Brain Dumping – What is it? Why do you need it?

Every night, never fail, that moment when I’m physically ready for sleep, my brain decides it’s party time. Pretty sure you’ve had it happen too, once twice, zillion times. Tons of ideas, wonderings, branching out like a psychological web diagram. Remember those, that you did in school to brainstorm essay topics? Yeah, that’s how I would describe my nightly mental routine. It’s annoying! So I did some research and implemented brain dumping into my daily/weekly routine.

I don’t know how overactive your mind is but I’m always thinking about 100+ things at once, if you were inside my head you’d be overwhelmed too. It’s like an internet browser with so many tabs open like you know when you have so many that their super tiny and you can only see one word from each? That’s probably the best way to describe it!

Close those brain tabs

You know how when all of those tabs are open, like Amazon, Google, Reddit, Netflix, Expedia, Wine and Mommy Time (shameless plug haha). Well the more you have open, the slower your browser is right? It’s called bandwidth, by the way. It’s because you’re clogging up its virtual brain, same as what can happen to us, except you can turn your computer off. Brain, not so much.

Then you start trying to “think nothing”, right? Right. I do the same thing, how well does that work? Not very well at all my friend. So then what do you do, you go on your phone, thinking that scrolling Facebook will at least give you something to do, but then you see an article, you read it, then you see another one at the bottom of that article, you read that, then you have even more thoughts flying around, that sure was helpful. Not.

This is why I have started brain dumping, even if on my phone at night so I can go back the next day, check it out and then make my actual brain dump from there. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night, which is often, I go right back to that notebook on my phone and write down anything on my mind. If it’s not festering then it’s not able to bug me because I’m not mentally telling myself to remember it for the morning. Same goes for when you’re at work and have some random tasks, it can help to just take a few minutes, write down all of your mental tasks, move on and you’re good to go.

What is brain dumping? Why should you do it?

The definition is the act of transferring the knowledge of a subject or matter to a medium such as a computer or paper. Well, that’s too long of a title for a list right? Right. So we call it a brain dump, much easier to roll off of the tongue if you ask me. In other words, transferring your thoughts about business, things you want to buy, family, events you may be planning, holidays, goals you have, etc.

You might consider a brain dump to be a chaotic to-do list. Someone else looking at your jumbled thoughts and read “bora bora, diy face mask, lobster bisque” and think how are they related? Well, they aren’t, but they’re things you want to either look up later or maybe they are something you’re planning to do. It’s a bullet list of any possible thing that crosses your mind at that time.

Initial Brain Dump Template - Wine and Mommy Time

I want to help you out, help you clear the fog. That’s why I’ve created a form to help you get on your way to clear your mind in minutes. Hopefully, this will be something that will help organize your life, work, or online business. It’s helped me in spades. Nothing is limited in a brain dump, long-term goals, aspirations, anything. It’s your outlet to help you.

Like I mentioned earlier, how I started was on a notepad on my phone, I then started putting it in my bullet journal. I typically will make sure to do a brain dump while I am laying down in bed, get everything out of my mind and onto that simple little virtual paper. Then the next day I am ready to put those thoughts into categories. I know it all sounds like work, however, knowing it’s a normal practice, it really isn’t because you’re expecting it, you’re not making a mental task to do it the next day, you’re just used to it, so you do it.

Click on the link below to have my free Brain Dump printable emailed to you!

You can print a bunch, use it as a guide to style your own in your notebook, whatever you want! Just remember that this is for your personal use, please do not sell it. If you want to share it, please share this blog post either through social media (as per my Terms and Conditions) or ask your friends to visit me here by using my share buttons.

What do I do after I brain dump?

After you’ve purged your brain onto paper, go through them. Grab some colored markers, highlighters, gel pens, colored pencils, whatever. Create categories like texts, phone calls, and emails, to buy, appointments, errands, tasks, and so on.

My awesome printable will help you categorize, prioritize and simplify. Almost rhymed there, but not quite, damn.

Brain Dump Template - Wine and Mommy Time

I’ll give you an example right now, just to spawn some thoughts in your brain if you don’t already have some, although I’m sure you do!

  • Buy water pens for bullet journal – to buy/pay
  • Look up new baby food recipes – task
  • Attend webinar Tuesday at 9:00pm – appointment
  • Pay credit card – to buy/pay
  • Edit images for blog – task
  • Make grocery list – task
  • Filter gmail – task
  • Buy new water bottle – to buy/pay
  • Email last week’s webinar host a thank you – email/call/text

If you can’t print it right now, or download it right now, that’s okay! Share to Pinterest for later!

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How did your first brain dump go? Did this system work for you? If it did or didn’t let me know! Any feedback is good feedback!

How to Brain Dump and Why You Need to! - Wine And Mommy Time

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