lucky with pregnancy? Congratulations mama! Are you looking for some St Patricks Day pregnancy announcements? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s been really fun finding different pregnancy announcements for holidays over the past few months. So, I think I’ll keep it going! If you’d like to see past ones I’ve done check some of them out in the links below.

St Patrick’s day is always known for its green beer, Guinness, and pots of gold. Okay, so maybe no Guinness for you… However, if you do want some mocktail ideas… See below!

March Mocktails:

St Patricks Day Pregnancy Announcements

This time last year I was reminiscing about it being our son’s birth month. This year, I kind of feel like it’s more of the same. He’ll be turning two this year and the time has just flown.

The more I scroll Instagram, the more I miss having my own bump. Let me remind you of the 9 things I miss about being pregnant.

Enough about me. This is about you. You and your lucky little bump!

St Patricks Day pregnancy announcements









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Did you announce your pregnancy on St Patty’s day? Share how you did it in the comments below!

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St Patricks Day Pregnancy Announcements

What to Pack in Dads Hospital Bag

Hello mama-to-be! Congratulations! I’m sure by now, you’re pinning all things baby and getting your nursery decor underway. But do you know what to back in the dads hospital bag? Probably not!

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There is so much to prepare for during pregnancy. You have doctor or midwife appointments. Your body is doing all sorts of crazy things. And your hormones have you not thinking straight.
In general, our hospital bags were not prepared at all. The day I went into labor was the day I was planning on getting everything for my hospital bag. So it goes without saying that we had no idea what to pack for my hubby.
Don’t make the mistake we did. Plan early. Luckily, I’m here to help you!
Be prepared and confident, at least in your packing skills when you’re on your way to the hospital. What to put in a bag should be the least of your worries.
My biggest advice would be to pack it soon. It may sound crazy, but honestly, once you hit that third trimester, start packing. Just in case. You never know when that little one’s going to choose to make their way into the world. In the case of our son, he was 3 weeks early, so yeah. Case and point.

When they tell you that you’re going to go late with your first one. Caution on the side of crazy and be prepared early. With all things really. Don’t be us. That’s all I can say. We didn’t have our bassinet, stroller, to name a few things. It was stupid. We were so naive.
Things like clothes are obvious, but what about towels. Or food? Sure the mama gets those things at the hospital, but daddy? He gets nothing.
I felt so horrible for my husband when we were in the hospital with our little guy. Not only were we needing to stay extra days because he was jaundice but there were other things as well. What our guys have to sleep on in those places is less than stellar and I know I couldn’t have bought a bed for him but there are ways he certainly could have been more comfortable. Which would have made him much less miserable.

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Granted, not all hospitals are created equal. But I can guarantee, the food is always sub-par and that in itself should make you want to start packing.
So what do I suggest you bring? Glad you asked! I took the liberty of making you a handy, dandy printable to help you out. Because I know you probably may not take notes. And you’ll forget, and then hubby will be making trips back and forth from the hospital instead of spending time with you and squishy.

Click here to get the Dad hospital bag checklist download!


You know, the things that let him feel like himself. Make sure to pack his things, not just some random generic crap from the dollar store. Get those little travel bottles and fill them up with his things so that he is using what he’s used to. Trust me, he’s not a priority for the hospital staff and is going to feel like he’s already out of place. You can at least let him smell like the man you know and love. Except for cologne, leave that at home.

Suggested list:

  • Shampoo
  • Face/body wash
  • Loofah
  • Toothbrush/paste
  • Deodorant
  • Pain meds
  • Towels/Facecloths


Goes without saying. Make sure to pack extra though because well, accidents happen. That will now be the theme of your life! Always be prepared for projectile… Stuff. Also, in that delivery room, who knows what could happen. So to be on the safe side, make sure he’s not bringing his brand new shoes. Or his favorite jeans. He may end up throwing them out.

