A Gift for Dad – Tactical Dad Diaper Bags

Christmas is coming! It’s inevitable and it’s going to be here before we know it! I want to help you get started for those dads on your list. This gift for dad will certainly make him feel great about being on daddy duty!

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How cool is that?

It’s a bag, it’s rugged, it’s manly, and it’s camo. Alright, camo isn’t a selling point for our household personally but still, it’s cool! However, the fact that it’s masculine and not pink is a huge hit.

So many baby products aren’t exactly dude-friendly.

Check out their blog post Daddy Diaper Bags and Why You Need One.

I remember one day, walking through the park with hubby and the little man when P was really young. There was a father walking really really fast, with a hat and sunglasses on, pushing a bright pink stroller looking embarrassed as hell. It had streamers, and I’m pretty sure sparkles. Poor guy.

When we were starting to wrangle baby gear I tried to keep it as gender neutral as possible because of a) we want another baby, and b) it’s not tacky and my hubby would be happy.

The only baby item that was kind of iffy was the diaper bag. However, my friend Meg got an awesome one from our registry that we love. But, if your dude wants a dude bag, check out the one below!

It’s fun for dads to get excited about baby stuff, and hey, if your guy is a real hand’s on, super involved guy who wants a little more testosterone in his world, you should really gift him one of these!

Cool fact, they have a military discount as well, so if you’re a military family, this is a great gift!

Would your man rock this? Comment below!

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