7 Shopping Apps You Need to Download Today

Shopping online, or on shopping apps, is pretty well my favorite thing. It’s like receiving gifts in the mail that you actually want! Better yet, it gives you a reason to last another 3-5 business days, haha! Almost any major brand or shopping site has an app these days. Or at the very least their website is mobile browser friendly.

With the holidays fast approaching the malls will be getting busier and busier. I don’t know about you but avoiding all of that and being able to shop with some Baileys in hand while wearing pj’s sounds much more appealing.

Why you should try apps

Convenience is the best. You don’t know how much time you could be saving. Someone once said to me “let your fingers do the walking for you” in regard to using a yellow pages book way back in the day, and I think it’s very transferrable to shopping as well. Why would you spend an entire day going from mall to mall or store to store to either compare prices, or try to find sizes when you can have it shipped directly to you? Granted there are instances where you need whatever you are searching for right away, and that’s okay too.

Anything I don’t immediately need comes from either apps or sites. I even used to order my groceries from an app, which was super convenient and would show up at my door the next day at the time of my choosing. Unfortunately, Halifax doesn’t have places that do this yet, but in a matter of time I am sure they will!

Oh the deals

Much of the time you can actually find better deals online since they are shipping directly from the warehouse and are cutting out the storefront middle man. Places like Carter’s Oshkosh, do not have an app but they do have an opt-in email that will send you updates on their online-only sales, and they do these a lot! Other sites like Beyondtherack.com, Zulily, or Hautelook.com are online-only stores that offer limited-time deals on really awesome stuff like designer bags, clothes, kids products and so much more.

While this isn’t my full list of apps they are some to get you started! Now I know that some people are worried about the safety of their personal and banking information out there floating around in cyberspace, but trust me, you will be fine. I have never had any issues of fraud online and I’ve been doing this for years and will break down online banking safety as well with you. Just ask my husband who rolls his eyes every time a box shows up from Amazon!




Obviously I have to start here, by far my favourite app/website to shop on.

I personally find the app much more streamlined than wandering around the website. The app shows you just what you need to see and for someone like me who can be a little distracted from time to time thats a good thing. You still see all of the same things like reviews, similar products and such, you just have to scroll for it, which is totally fine with me.

In the app you can even scan a barcode to search a product! This comes in handy if you are in a store and want to price compare.

Amazon is also is intuitive to the items you have recently looked at or are in your wish lists and will make suggestions to similar products for you.

You can manage your Baby Registry, Wish Lists and other registries directly from the app as well.

Navigation is a breeze within the menu which allows you to manage your gift cards, prime account if you have one, check order status’, edit your account information and more. In regard to order status, if your item is one that has shipping information (not all do, but most do) you can do all of the up-to-date tracking within the app!

One security feature that they have which I really appreciate is that after so many purchases they will ask for your card information again. This is just to make sure that everything is still up to date and to make sure that you are still you. Also, when you are shipping to a new address, they require you to enter your card information again, which is great because this means no one can just pickup your device if it has been stolen and start ordering things to their home.

You can use all major credit cards, including VISA debit! There is so much more to delve into about Amazon and I promise to share that with you on its own at another time.
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If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, it is a third party site that securely holds your card information, or banking information for online purchases, and/or for online sales if you are choosing to sell items online. You can also use PayPal to transfer funds to other people as you would with online bank e-transfer, however, with PayPal you can transfer internationally, not all banks allow you to do so through their websites so this is a great option.

PayPal is awesome because if you have any issues with an order they will handle the dirty work and are very good at doing so. They also act as a buffer between the direct access to your bank and the person/website you are buying from. Think about it like this, if you were to take cash out and put it in your wallet, and then use it, they would be taking the cash and not giving away your banking information to the other source, get it?

You can store as many shipping address’ as you want on it and multiple bank accounts/cards. I say bank account because if you do not have a credit card you can use the banking information found at the bottom of a cheque. Such as the bank transit number and routing number, to setup your account. This means you can shop with your debit account and not have to pay interest, score! VISA debit also works with them. If you ever want to know if a site is PayPal approved, you will know at checkout, because it will be an option. Or there will be a PayPal button somewhere on their page.
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Do you want to shop local, or handmade? Or look for antiques online? Want the vintage or personal aspect of flea market shopping without the mothballs? Etsy is the app for you!

Many brides actually use this app because they can have things made for them personally. Specific for their big day for much of the time a fraction of the cost. Plus you are able to talk directly with the sellers. You can purchase from the other side of the world. Or, you can filter to shop in your country, state/province, or even town! For people who love supporting local, this app is for you.

Speaking of wedding shopping, I did a lot of mine on here. My veil, a frame for our guestbook, my guestbook, bridesmaids gifts, personalized garter and so much more. I also purchase a ton of drool bibs for our little guy on the regular from a shop on there, The BabyDroollery!

I love knowing that I am supporting real humans. Not filling pockets of a large corporation who don’t care about me whatsoever.

Etsy allows you to pay by card or by PayPal, I personally use PayPal for it, but you can do whatever you want!
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Hautelook and BeyondTheRack

The reason why I lump these together is because they are so similar. Both of these apps/sites have limited time deals of great products. Much of the time they have designer specials.

BeyondTheRack is a Canadian-based company while Hautelook is actually the app to Nordstrom Rack, which if you are familiar with Nordstrom Rack, is the sale/discount spot for Nordstrom! Both of these companies have AMAZING deals at the end/beginning of seasons. The best time to watch these apps/sites are around Black Friday and Boxing Day, they will have hourly specials and some incredible deals that you will have a hard time staying away from, que twitchy checkout fingers.

From clothing, shoes, beauty and housewares, you name it, they have it. One thing to remember with Hautelook and Beyond The Rack is that not everything is immediate shipping. Make sure to look at the shipping info of the particular item you want. Some things don’t ship until weeks after the promotion has ended.
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Similar to Hautelook and to BeyondTheRack, Zulily also has limited time specials, however, it also has lasting specials. One thing that drew me to Zulily was the amount of infant and maternity items they had. I ordered from them a lot when I was pregnant. Nursing bras, tank tops, and so much more. They also have some really unique kids/baby brands.

The app will give you notifications when new sales are going on if you choose to turn on that function. If it annoys you, or you’re trying to stay on budget, you can turn them off, no worries!

One thing I found with Zulily is that they actually circulate the same brands/deals pretty often. So if you miss out one week, you can probably wait a couple of weeks or days and it will be back! You can also set alerts on items so that you can be notified when they come back. 

Just like with Hautelook and Beyond The Rack. Make sure to check when the shipping of your chosen item is scheduled. It can sometimes be days, or weeks.

One thing in the Zulily app that I appreciate though is that you can actually track your shipment straight from the app, just like Amazon.
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You may have seen commercials for this company on TV, and it really does work. When you use Ebates you receive cash back every few months for your online purchases. Upon initial sign up you also receive an instant $5 credit toward your first Ebates cheque.

In order to get funds back, you just need to make sure to be shopping through Ebates to the site of your choice though. For instance, if you go onto Amazon.ca/.com and make a purchase and then try to sign in to Ebates, it will not work. You must go to Ebates.ca/.com and navigate through there by link from their site for it to work. I know it sounds a bit complicated. If you do a lot of online shopping, which a lot of people do around the holidays it pays off.
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I hope that I have given you some new online shopping insight, if you have any questions or input feel free to drop a line below. Happy shopping!


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