What is Blue Wine? – Wine Wednesday

Blue wine. Have you seen it?

I remember it coming up in my Facebook feed a couple of years ago. At that time it was only available overseas thanks to Gik, a Spanish company pumping out this cobalt blue beverage.

What is Blue Wine? - Wine Wednesday

It’s so beautiful but also, mysterious. Why blue? Why not, that’s what Gik says. Unlike orange wine, having had been around for quite some time. Blue wine is a totally new thing, created by six millennials. See generation X and Y, we’re not that bad.

How the hell does it become blue?

Apparently, the blue hue comes from a naturally occurring pigment in grape skins. Cool right? We think so.

This company searches out vineyards and winemakers who match their innovative culture. Since they source from multiple places, they do not mark the origin on the bottle. Kind of neat.

What is Blue Wine? - Wine WednesdayHow fun would this be for your wedding’s “something blue”?

I have yet to try it, since it’s not in Canada. Yet. However, if you are an American you may be able to find it! In October, Gik started sending their product across the pond to the Yankees. Can’t say I’m not jealous. I really want to try this Instagram-worthy wine.

From what people are saying, it’s similar to a wine spritzer. From a blind taste test, 1 out of 15 tested actually dubbed it as wine. In other words… If you’re a wine snob, expecting some sort of fine wine situation, you may want to skip this trend.

What is Blue Wine? - Wine Wednesday

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What is Blue Wine? - Wine Wednesday

What is Blue Wine? - Wine Wednesday

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