7 Monthly Wine Subscriptions – Canadian Version

Wine Wednesday is here again people! Where did the past week go? Did you try any of the Candy and Wine Pairings from last week? I hope so, I tried a few, with and without wine if you get my drift.

How great is it to sit down with a nice big glass of wine after a long day? Pretty damn good right. I don’t know about you but there is nothing better than taking some time for myself and just unwinding. It doesn’t even have to be with vino, it could be tea, a beer, or a non-alcoholic beverage of your choosing.

Now flip that feeling around. How horrible is it when you’ve had a tough day, you look in the fridge or wherever you keep your vino and it’s empty. The. Worst.

Wine subscription boxes

I’m sure you’ve seen all of those monthly subscription boxes out there, some with beauty products, shoes, fitness products, workout clothes and more. Now what if you could do the same thing but for wine. Think of it like a magic fairy bringing you the gift of wine, right to your door every month. Sounds like heaven right?

As much as I like to go to the store and browse the selection they have, sometimes it’s just too daunting, or there just isn’t any time for it. Let me just tell you I’ve done some foot work, or rather, I let my fingers do the walking yet again.

** Before I get into any details, I am not paid by any of the sites you will be reading about. This list was compiled by the goodness of my heart for you all. Also, the ones I have researched are Canadian companies because not all of the American services will send to Canada. **

There are many different types of wine subscriptions, such as, monthly, quarterly and even services where you pay a monthly fee to gain access to high end wines which you have the privilege of buying at discounted prices. Pretty awesome right? Right.

A really neat thing about wine clubs is that many of them (most of the ones I will be telling you about) is that they choose the wine for you. This means you get to go on a new little adventure with each bottle. The only choices you typically will make with them is what tier of their membership you want and whether you want red, white, or both.

So without further ado, on to the wine!



Wine of the Month Club was the first and original wine subscription club in Canada. You know, the OG. Wine of the Month Club’s wines are all approved by Canada’s top two wine critics, David Lawrason and Tony Aspler.

All of their 450 wines come from the Ontario VQA, and 50 different wineries, starting at $45 a month*. Aside from receiving wine, they also give cheese pairing sheets to go with your wines.

The subscription program has multiple tiers, along with a gift option.

*Subscription choices and costs vary per province.



The Wine Collective was founded in 2009 in Calgary, AB. The wine experts behind Wine Collective compile hundreds of wine every month and only offer up the top 1% of the wines they have found. Unlike some services they do not give you the end of a barrel product, you get fresh, true to the vintage quality wine.

Subscriptions start at $57.24 and include wines ranging from perfect pizza wines, to cellar wines for special occasions. They also provide you with tasting note cards which give you information on the vintage, varietal, flavours in the wine and even allows you space to take notes. You can also log on to your account and order wines that you have chosen and loved which I think is a great feature. If you are not happy with the wines chosen for you, you have 30 days to exchange or return as well, so no worries!

One side note I would like to mention about the Wine Collective is that their website is extremely user friendly and was by far the most appealing to the eye. To most this may not mean much but I appreciate companies that take the time to market themselves in a way that is mobile browser friendly. Thank you Wine Collective!



My Wine Canada offers you wines from Canadian wineries, so if you are looking for international wines look elsewhere, but if you are looking for some true north vino’s, this is a great option. Think about all of those amazing wineries around our great country that you haven’t tried yet because you are always reaching for Italy or France. Canadian wines need love too!

Upon signup, you are offered 10% off of your first order, 10%! The monthly subscription starts at $69/month, taxes, deposit and shipping included. Pretty good if you ask me!

My Wine Canada is also Better Business Bureau approved. They have an incredible customer service rating which to me, means a lot. Customer service is everything and they are great at it.



Though their URL says club, this service is actually called Hemispheres Wine Guild. Already intrigued, cool name! This company commissions wines that are not available in Canada. This means you really get to try something you could not otherwise get.

Unlike some of the services above, Hemispheres Wine Guild is a quarterly service. This means that with their lowest tier service (starting at $110/month) you get a case of 12 bottles. That adds up to 48 bottles a year, at roughly $27.50/bottle, for all imported wine.



Vineland, much like Wine of the Month Club and My Wine Canada offers only Canadian wines. This is another monthly service that allows you to cancel at any time. At $50/month for two bottles you can pay as you go with no commitment. Each wine also comes with recipes specific to the wine which I think is a nice added extra rather than just food pairings. It’s almost like they are sending you two date night ideas for the month, I like it!



Tannic offers wines from all over the world. Unlike the other subscriptions, Tannic works like an exclusive club. You do not get a monthly package, what you do get is access to significantly discounted high quality wines. This membership costs you $19.99/month. If you are a wine collector I highly suggest them. You will receive weekly emails about the limited time wines that they have available to you. It is a first come, first serve basis.



Everything Wine is a British Columbia based company. While they offer wine delivery within BC and Canada they also have a quarterly program starting at $199/quarter, including shipping costs.

With this subscription you get a blend of international and domestic wines. One neat point about Everything Wine is that of the 12 bottles you get it is actually 6 selections, with two of each bottle. This means that if you like a wine, you get a second bottle of it without having to search it out on your own, or you can give the second bottle to a friend as a legitimate recommendation.

So there you have it folks. Great gift ideas, or great gift to yourself, because there is nothing better than getting packages am I right? I don’t think anyone would get mad getting one of these for their birthday or a holiday.

If you have tried one of these, or have any other suggestions please feel free to let me know! There are many more to choose from, and like I said earlier these are Canadian-based companies. America actually has some of the other subscriptions that I find really appealing and really am jealous that we do not have access to. If you live in the States I promise to help you out in the future.

7 Monthly Wine Subscriptions - Canadian Version - Wine and Mommy Time - Wine Wednesday

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