8 Apple Cocktails – Wine Wednesday

Crisp, crunchy, sweet, and tangy. Apples have got to be the easiest snack, and also the most identifying factor that fall is coming. I’ve done some digging and am bringing you some really fun apple cocktails for the fall season.

Apple picking is always something on my fall bucket list. I have intentions to go, pick apples, take some fun photos and feel like I’m winning when it comes to the fall season. However, I don’t think that I will be getting to do that this year again, which is fine, I’ll just add it to next year’s list, again. Haha!

Each season has different varieties that grow best. Also, geographically, we can find different types that are local to just that one place. So many apples are being grown all over the world that used to be only in one state, country or province.

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Some of these recipes may have apples not available to you but that’s okay! You can always sub for a similar type, or you can even create a new cocktail based on apple’s local to you. After all, local is best right?

Even though I won’t be picking them off of the trees, I’ll still be grabbing some handfuls and shoving them in my shopping cart to make some of these tasty cocktails. Read, or view on, I hope some of these findings inspire you to stir up something new with apples this fall!


Caramel Apple Martini

One of the most quintessential fall flavour combinations brought together in this elegant martini.
Get the Recipe Here


Apple Pie Moscow Mule

Muel’s are one of my favourite cocktails. I can’t wait to try this seasonal twist!
Get the Recipe Here


Spiced Apple Margarita’s

Apple and margarita, it’s as if fall and summer had a love child! Yummy!
Get the Recipe Here


Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

Possibly one of my favourite apples, aside from Cortlands, this sangria is a must-try.
Get the Recipe Here


Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

Super simple, but oh so tasty, sparkling sangria is a great option for any gathering. Also, really easy to make into a mocktail.
Get the Recipe Here


Apple Cider Irish Mule

An Irish and fall twist on the popular Moscow mule. Also, really quick to make.
Get the Recipe Here


Apple Cider Mimosas

Have a boozy fall brunch with the ladies, they can bring the waffles.
Get the Recipe Here


Fireball Cider Jell-O Shots

Late fall nights call for Jell-O shots!
Get the Recipe Here


Are there any apple cocktails that you love that wern’t listed? I’m sure there were! So drop a comment below and share with me your favourites!

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Eight Apple Cocktails - Wine and Mommy Time


Eight Apple Cocktails - Wine and Mommy Time

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