Suggested list:

  • 3 of each – Pants/or shorts, PJs, shirts, underwear, socks
  • Sneakers
  • Slippers/sandals if he wears them
  • Swim trunks * these babies could come in handy if you’re laboring in the tub, or if you don’t have a door in your shower area.
  • Baggy zip-up hoodie(s) these are great for skin on skin when your baby is small

Food and snacks

Hospital food is the pits. Also, you can end up spending so much money on snacks and such in those places it’s insane. Mom will be fed, and baby, so make sure to pack snacks he likes. And things that will help sustain him through labor, and those numerous wakings. Nothing is worse than feeling hangry. Also, bottled drinks! These will certainly come in handy for dad and mom. Because let’s face it, tap water… Well, you get my drift.
Another tip, be sure to not be eating any highly smelly food around mama bear when she’s in labor. Even if you’re contracting and not in active labor. That egg salad sandwich may just end up flying across the room because your superhuman smell powers are making you crazy. Or it could be your contractions, but don’t admit to that.

Suggested list:

  • Bottled water/juice
  • Jerky
  • Nutrient-dense protein bars
  • Fruit
  • Veggies
  • Muffins

Suggested items on Amazon:


I know, you’re supposed to be focused on this new bundle coming into the world. But honestly, there’s a lot of downtimes while you’re in the hospital. Between him waiting for you to start pushing. To when the baby and you are napping, or when you’re feeding/nursing the baby. Or maybe the little one is having tests done. There’s a lot of downtime for dad. It’s easy for him to start feeling like an accessory. Don’t get mad at him for wanting to fill some of that boredom void with something.

Suggested list:

  • Tablet and charger
  • Phone and charger
  • Magazines or a book if he’s a reader
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • External charger for just in case


While there are some things that can fall into the other lists, there are some things that are just kind of random. Things you really don’t want to forget.

They are:

  • Pillow(s)
  • Blanket(s)
  • Important phone numbers list
  • Insurance card
  • Drivers license
  • Any special notes for delivery

Click here or on the checklist to get your download!

The main takeaway I hope you get from this is that while this is a huge event for you as a growing family, it’s easy for daddy-to-be to get lost in the mix. Everything that happens at the hospital is centered around mom and the baby, rightfully so, considering. But it took the two of you to make that baby and it’s important for him to feel like he’s not just cast aside, totally uncomfortable and out of place.
Put yourself in his shoes, he’ll thank you for it. And you will too because it’ll mean you’ll both be properly cared for. If you’re both happy, you’ll be happy with your baby too.

The Mommy Minder - By Wine and Mommy Time
Have fun with packing! Maybe you want to leave little notes between his snacks, little points of affirmation that you love the support he’s given you these past nine months and that you’re so excited to see him holding your new bundle of joy.
Think of it like planning his stocking stuffers even! That may be a good way to put it. I have a post for that as well which you can check out here.
I’m so excited for you and your growing family to be on this journey that so many of us are, it’s a crazy, scary, fun and amazing world. Welcome to it!

Did you have any ideas that I missed? Leave them below in the comments for others to see!

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10+ Books for New Dads and Dads-to-Be

10+ Books for New Dads & Dads-to-be

While you’re planning the nursery, picking names and going to doctors appointments, don’t forget about the dad-to-be! Here are some great books for new dads, and dads-to-be!

It’s easy for your guy to feel like he’s not included. The doctor’s appointments are just about you and baby’s progress. Everything your buying is for the bump or the baby that’s on the way.

What about dads-to-be? They’re important too! You get to walk around, feel the kicks, get asked questions. Even if it’s sometimes annoying, at the end of the day, it’s physical and non-stop for you. I know my husband mentioned this to me a few times. It wasn’t until he said something that I actually stopped and thought about it.

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Think about your partner. He’s at work, or wherever. People only know a baby is on the way if he tells them. They don’t ask how he feels and such.

The moment I could tell he felt the most left out was when I was starting to feel flutters. You know, or may not yet know. They’re the first twinges you feel before baby-to-be is big enough to make kicks and punches you can feel on your belly. I wish I could remember how long it was between flutters to kicks but unfortunately, I don’t. I could only tell him how it felt.

The first time that my husband was able to feel kicks was when we were laying on the bed in our spare room. This room would also be Peyton’s first nursery. We had just finished setting up the bed and were laying on it. He had his hand on my stomach and was talking to our little bean when Peyton kicked for him! It was so exciting to see his face. Finally, he could feel a physical connection with our little guy.

