April Goals – and March reflection

Welcome to spring! Flowers are blooming, summer tires are about to go on, and the sunshine is starting to get warmer! After having an actual winter this year here in Halifax, warmer weather is something I’m really looking forward to.

Life has been crazy. Enter stream of consciousness.

In the past year and a half, so much has happened. I got pregnant, we moved from one city to another, had a baby. I started this blog. Then we moved across the country to stay with my parents for help with Mr. P and to be close to family. That baby of ours turned one. Now we’re in a new apartment we love, in the municipality I swore to never live in again when I moved to Vancouver over 7 years ago.

Obviously, a ton of other things have happened but when I look back at the last year and a half, with four moves and everything. I’m just plain tired. Exhausted even.

No family is perfect, ours sure isn’t. But we’re damn happy. It’s hard to find balance all of the time but keeping things simple and prioritizing over the last month and a bit has helped.

Mid-March we started looking for a place and luckily found one that we love exceptionally fast. Next thing we knew we were painting and the moving in. Before I knew it, it had been over a month before I wrote last. Man, it feels good to get these fingers moving! Speaking of, I just started a new job!

I didn’t live up to my March goals, but that’s okay! It’s time to refocus and get on track now that the big changes are done – for now…


For April I want to stick to 4 main things:

  1. More quality, family time. As Ferris Bueller says: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” It really does go by so quickly that I can’t even believe it. Peyton is walking now. How did this year go by so quickly?
  1. Make more me-time. Including making time for writing. Because writing is great for reflection and I love it!
  1. Monetize this blog! This is my biggest goal. Yes, writing is a hobby. However. I am here to be 110% honest with myself and my readers. I know many mommy bloggers say that it’d be great to break even. Fuck that. What you really want to say is you want to be proud of your work and you want your work to actually pay off. I’ll tell you in more detail later on in this post.
  1. Less processed food. Clean body, clean mind, happier wallet! Honestly, we’re really bad for ordering in or “picking something up on the way home”, we need to pull it back.


Let me break my four goals down.

Number one. If you’re a mom, or if you’re in a relationship that both parties are working, whether it be one of you being a stay at home mom, or both leaving the home for work you know how hard it is to make time. It’s really easy to let time float by before noticing that you haven’t had more than an hour or so as a family or a couple per night. We’re pretty bad for this. I don’t know about you but this can cause a lot of tension. Like I said we’re not perfect but we’re trying to find our even ground now that we’re in our own place again.

Number two. Similarly to making more family time, more than ever, I am realizing the importance of taking time for me. It’s really easy to have mom guilt for taking time for myself. If you are anything like me I’m sure you apologize far too much for asking to have time to just go out to a coffee shop. Not that my hubby would be opposed to hanging out with his mini-me, but I feel guilty. However, being a runner, running is his Geoff-time so I need to do something just for me as well. More specifically work on this blog!

Number three. Blogs are a lot of work. More than I thought it would be when I got into this. It’s work that I really love though! Certainly not complaining. The hours I put into it fly by and it’s so empowering when I finish a post, the graphics to go with it, and hit publish. With that said, it’s time to start getting a return for my work. I’ll always keep it real with ya’ll, that’s one thing you will always be able to count on. Most bloggers have affiliate links either within posts, in their sidebar or even full posts dedicated to affiliates.

I have been doing some behind the scenes work over the past while and have been granted the amazing opportunity to partner with some awesome brands. With that said, they are not paying me for an only positive opinion, and I will not endorse anything I don’t believe in. I only search out brands that compliment my life, and that would serve my readers. If a post has affiliate links in it, I will have a little blurb at the top saying so. Aside from affiliate links, I have also started a t-shirt shop, which I have also ordered from. Just some quirky designs, nothing too crazy. I’ll tell you more about that in a solo post though!

Number four. I think this is pretty straight forward… We have a horrible habit of grabbing convenient options or rather had. We’ve been much better now that we’re back out on our own. I just want to keep that up. My main goal is to be bringing lunch to work now that I am back to a conventional job. Not that it’s an excuse but I didn’t realize before going back to work that we don’t have any containers to bring lunch in, why the hubs didn’t point this out to me since he’s been working all along I have no idea haha. Man logic. We threw all of them, along with many other overlooked items out before we left Vancouver so we’re still trying to gather all of the things we got rid of.


Now that you’re for the most part up to date and in the loop, thanks for reading!

If you need a little you time to sit down and brain dump and get those priorities in check don’t forget about this post I wrote awhile back! It’s really helpful, and honestly, I’ll be partaking in one very very soon. Also, if that brain dump leads to making new goals, I’ve got a post for that too!

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