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Aren’t coffee shops the best? A phrase I wouldn’t have really said before Peyton. Random right? I’m serious though. They’re the best. Mainly when you’re able to get to one without your kid, or anyone else. Wow, I sound like such a lame ass. Blogging outside of the house especially is the best.

I do most of my writing in coffee shops now. Mainly one called Humani-T Cafe in the North End of Halifax. Shout out! One of the girls at work recommended it to me and I’m so in love. They have really cool latte’s, great food, a health store, and some other hippy dippy crap that I am gaga over.


Blogging on the Run

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Before I had Peyton, I didn’t really get the whole, sit in a coffee shop for hours with a laptop and just chill. I totally get it now.

It’s such a good break from being at home. It’s relatively not too much cost to you, just don’t be that person who buys a bottle of water and leeches off of their wifi for a whole day. That’s not cool.

Mom guilt makes it hard for the first while to go out and do things that are not babyish. Trust me I get it. I still feel that way from time to time. Luckily hubby tries to make sure I get this time to myself. Take today for instance. I took the day off because we were supposed to go to a family doctor appointment. I would still have come out to write regardless but since the appointment was canceled, I’m getting even more time.

Mainly the big thing for me is taking time for myself. In general. It’s hard to feel relaxed when you’re looking at baby toys. Starting my blog has given me a priority for something of my own. I commit to writing, to creating, to keeping my brain active. Sure this blog is about our family and such, but it’s also about just being myself.

You probably feel like hey, I have nothing to add to the interwebs. Not true. We all feel that way in the beginning. I can honestly say that the one thing I’d probably tell any new mom to do is atleast journal. It’s great for reflection.

I wrote about taking time for self-care and blogging is such a self-care thing to me. Think about it. Getting out of the condo, not grocery shopping, not wiping a baby’s ass. Not cooking. Just something for me, that hopefully is touching other mom’s (or non-mom’s, or dad’s too!).


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Maybe you’re not a coffee person. That’s okay, you can order tea too. But for those of you who are just looking for a space that you can just unwind, plug in and be productive, here are some ideas:

Coffee shop (duh)

By the way, you don’t have to go to the same one. Changing up your surroundings can help you be more productive. That’s why you’re getting out of the house anyway, isn’t it? Switch it up every now and then!


I’ve personally never brought my laptop into a restaurant or a diner but I’ve seen other people do it and may need to give that a go. Many have free wifi but my main tip would be to make sure to check out if it’s a work-friendly zone. Do you feel comfortable pulling all of your stuff out? Does it seem awkward? Maybe scope it out ahead of time to make sure it’s the right spot for you, better yet, Google that shit! Also, it’s an opportunity to scope out some good food and maybe get some ideas flowing from that.


Probably not the best spot at night but in the middle of the afternoon why not? If you’re planning on having drinks, obviously take a cab, bus, uber or whatever because a DUI probably isn’t in the budget. But, think about how creative you get after you get a wine or two in? Protip: don’t hit publish same night, just in case… What may have been interesting in the moment maybe not so much when you go to proofread it! It is a good opportunity to maybe do some writing about a beer flight, or a wine tasting if that’s within your niche!

The park

Some cities have free wifi throughout the city so this you may need to do some homework on first. If it’s a beautiful day though, it’s so worth the trip. The fresh air, being one with nature if that floats your boat. If the area you’re in does not have wifi, fear not, you can always write in a word document or something of that kind and put it into your usual format later on. I personally use Google Docs so I need wifi.


An obvious or not so obvious choice. I’m personally not a library person, I prefer to be able to have water or whatnot with me. If you’re the studious sort or have been a student you’re probably used to the library life and feel at ease or at home there. You can usually find multiple libraries in any city so that you can change up the scenery as well.


If you are interested in starting a blog check out the options Weebly or Bluehost have available to get you started! It’s not nearly as scary as you may think it is.


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At the end of the day. My point is to get out of the house. Go somewhere with a nice view. Branch out! Let those juices flow and don’t forget to share with us what you got up to below!

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5 Places to Blog - That Aren't At Home

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