First Birthday Cake Smash Recipe

I’m about to get super cliche right about now. When people tell you that time flies once you have children, they aren’t lying. This year has gone by so fast!

I can remember a time when Peyton was colicky, and we were just biding time until his next nap because it was the only time he wasn’t screaming. Then it was him rolling over for the first time. Then there was the time when we were sitting on the bare floor of our empty apartment when the movers had finished their jobs and our stuff was gone. To the long day of airports and airplanes. To him starting to crawl and now walk.

So much has happened between our little, smooshy, three-week-early baby being born, and now that it’s hard to wrap our heads around it.

I’m so glad that we made the choice to move back east after hosting his first birthday and seeing pretty well all of the family together. A few of my cousins also had babies this year so it’ll be really exciting to see them all grow up together.

Baking a smash cake…

Before Peyton’s birthday, I had ordered a cake smash outfit that was supposed to arrive before the photoshoot I had booked. Unfortunately, it did not arrive on time, and we were also in the middle of painting our new place. You win some, you lose some. So we did a bit of a cake smash at the party and made sure to get tons of pics!

The recipe I used was one that was fully baby-friendly and I will share it with you because no one needs a sugared up, wired baby on the loose!

Fool-Proof Sugar-Free First Birthday Smash Cake Recipe

Two days before the party I baked Peyton’s cake bases, just in case they didn’t turn out. I then let them cool and wrapped them individually in plastic wrap before refrigerating them.

I personally had to double the recipe because I planned to do multiple mini layers. Two of the layers I didn’t end up using out of the six but I’m glad I had too many rather than too few. If you are low on bananas and have a lot of the apple sauce, you can sub 1 banana for 1/2c of apple sauce! Keep in mind, since this recipe isn’t a conventional cake it does come out on the dense side. I also placed blueberry puffs on top of the cake, something familiar to him that he likes, it really helped with him digging in!

There are many ways to make natural food coloring. However, I ended up with having to use conventional food coloring. After attempting to create blue food coloring by boiling an entire red cabbage, for well over an hour, and failing miserably. Again, hot mess mom here, certainly not perfect! The food coloring was used for the “icing”, which was made the day of the party.

Getting ready for the big birthday…

Originally I was going to do a monster themed birthday party, but, again, there is a time in the future for that. Let’s be real folks, the first birthday is more about the parents reflecting on everything in the past year, than some theme. If you choose to have a theme and stick to it, all the power to you! I just accepted that I was too busy at the time and the main thing was that family and friends were all together for our little guy and he had so much fun.

The day before the party, Geoff’s parents, my in-laws, came up from Cape Breton to stay with us and it was that day, with them there, when Peyton started walking! It was like he was waiting for them to get there, it was so amazing. There is something about seeing your little human walk that is so indescribable. You can tell they are so proud and so determined, and pride doesn’t come close to describing the feeling we had for him.

On the party day, he woke up just before the party got going and was having a blast just walking around, seeing everyone, all the babies, and some new faces. I kept the party to a two-hour event because I wanted to keep his schedule in check. That would be one of my biggest tips when throwing a baby birthday. Plan it around your child’s nap schedule. Then you will have a better chance of having a happy, fun baby, rather than a cranky, screaming baby. It worked for us, so it may for you!

First Birthday, Baby Friendly Cake Recipe - Wine and Mommy Time

A schedule is key…

This is roughly how our day went:

  • 6:30am – Peyton wakes up
    – Bottle, breakfast, let him play, we setup decor and make icing for the cake
  • 10:00am – Naptime
    – Decorate cake, put out refrigerated foods, get ourselves ready
  • 12:00pm – Peyton wakes up
    – Guests start arriving, we get Peyton changed into his party outfit, party begins
  • 1:00pm – We start opening presents
    – After presents we did a cake smash in Peyton’s highchair
  • 2:00pm – Party’s over
    – Guests start to leave, Peyton eats lunch
  • 3:00pm – Peyton goes down for a nap
    – We clean up, and the rest of the day was as any other


Obviously, every baby is different, some nap longer or shorter. Keeping to the schedule helped a ton, not to mention, with all of the people around he was really amused.


Some notes I would pass on for your little one’s big day are:

  • Plan the party time around your child’s nap schedule. If you don’t have a structured schedule, a few days before creating the Facebook event, or invitations, just take note of their nap times, they may be on their own schedule. It helps, a lot.
  • Make, or have a cake made that is baby friendly, a couple of days in advance. The plus side of making it yourself is that you know what they do/do not like, also, you can have them try a bit before hand to see if they like it.
  • If you are doing a cake smash, put plastic bags down on the floor, have wipes close by, and get that camera ready!
  • Enjoy the day, you only get one first birthday!

Do you have another smash cake recipe? I’d love to read about it in the comments below!

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First Birthday + Cake Smash Recipe - Wine and Mommy Time

First Birthday Cake Smash Recipe - Wine and Mommy Time

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