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Every blogger has their own way of doing things. It’s something we like to call workflow. I think a really important part of making better practices, as a blogger, or an employee is by knowing your workflow or setting up a blogging workflow.

Basically, what a workflow is, is a series of tasks to complete the main goal task. Such as a blog post.

Many bloggers use a batching process. When I was doing Blogmas, to better optimize my time, I did things in batches. However, if you break that down, you still are going to take the same steps per post to get them live.

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To read more about what exactly blogmas is and what it taught me, check out some links below.

Being a mom, wife, having a full-time job, and being a blogger is a fine balance between utter insanity and organized chaos. At all times.

I’m sure my hubby can tend to feel ignored when I’m tapping away on my phone, but typically it’s because something has popped into my head. And I need to get it to a Google doc before I lose my train of thought. Which happens, more than I’d like to admit. Thoughts are gold and you need to save them. If they end up being crap you can always toss them later, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’d say about 98% of my random thoughts come to fruition. Other’s either end up on the back burner or chucked.

What does my personal organized chaos look like? Let me lay it out for you!

Put the baby down for bed/nap

Obviously, step one. Unless the hubby is home and I can steal away while some creativity is really brewing. Typically, if I get a small idea to expand on later when P is awake, I’ll jot it in my notes on my phone and refer back later on. Mom/wife duties take first priority so until I have down/Libby time, it’s all hands on deck. This is kind of where the name of this blog came from. Wine and Mommy Time. Get it? I have wine, and this blog is reflecting on my mommy time.

Make tea/coffee/pour wine

Depending on the time of day, I grab a bevvie, some snacks and then it’s time to plonk myself into my workspace. Wherever that may be at the time. Lately, it’s been our bed, on my husband’s side. Mainly because his side is closer to the wall socket, and also to the bathroom. Because well, mommy bladder.

Pinterest for research

If I need to do any research at all, Pinterest is usually my favorite. Why? Because it’s better than bookmarking in my browser and pins can come anywhere I go on my smartphone.

Trello to organize thoughts

What is Trello? It’s basically a virtual notebook. You can make all sorts of lists, tasks, you name it. It also has an app so you can constantly stay connected to it and edit it as you go. It’s a great place to store major plans for global domination, or even just your chore chart. Whatever you want.

I like to use it to plan large projects I may have going on for the blog. Organize post ideas, tasks I may need to complete and so on. Trello is like having a bunch of notebook lists laid out all in one nifty spot.

Google Docs to start writing

The place where the writing magic happens. I absolutely love Google docs. It’s where I do all of my writing. The fact that it’s an app that can follow me anywhere is the best. Usually, all of my posts are written to about 90% on there, then edited into WordPress and final tweaks are done later on before hitting schedule or publish. For some weird reason I just really like typing on my smartphone. It seems faster. Not sure why, but it does.

When I get to my computer it’s one of the first tabs that open to get the process underway.

Notebook, pens, markers and phone notes

Even though I use Trello, there’s something to be said about ink to paper. I must have about 6 or more notebooks flying around at any point in time. It’s a sick addiction and it’s probably the most chaotic of my self professed organized chaos. I really should cut down to just digital organization, but the notebooks, they’re so cute!

WordPress for final edits/SEO/Readability

All grammatical editing, SEO (search engine optimization) and readability fixes happen in WordPress. I paste directly from Google docs to a new WordPress post and let Grammarly take over.

Grammarly is a web extension that cleverly checks your writing for punctuation, word suggestions, and context. That’s just the bullet point of what Grammarly can do. I highly suggest downloading it to your browser. The version I use is free, so there’s no commitment.

Once the virtual English professor has done its job I check the WordPress sidebar to see that my readability and SEO are green. If they aren’t I follow it’s suggestions to make it so.

Shareasale for affiliate links for post

Time to make the money. Many bloggers use affiliate links. You see them in our sidebars, throughout posts, and even through text links. Shareasale is the affiliate program I use the most. I love how easy they are to navigate. The affiliate programs I apply to are ones I seek out myself, of items I trust and believe in. You will never see me link to something I wouldn’t purchase myself, or use myself.

When it comes to choosing links for posts I try to stick with what makes the most sense for the type of post it is. For instance, I wouldn’t put a wine advert in a pregnancy post, get it? Know your audience.

Source free stock photos

There are so many great places to find free photos. And no, I don’t mean saving what comes off of a Google image search. Why? Because that’s not legal. You need to use images that are royalty free. The sites I use the most are,, and I use these photos to make my pinnable images, title images and more.

A Sample Blogging Workflow

Canva to create images/opt-ins/etc

Oh Canva. How I love thee. Canva is a free, online program that allows you to create pretty well anything your heart desires. From blog images, to movie posters, resumes and more. I love that it doesn’t take up space on my computer other than saving the images. However, after downloaded, they live in my Google Drive.

I use Canva to make my infographics, Pinterest images, post feature images, and so much more. It’s free to sign up and there are so many things you can do with it. Go use it!


This site is awesome. It cuts down the file size of images by a lot. Many of mine that I create on Canva get down to 70% less than original file size. Why is that important? Because you want your images to load fast in posts. No one wants to wait around for a page to load. It helps with your bounce rate. Also, it helps with the storage of your site or blog. Just use it. Trust me. You click and drag to put them on the site and in seconds you have images ready to use. So damn easy.

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Upload images to WordPress

Once I’ve gotten my Canva images compressed from TinyPNG, it’s time to upload them to WordPress. Images should be named accordingly and not be 10375930.jpg, if you get what I’m saying. Use underscores instead of spaces. Once I get them into WordPress, I give them alt properties and a description. Typically, the alt properties will have your keyword of what you want the image to reflect, or be searched as. I use description for what people may search for to come across it. Such as blog workflow help, blog workflow ideas, and so on. Why? Because having alt properties will get your images, and posts found.

Place images in post

Put those images you’ve worked so hard on, into your posts. It’s that simple. Put them where you like them. I always have a featured image, which is what you see as the title image in all of my posts. I use a signature image, literally my little signoff which you see at the bottom. Also, a pinnable image, because Pinterest is king when it comes to search engines and you want to get noticed. If I have an infographic or anything along those lines I place it within the post, along with affiliate ads.

Preview post

Once I think the post is to where I like it, I preview the post. A handy little button on your post sidebar in the editing portion of WordPress. Previewing the post will show you exactly what it will look like when it goes live.

I can see from previewing if spacing is too far off for images, if a header looks weird, or if an HTML code isn’t working properly. You should always preview a post. It saves you from panicking when it goes live and there’s something wrong. Just do it. It’s a must.

Schedule/Publish/Back date post

Okay, the preview went well. Everything looks great. Now I figure out when I want to post it. If it’s something I meant to post a long time ago that’s only relevant to a holiday or whatever, I’ll back date it by selecting a date in the past. If it’s now, I’d post on my next posting day. If it’s for the future, I can schedule it into the future as if I’m a time-traveling alien.

The main thing for me is this, Wednesday’s are Wine Wednesday, so those days are all about the booze. Those are the only posts you will see from me on those days. Tuesday and Thursday are the days I will post anything else that is on theme with this blog. With that said, it’s kind of my posting schedule. Posts go live from Tuesday-Thursday. Except for blogmas, that was every, single, day.

So, now that you have a look into the secret, and oh so fabulous life that is my blog workflow, what do you think? If you’re a blogger with some tips, I’d love to read them! Comment with your link below.

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