Another time that really stands out was again in the kicks department. It was the night before the 2016 Super Bowl. Geoff was drumming a rhythm on my belly and then Peyton started kicking back. Hubby would give three taps, Peyton would give three back. Then he’d do two taps, and get another two back. This went on for quite some time. It was a really cool hubby-belly interaction.

All these and more are why I think it’s important to include him in the process. No, he doesn’t need to know if you’re experiencing hemorrhoids, but you know what I mean.

Daddy-to-be is important too! It took two.

After you’ve shared the news with him and the initial craziness calms down it’d be worth treating him! If your guy is a reader grab a couple of these books for him, I’m sure he’d appreciate it!

10+ Books for New Dads and Dads-to-Be

Be Prepared // Get it here

The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year // Get it here

The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be // Get it here

Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad!: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Next 9 Months // Get it here

New Dad’s Playbook, The: Gearing Up for the Biggest Game of Your Life // Get it here

The New Dad’s Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers // Get it here

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What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding: A Reassuring Month-by-Month Guide for the Father-to-Be, Whether He Wants Advice or Not // Get it here

Do you have any new dad book recommendations? Please leave them for us in the comments below!

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10+ Books for New Dads and Dads-to-Be

20+ Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

20+ Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcements

Love is in the air, and for some, it may just be in their belly! No, I’m not talking about chocolate cake, I’m talking about Valentines Day pregnancy announcements!

I’m noticing a theme. People are really loving holiday themed pregnancy announcements! So, with Valentine’s Day coming up, let’s check out some super cute Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcements!

If you’re currently pregnant, congratulations! Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to tell the world by using one of the ideas I found! You’re in for a heck of a ride, let me tell you.

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It’s amazing to me how many people are anti V-Day. Sure, I’m on the whole, love your significant other all the time train. However, it’s fun to have a day dedicated to love. Show love for your friends, your family, maybe a hobby, it’s your call on how you do it.

That said, Valentine’s Day was a hilarious movie and I watch it damn near every February.

This one day, while some may think is just a Hallmark holiday, is kind of the perfect time to announce that your heart is growing a bit bigger. Scratch that, it’s going to grow a whole lot bigger if you have a little one on the way!

Fun fact, people born in February were conceived in May. Adversely, babies conceived on Valentine’s day will be born end of October, or beginning of November! So basically, if you want a fall baby, get on it.

20+ Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Get this sign on Etsy

Source unknown

Found on Pinterest

As seen on Tumblr

Another Etsy find


This whole shoot is amazing!

As seen on Pinterest

Another Pinterest find

That cake though!

You guessed it, Pinterest!

Another cute Pinterest find!

Say it with candy

Oh those little Toms

Twins announcement!

Say it with siblings

Fur sibling love

What could be sweeter?

Source unknown

Simple and sweet

Ultrasound Valentine

Big sister to be

So ellegant

An adorable family affair

Okay, so now that my ovaries are screaming. Let’s just stop right here.

Some of those ideas are so darn cute I can’t even handle it. From kids to pets, to simple signs. There are so many ways to tell your friends, family and the world you’re expecting this Valentine’s Day!

I’d love to hear how you broke the news about your pregnancy! Leave it in the comments below for others to see.

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20+ Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

12 Steps to Getting Pregnant

12 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Pregnancy

Thinking about getting pregnant? I’ve put together some great information on how to prepare yourself for pregnancy!

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At first thought, planning on getting pregnant seems pretty simple. Do the deed, take a test, bam, baby on the way. Not really the case. Well for some it is but it’s probably because they did it at the right time.

When you’re deciding to bring a precious little life into the world there are a lot of things to consider and a lot to prepare for. Other than buying a crib and clothes. Getting your body ready for pregnancy is really important.

The hubby and I decided together that it was time to start trying for little P before Geoff’s 30th birthday. We certainly thought it’d take longer than it did to conceive, but low and behold, one month later I was knocked up!

Now I’m not saying I can guarantee that you’ll have the same success.

