Baby Lead Weaning – Why we choose not to

Okay, so let’s get into the big debate that is baby lead weaning (which I will refer to as BLW for short).

For those of you who don’t know what BLW is, it is when you skip pureed foods and go straight to soft cooked foods. Obviously these foods would be age appropriate foods. Yes, I know it sounds like a no brainer but with many parents it’s quite the debate.

Baby Lead Weaning - The great debate - Wine and Mommy Time

Now, if you read back to our initial feeding struggle when Peyton was first born you’ll know I’m all for trying things out. However, call me old fashioned but purees worked for our parents with us so what’s the issue.

Many mom’s find it either time consuming or difficult to get their little ones to eat purees. What you have to understand though is that the whole concept of food as a whole, if new for these little guys and girls. They’ve been having either breast milk or formula for the last 4-6 months (depending on when you start food). So obviously there will be faces and there will be conflict.

From day one I was sure that I would not be doing BLW, and I know that my opinion is different from other mom’s. Heck, even mom’s I’m close to do BLW. That’s fine. I’m not saying BLW is wrong, I’m just telling you why I, personally didn’t go down that route.

Our baby, our choice…

Being a first time mom is scary as hell. There is so much information, and misinformation hammered at you left and right. Between SIDS, bottle choices, medications and a whole list of other things, it’s hard to sort through all of the crap. And I do mean crap because there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

So back to the why. Why did I not try baby lead weaning? As a first time mom, there is enough to be scared of. I didn’t want to go through the anxiety of the possibility of my little guy choking on something. Something that he clearly doesn’t have enough teeth to chew. Yes I know BLW means that their food is cooked to mush, but in the same token, why not just puree that stuff and call it a day? By the way, have you ever seen a baby choke on something? It’s friggin terrifying. Heart stopping, panic inducing, terrifying.

Maybe with our next child this might be a totally different post for me. For right now, with my first born, this is the right choice for us.

When it came time to start transitioning to giving Mr. P food, we started just shy of four months. Why so early? I got this question a lot. At the end of the day though, his doctor said for him, it was the right choice because of his growth and his needs. Every baby is different so to any mama or mama-to-be out there, stop judging other mom’s and their baby’s to your own situation. We’re all like snowflakes, unique.

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Testing the waters…

First I tried baby rice cereal with formula mixed in, he hated it. So we tried sweet potato puree, and we found a winner. By the way, it’s no wonder babies turn away from the store bought instant cereal, it’s disgusting, just try it. Barf. After sweet potato we tried avocado, he liked that as well. Keep in mind, we were doing one food for 3 days before switching, you do this in case of allergy. Eventually I cycled back to cereal, however I switched to an organic brown rice cereal, huge difference. Massive. So now he was eating cereal for breakfast and then having lunch of which ever veggie puree that day was to be.

Making puree’s is honestly not as hard as one would think and frankly I love doing it. I can make over a month’s worth of food for him in less than an hour. So if you think you don’t have time, you’re wrong. Now that he is nearly a year (it pains me to say that), he eats more so that means I need to make more. Obviously this takes longer but whatever, I’m home with him anyway, what’s the issue?

Now that Peyton is older his purees are obviously much much more lumpy and chunky. He also eats puffs and mum mum’s, along with arrowroot cookies from time to time. Maybe I just don’t want to let go of him being little. So sue me. He’s my little man. I know I can’t keep him little but he has many years ahead of him with normal food.


To baby lead wean or not? - Wine and Mommy Time

Making baby food from scratch…

Making baby food is honestly a blast, I mean it. It’s as simple as grabbing a steamer, a food processor and turning on some tunes and just spending some time in the kitchen. Now I have to do it when Mr. P naps. Mainly because in the past couple of weeks he’s suddenly afraid of the sound of the food processor. Kids right? That’s totally okay though. In that time I can put Netflix on my tablet and watch something other than Paw Patrol.

Also, if you are choosing to puree feed, it doesn’t mean that your baby needs to be left out! Depending on how old your little one is, they can be partaking in a similar meal to you, but in mush form. See my Thanksgiving recipe where Peyton got to have a baby friendly turkey dinner!

Starting Solids by Annabel Karmel - Baby Food Cookbook - Wine and Mommy Time


One of my favorite baby food cookbooks is Starting Solids The complete guide to weaning your baby, by Annabel Karmel. The book I have is the Canadian edition. She is a bestselling author and I love how she really breaks down foods by age as well as teaches you about proper nutrition. It’s a great book for reference, full of awesome recipes for your little one. You will find preparation tips, feeding tips, how to distinguish allergic reactions and so much more. This book can help you from first meal, well past a year so it’s certainly worth checking out.

Why we aren't doing baby lead weaning - Wine and Mommy Time

Mama knows best…

Choosing which way you are going to feed your child, whether it be baby lead weaning, or purees, shouldn’t be a battle. It’s about feeding them. At the end of the day, as long as their healthy, as long as what you’re doing is safe. That’s all that matters.

I don’t think any mom out there has the right to tell any other what is best for them. Like I said, I’m expressing why I just don’t partake in BLW. Fed is best.

If you are reading this and you are doing BLW, believe me when I say kudos to you. You are braver than I. No, I do not say that with cynicism in my voice, but with a hat off. Maybe I’m just overly cautious, but whatever, he’s still eating. For that same token, so is your’s!

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