Baby Laundry Tips 101

When I go to Pinterest, I see so much about breastfeeding, baby led weaning and pretty much everything baby. But there isn’t much about baby laundry tips. You know, the thing you’ll never be able to avoid.

Along with talking about pooping during labor, people don’t talk about laundry very much.

You’d think that being something most people disdain doing, there would be more chatter about baby laundry tips. Except, there isn’t. Or at least from what I can find!

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When the hubby and I brought our little guy home, we were still washing his new things. It’s something that will always stay in my head. The little man came three weeks early which means that we were not fully prepared for him at home. But hey, that’s life right! Those little munchkins will show up when the time is right for them.

The thing I searched least if searched at all, was laundry tips. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing mine for so many years that I thought nothing of it. But trust me, there are different ways that we need to treat their little skivvies!

Baby Laundry Tips

Starting out right

Being a new, or first-time parent you want nothing but the best for your little one. Understandably so! So why not put their layette treatment at the forefront? It’s what’s closest to their skin other than their diaper, aside from when you’re doing skin to skin. It should be soft and not cause irritation.

If you’re seeing small rashes or red dots, change your detergent. This is usually an early warning sign that your little one is reacting to the detergent. Fear not, it’s all about trial and error.

One big recommendation I can suggest is to do without pods. Why? They seem so convenient! That is true. However, do you know how many kids ingest those per year?

Pods can fall into crevices and be forgotten until your little one is crawling or toddling around. Also, not all loads of laundry will fill the washer enough for a pod. You will most certainly end up doing laundry of just your PJs, and the baby’s jammies. Why? Poop happens. And when it does. You’re just in survival mode. So, that little pack that’s meant for a full washer has now just gone to waste.

Detergent recommendations

Fabric softener

Avoid fabric softener. Most baby detergent is gentle enough and isn’t going to be starchy like many normal detergents. Fabric softener is typically highly scented and filled with stuff that will rub off onto your little one’s skin. Welcome back skin irritation. Just avoid it. It’s that simple.

Dryer balls

Dryer balls are something I love. No need for dryer sheets that add scent and other weird things to clothing. Dryer balls work by bouncing around in your dryer to move clothes off of each other, making space for faster and more efficient drying. Also, no scent! The fact that they are reusable is a huge seller for me. Also, need things to dry even faster? Throw a dry towel or two in, it’ll help soak up moisture faster. Also, you’ll end up with extra fluffy towels. Win, win!

Laundry bags

Laundry bags. If you have used these for lingerie, you know how wonderful they can be. Laundry bags are wonderful for things like scratch mitts, tiny socks, bibs, and pretty well anything your washer and dryer would normally eat. Just be sure to not overfill the bags, you still want your little things to be able to bounce around enough to dry efficiently and evenly.

Diaper sprayers

We didn’t do cloth diapers for our own reasons. If you do choose to, you should really think about getting a diaper sprayer! Never heard of it? It’s a handy sprayer that you can hook up to your toilet. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Rather than always having your hands full of poo, you can spray, how handy!

Baby Laundry Tips

Other handy tips

  • Clothes that need immediate attention from dinner messes can be washed in your used bath water.
  • Always velcro bibs together before washing, this helps the stick stay sticky and keeps the bibs from making pulls in other things!
  • If your baby is a heavy wetter, pre-soaking with vinegar and baking soda will help with the smell.
  • If you wash all colors and whites together, like I do, because of time, use cold water. Also, Shout Color Catcher will help keep bleeding from happening.

I know laundry isn’t exactly exciting, but it’s part of life. Especially as a parent! Do you have any great tips that I missed? Leave them below in the comments pretty please!

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Baby Laundry Tips

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