Hopefully, you will!

But there are ways to get ready for getting pregnant. Let’s get into it!

12 Steps to Getting Pregnant

1. Talk to your partner

Obviously, being on the same page as your partner is very important. That goes without saying. While this isn’t something to get your body ready, it’s important to know that both of you are mentally, and financially ready. This is a good time to figure out your views on how many kids each of you wants and talk about things like family medical history.

2. Check out maternity benefits

Does your work offer maternity leave? You should probably check to see if you’re eligible. If you don’t know where to find this information contact your human resources department. Some workplaces offer a maternity top up. What this means is that on top of your government maternity benefit, your work will top up to a certain percentage of your regular wage. Keep in mind, I was on maternity leave in Canada and the benefits are different from the United States and other countries.

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3. Get off of birth control

Probably an obvious suggestion but has to be said. While it’s great for preventing babies, it’s not great if you’re trying to make one. One good thing about birth control if you’ve been on it is that your cycle has probably been on clockwork. Typically it takes at least a month for the effects of birth control to leave your body. Depending on how long and what type you’re using it could be more. Consult your doctor. In the meantime, this article from Parents.com is a great resource to tell you all you need to know.

4. Get to know your cycle

There are so many ways you can do this. By using a calendar to track the beginning and end, or an app. Using an app is my personal way.

For years I’ve been using Clue to track my period, symptoms and otherwise. Clue is a free app that has the option to purchase more features. I haven’t needed to upgrade to the paid version.

Clue is easy to use, and the longer you use it for, the more accurate it is at dating your ovulation window. In other words, it tells you when the best time to get busy is if you’re trying to either make a baby or not.

You can find Clue in the app store, and also in play store for Android phones. Once you create your free account the app will follow you wherever you go phone-wise by using your chosen login. I hadn’t used the app during my pregnancy, obviously. But when I logged in, with a new phone, after Peyton was born, all of my data was there!

5. Take an ovulation test

Haven’t been tracking your period for very long? That’s okay. Pick Up some ovulation tests and start testing! Ovulation is the only time of the month you can conceive, and it’s a pretty short window. Three days! This step is crucial in pregnancy preparation so that you know the right times to try.

6. Begin taking prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are amazing for a woman’s body whether she is trying to get pregnant or not. As told to me by a nurse friend. Start taking these three months before you try to get pregnant.

The difference with prenatal vitamins compared to regular multivitamins is that they have folic acid, more iron and other vitamins crucial to supporting a healthy pregnancy. How much folic acid do you need? Look for prenatal vitamins containing 400-800 micrograms. For more information about how to choose the right prenatal vitamins check out this article from the Mayo Clinic.

7. Consult your doctor or midwife

Aside from knowing your period, talking to your doctor is another very important thing to do. Booking a preconception appointment is a common thing to do when thinking about becoming pregnant. For the most part, your doctor, or midwife will lead the way with a slew of questions. We experienced both the care of a doctor and a midwife in my first pregnancy, read more about that here.

Some of the things you should ask are:

  • Should you change your eating habits or lose weight?
  • Do you have any family medical history that is concerning to either you or your partner?
  • Is genetic screening needed?
  • Are you healthy enough for pregnancy?
  • Are your eggs and his sperm in check? Now is the time to find out!

8. Cut back on alcohol

For some, maybe the hardest part. But, if you’re trying, you really should cut back. If you’re like me and get pregnant quicker than you expected, you want to be sure that little fetus has the cleanest and healthiest home possible.

9. Stay away from smoking/drugs

If you’re a smoker, you should consult your doctor about getting off of tobacco. While I’m not a smoker and can not speak to what that would entail, it’s best to speak with a pharmacist or your healthcare professional. If you don’t smoke but your partner or people around you smoke, you should avoid secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is just as dangerous for you and your impending pregnancy.

10. Eat healthier

Having a healthy body mass index is a great way to make sure you’re good to go. Also, adopting the habit of eating better will make it easier to make healthy choices during your pregnancy and through your life really. Check your BMI here, it may surprise you. A healthy BMI is from 18.5-24.9. Not saying you need to be a rake, just keep in mind that a healthier body is a healthier home for a potential baby on the way.

