Blogging Without a Computer

Do you know what sucks? Blogging without a computer. Frankly, life without a computer at your beck and call is downright lame. Yes, I know, first world problems.

A few months ago when we got to Halifax we noticed our laptop had started not wanting to connect to the internet. That’s fun. Up until this point, I had been working from a combination of Google Docs, Evernote, and my bullet journal.

It’s been tough, especially when it comes to writing, but man, the photo editing was the worst. I’m talking, trying to find an app that would work the way I wanted it to, and then having to hope that the dimensions I was using were going to work out. It was a ton of trial and error.

To be honest, it was another reason as to why I took hiatus. It was getting downright frustrating.

Taking a hiatus - Why I took one and why it's okay for you to too - Wine and Mommy TimeThis was my setup for months my little wineo’s.

Creativity will always find a way…

Now for some good news! Guess what my amazing, handsome, perfect, wonderful husband did… He bought me a new laptop! This is like jump up and down, wave your arms like a maniac, exciting.

So now that I finally have a single item to do all of my work, you bet your ass I have ideas flowing like crazy, enter brain dumping.

I’ve been able to finally get things like newsletters up and running, I’ve been able to better organize, don’t even get me started on photo editing. Research from a normal sized screen is worlds better.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I became resourceful. There are some apps that I can certainly recommend. Heck, if you’re someone who travels and blogs and doesn’t always have access to a computer and want to keep your blog up and running, I certainly have some tips for you.

There is so much I learned about myself, prioritizing, organizing, apps and technology within the months I spent without a computer. All of my work that you have been seeing for months has been done through some really simple methods, a bit of patience and some creativity.

This is where you come in…

Have you been wanting to start a blog but feel like you don’t have the right equipment? Is that the only thing stopping you? I promise I can help you. Writing has been one of the best outlets for me. Granted much of what I write actually never makes it to your screen, because well, sometimes it’s just therapy. Everyone has a journey, a story, something that someone else would be interested in.

You don’t need a fancy schmancy computer, the latest greatest DSLR or an incredible office to work from. If you have a phone, you can get started. Well, I would suggest a phone, pen, and notebook. Other than that, that’s all you need to start out. Is it nice to have the shiny stereotypical things you see in the stock images here and otherwise? Yes. Absolutely. But that’s a want. Not a need.

Running a blog, a basic blog, is not expensive. Like less than the price of one coffee, per month. Just think about that.

If you can buy one latte a month, that's the cost of running a blog.Click To Tweet

When I started Wine and Mommy Time, I had no idea about what I was getting into. Heck, half the time I’m still reaching out to peers. But guess what, there are so many of them out there and they have your back. I have your back.

I’m thinking of possibly making an EBook of how to blog without a computer. My question for anyone who is reading is this: Would it be something that would interest you?

Within my E-Book I would be covering everything from WordPress, photo editing, organization apps, and more.

I would love for you to give me your two cents. Is it worth it, would it bring you value, do you think it would bring others value? Please leave a comment below or email me at [email protected].

How I Blogged Without A Computer - What I learned and how I can help you - Wine and Mommy Time

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