9 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I miss being pregnant. Let me tell you the 9 things I miss about being pregnant.

Before we get into the list and the why’s, let me just say, it wasn’t all amazing. Sure I was tired as hell for my first trimester, and nausea kicked my ass. But that’s part of it. Hormones going berzerk, emotions all over the place. The works. All of that aside, pregnancy was wonderful for me. I know not all moms-to-be are so lucky, but some are. Maybe my next pregnancy won’t be so kind but that’s not here yet so on to the list of what I miss!

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1. My Skin

I’ve always been acne-prone. Something I was nervous about when I got pregnant because I know it can go all bad for some women. Luckily, pregnancy gave me the best skin I’d had since pre-puberty. Unfortunately, my acne came back after having my little guy. Ick.

My husband would often tell me that my face and skin looked younger than when we met. Not sure if this was a ploy to get some, but I’ll chalk it up to him just being a nice guy. Haha! If you’re having acne issues during your pregnancy, check out BalanC Toner: Safe for Pregnancy Breakout Treatment, or Rehab Serum Pregnancy Acne & Blemish Cream.


2. The Bump

Once that bump starts showing it was so fun for the world to start noticing! Aside from the copious questions from strangers that is. Bumping around was awesome. I started taking pictures of my bump after 25 weeks I believe when I finally started showing and from there out I was taking them weekly. I highly suggest you take bump pics because as much as you think you’ll remember how it and you looked, pictures will capture it all.

Also, to keep those pesky stretch marks away try the Spoiled Mama Stretch Mark Prevention Kit.


3. How it Made me Feel

Maybe it’s the hormones, or maybe it’s the glow. I felt so beautiful and so amazing. Sure, I had my haggard, makeup-free day’s that I had no business leaving the house. But as a whole, I felt really sure of myself, and it’s a feeling that’s really hard to describe. I guess Beyonce said it best in her song Feelin Myself.

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4. The Kicks & Punches

The first little flutters happened around 17ish weeks if I remember correctly. My husband still couldn’t feel them at that point because they were very much internal. Knowing that only I could feel that was so neat! It made me feel special and made me start feeling those motherhood heartstrings fluttering. When Geoff could finally start feeling little squishy’s kicks it was a whole new world for both of us. As time goes on and baby gets bigger, you see the kicks, and you feel the moves your baby is making.

Almost immediately after delivery, when I got up to go to the bathroom, it was the first time I knew I would miss feeling my baby in my belly. It took a really long time to get past that he wasn’t in my tummy anymore and that he could be held by other people instead of my body. I will always miss the little kicks and punches, even if they were into my ribs and bladder.


5. Napping

Oh man, did I ever like to party when I was pregnant. And by party, I mean take naps. All of the naps, all of the time. The first trimester I would nap after getting ready for work, on the train to work, daydream of napping at work, nap on the train home, and nap once or twice before bed. It was nap city, population Libby and squishy. My bed was my best friend, other than my husband and a few close girlfriends. Sure being tired was a shitty feeling, but let’s look at the positive, the naps. Maybe that’s why my skin was so wonderful, it had so much rest. Until pregnancy insomnia kicked in, in the third trimester. That was a different story and since I don’t miss that, let’s not talk about it today!



6. The Anticipation

Probably one of the biggest questions for parents-to-be. What will he look like? Whose features will he have? Wondering if he’ll take after either of us at all, or more like other family members. You almost do one of those creepy facial mashups in your head. Then you start searching for apps that will let you meld yours and your hubby’s faces together. Whatever you do, for the love of Buddha, don’t download those apps, they’re terrifying.


7. The Pre-Motherhood Naivety

Oh to be naive and pregnant again. All of those perfect Instagram moms had me fooled. I thought I’d bounce back faster than a rubber band but that didn’t happen. Also, the crazy thought that everything would go as planned, you know, breastfeeding, all that. The first pregnancy is awesome because you don’t know how to mom yet. Anyone will tell you that no matter how many blogs and books you read, it’s different for every mom. And it is.


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8. Going Through it With Hubby

Geoff was such a supportive daddy-to-be. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an amazing father too. But when I was pregnant, he was always making sure I was eating enough, getting the rest I needed and just being an emotional support. It was huge and so incredible. He came to every single doctor and midwife appointment with me. He’d ask questions to our healthcare team and would always check in with me through the day to see how I was. Those caring qualities have since grown even more since our little guy was born and will always be cherished.


9. The Clothes

Some women hate their maternity clothes. Maybe they just weren’t shopping at the right places. I honestly loved shopping for them. There was one store, in particular, Thyme Maternity. The sales ladies were amazing. So nurturing, helpful and always so kind. It was one of the most relaxed parts of going through the process. Think about all the yoga pants and leggings. Yessssss.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fact you’re swelling in weird places, gaining weight and so on. But embrace it. Your body is doing what it was meant to do. It’s pretty damn cool that we can make a human, from scratch. My advice, don’t change your style. Sure there will be more flowy things in your wardrobe, but hey, be comfortable. You don’t have to be in those skin tight preggo dresses if you don’t want to. Be you, mama!

I’m not sure what our next pregnancy will have in store but the pregnancy with Peyton was something I will hopefully never forget.

Is there anything you miss about being pregnant? Or, maybe you’re pregnant now, what do you love about it? Share with us below in the comments!

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9 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant - Wine and Mommy Time

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