11. Take care of yourself

Being stressed out and overtired are never good for your body or mental health. Get lots of rest, maybe take up meditation or yoga. Do things that make you happy, and things that make you feel pampered. Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve had a facial or a massage. Do it! Just relax and let mother nature take over. When your body is ready, it will pay off in spades.

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12. Get frisky

Clearly, doing the deed is necessary. My biggest point of advice, enjoy your partner. Don’t make baby making a job. Nothing natural happens unnaturally, well for the most part. Plus, a healthy sex life is important for your relationship! Trying for a baby shouldn’t be stressful for either of you. Have fun, don’t be safe, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink. By the way, studies have shown that a healthy sex life primes your body for pregnancy! So, moral of this tip. Have lots and lots of sex. 

All I can say about this incredible journey is keep that line of communication open between you and your partner. Having a united front is so important to establish. Your happiness, pregnancy, and relationship depend on it.

I truly wish you the best in your conception journey! I’m rooting for you, mama! Now go get prepping!

What helped you get pregnant? Share with other mamas in the comments below!

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12 Steps to Getting Pregnant

15 ways to tell your husband you're pregnant

15 Clever Ways How to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant!

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Now you need to figure out how to tell the other half who helped make you this way. I’ve gathered some great ideas on how to tell your husband you’re pregnant. Quite possibly the most nerve-wracking part of your pregnancy announcement.

Since you’re the first to know the news, it’s only fitting that you plan a great surprise for your hubby! His surprise will at least be a bit more hygienic than a stick and a bathroom trip. Or at least it should be after these clever ideas!

15 ways to tell your husband you're pregnant

How I did it

When I told my husband, it was more of a symbolic situation. I basically tried to get him to figure it out with a clever note and a few items. You can read how that all went down in Oh My God, I’m Pregnant – how I told my husband.

The moment I saw the positive result come up on my pregnancy test I knew I had to figure out how to tell Geoff. But how? So I jumped on Pinterest for some inspiration. If you want to see the board that keeps me on my toes, and that I’m constantly adding to, go follow Pregnancy Announcement.

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Ladies everywhere are getting really inventive with this, and I love it! From Mad Gab to photoshoots. There are so many fun and thoughtful ways we can surprise the guys.

I’m really enjoying rhyming today, can you tell?

At this very moment, my womb is empty and I’m sipping on a Malbec. However, seeing these announcements makes me miss the rush of telling my husband the news. For other things, I miss about pregnancy, check out my post 9 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant. For now, I’ll enjoy the creative ways these ladies told their dudes. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well!

At the bottom of his coffee cup // Source

Dad’s cookies or root beer would certainly do the trick // Source

Stick this on his car, see how long it takes him to notice // Source

A guitar pick if he’s musically inclined // Source

There are so many takes on this. Donuts, chocolates, you name it! // Source

A surprise photoshoot // Source

If he loves coffee like my man does, this is perfect! // Source

Say you’re preggo with an Eggo // Source unknown

Catch his reaction in a photobooth // Source

Say it with Starbucks // Source

Let a card do the talking // Source

Some light reading may do the trick // Source

An easy printable in a frame // Source

On a dinner plate, preferably with Prego pasta sauce // Source

A cute spoon to go with his cereal, or ice cream! // Source

It’s easy to get caught up in something really extravagant. As you can see, some of these ideas are really easy! The biggest recommendation I would have is for you to make sure to have your camera (or phone) ready. Document his reaction, regardless if you choose to share it with the public or not. Having a visual to show your child when they are older, Daddy’s reaction is pretty cool. For that matter, when you’re waiting for your pregnancy test to do its thing, put your phone on a timer, have it burst photos for awhile so you can capture your reaction. Mom’s reaction is probably the least photographed one of all but it’s equally amazing.

As for now, since there is no bun in my oven, I will just have to daydream about which one of these choices I would pick next time!

How did you tell your guy that you were expecting? Share your story in the comments below!

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15 ways to tell your husband you're pregnant