What Blogmas has Taught me So far – Day 14

We’re on to day 14 of Blogmas 2017! Two whole weeks, and going strong! I honestly can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I can’t believe what Blogmas has taught me so far!
So, with two weeks down, and with being past the halfway mark, I have faith that I can do this. I can and will complete Blogmas. Even if it means that I’m asking for more help from the hubby around the help. But hey, he’s supportive, he’s helpful, and he gives a crap. I couldn’t ask for better.

Learning to batch

This process is teaching me how to batch my ideas and tasks, which is kind of neat. I’ve read about that before but never really put it to use. What that means is that I’d do each step as batches. For instance, if I have a bunch of research to do, I’ll start copies of each article, write them in tandem of each other while going to town on Google or Pinterest.
I’ve also been planning ahead with my Share-a-sale ad choices for each post, which is saving so much time. Oh and doing all of my Canva work together. For more info on the resources, I use for each post see top blog resources for 2017.

I have more ideas than days

How did that even happen? My biggest worry, when I started, was that I wouldn’t have enough ideas to keep going. To be totally honest, I didn’t sit down and actually work on a proper list until day 6. Check out my post 75+ Blogmas ideas and post topics.
One fun idea that I really want to execute is something for the new year. I’d love to host a mini-blogmas-esque Facebook challenge for a newbie or fellow bloggers. Just so they can witness the amazingness that comes with keeping focused on our blogs.

I’m much more committed

This goes without saying. However, with having to create content each day, it’s keeping me on my toes. Admittedly, in the past, I didn’t prioritize this blog. Something I really need to do. Sure, I would say to my husband that it is a priority and that I need to take the time for it. Saying is much different than doing though. Things like not having my laptop in front of me haven’t been stopping me. If I have a flowing idea come to mind then I just start a note on my phone or a Google doc. Easy!

Priorities are changing

Not only have my tasks while writing been more streamlined, but I’m much more focused. Previously it would be nothing for me to just sit and stare at the screen. By making posting a priority I’m seeing other things in my life a bit differently. What is making me happy, sad, indifferent. What needs to change? Well, low and behold, I’ve since quit my job and will be starting a new one in the new year. Why? Because I haven’t been happy.
Writing, designing, brainstorming and problem solving have been a real point of clarity for me. It’s really therapeutic to immerse yourself in something you feel so passionately about. This blog is that for me. I can’t wait to see what the rest of Blogmas holds for me because so far, the takeaway has been so worth the work.

Are you participating in Blogmas as well? I’d love to know how it’s going for you! Leave me a note to your blog in the comments below!

What Blogmas Has Taught Me So Far

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