7 Silly Things First-Time Moms Do

Being a new, first-time mom is so confusing. Rewarding, eventually. But there is really no manual. Sorry not sorry but it’s true!

If you’re pregnant for the first time I’m sure you’re pinning everything in sight. Like “how to get your baby to sleep through the night in 48 hours”, and laughable things like “how I got my best body in 6 weeks after having my baby!”

Don’t give into the hype of the so-called mom-life professionals. We’re all just doing our best and I can guarantee that some of those ladies are waking up four or more times a night not knowing one day from the next.

What I can share are some of the super silly things I did when I was a new, first-time mom. Just to shed some light and laughter on what to really expect after you’ve been expecting.

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1. Checking their breath anytime they are asleep

This is constant, the fear of SIDS in your first weeks home is one of the main things on your mind. They may be in a super peaceful slumber but that’s when you start panicking like a like a crazy person. Sticking your finger under their nose, or lightly feeling their chest rise and fall. Welcome to parenthood.


2. You pack the entire home for a short outing.

Maybe this is a stretch. However, for the first while when you go out with your little one your diaper bag/stroller looks and feels like a full-on airport luggage rack situation. The diaper bag isn’t enough. Yes, I’m going out for an hour but what if junior needs 15 diapers in that time? Four changes of clothes, duh. Umpteen stroller toys and distractions because god forbid they get “bored”.


3. Fantasizing about sleep.

You start thinking of what you can barter with your husband, just so you can finally get a golden eight hours of sleep. Better yet, you go into great detail with your three-week-old baby about it, even though there’s nothing he can do. When you’re awake you daydream about sleeping, when you sleep, you dream about sleeping. It’s all you crave because you know that whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” shit is exactly that. Bullshit.


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4. Comparing yourself to other new moms

See Nancy over there, looking kind of haggard, with a content baby? Then notice Alice over there, looking all put together with a baby who’s going postal. Then you look at yourself in the mall washroom mirror. Either you have your shit together today, or you look like a hot mess. Regardless, you never stop comparing yourself to the other moms. Better yet, to the state of their babies. It’s a cruel, cruel game, so before you get to that point just stop. You did your best today, or for this outing, it’s all good mama!

5. You feel naked when you go out alone.

First time leaving the house without the baby? For a moment you feel so free. Also the first time you’ll probably experience mommy guilt. That shit stings like a mother. You don’t know what to do with your arms. You notice you’re rocking that grocery cart back and forth. Probably calling or texting whoever is with your little one like crazy. Maybe you’ll cry because you think you don’t deserve it. Or you just plain feel guilty for leaving them at all. Regardless, you need to get out too. Live a little, enjoy that walk down the wine aisle for the first time since popping your baby out!


6. Nine billion pictures on your phone

If I scroll back in my phone right now, I can guarantee you that the bulk of Peyton’s photos are largest the younger he was. Oh, look at that cute expression, must take a pic! This will happen umpteen times a day, you think. But then you scroll back months later and realize, oh, he was pooping. For some reason, you feel guilty for deleting any photo of them so you just keep that camera roll full. Full of half blurry, same-faced baby pics, but hey, mom guilt right?


7. You will be excited when they grow out of sizes

Didn’t that newborn outfit have so much room yesterday? These little things grow like weeds. One second they’re in newborn diapers, the next, pull-ups. Alright, not that drastic. But honestly, the first while when they are going through sizes at lightning speed you will be excited. Then you will cry. You loved that one onesie with elephants all over it. Now you’ll hoard everything for “next baby”. Two years later you’re still looking at all of those diaper boxes filled with teeny baby clothes wondering, do I list them on Craigslist, or do we start trying again?


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This mama has been guilty of all of these and many more. But you know what, it’s fine! It’s part of the journey. You will earn so many new stories because of it. Maybe those stories lead you to start a blog. Maybe they’re just fun to share with friends. Either way, just chill out and laugh.

Motherhood is a wild and crazy adventure and you never know what the next day will throw at you. Enjoy it!


Do any of these things hit home for you? I’d love to hear some of the crazy things you did in the comments below!

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The 7 Silly Things First-Time Moms Do


The 7 Silly Things First-Time Moms Do

One thought on “7 Silly Things First-Time Moms Do

  1. Hello,
    I can totally relate to most of the points 🙂
    What was also bothering me was once I did stop breastfeeding. I was trying out a lot of formula. I talked to lot’s of other mum’s and compared myself why I would use formula already and not breastfeed for – I don’t know – about 2 years.
    One thing was very important to me – to use organic formula.
    I found some satisfying ones but unfortunately neither cow nor coconut milk were working for my son, he just wouldn’t drink him. I tried everything – literally! Eventually we go the hint to try the goat milk formula from https://myorganicformula.com/collections/holle-organic-formula and he took it and wouldn’t stop drinking it. I was really happy because the search for a fitting formula was already getting exhausting!
    Also – I’m still getting excited when he grows out his size – I wonder if this will ever stop!
    Happy belated new year!

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