5 Valentine’s Day Cocktails – Wine Wednesday

What Wednesday wouldn’t be complete without a little wine? None! Let’s bring out the Valentines Day cocktails for this one!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Let me be honest with you, I’m really not the biggest fan of V-Day. No, I don’t boast the whole Anti-Valentine thing. I just believe we should be held accountable to show love to those around us all the time. Since when does it have to be some specific day, marked in one of the dreariest months of the year. Share the love people, every damn day!

So maybe I’m not a believer in the made for Hallmark holiday, but do you know what I am a believer in? Cocktails! Who doesn’t love a fun, themed cocktail. Weather it’s a wine spritzer of sorts, a fun punch or a martini, I’ll partake in that part of the holiday any day of the year.

This Valentine’s Day, being that it is mid-week and we are now parents, I am anticipating a night in, and am totally down for that. I’m looking forward to making some of these cocktails, watching Valentines Day, or one of these movies on Netflix with the hubby and just relaxing.

5 Valentine's Day Cocktails - Wine Wednesday - Wine and Mommy Time


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Yes, I could go on and give you a great list of some red wines or rose’s to cap off your day. But that would be too easy, and frankly, a little too predictable.

So off I went, to the time wasting internet vortex that is Pinterest. Pretty much the best virtual place to get lost. When in doubt, you can find me there. Scrolling, and liking, and pinning, and scrolling, and pinning, and well, you get it.

If you’ve lived under a rock for the past 5+ years, Pinterest is a search engine. Yes, I know many people think of it as social media. But it isn’t. Pinterest is where you search for what you want, save it, repin it, pin something you’ve found on the interwebs and so on. Social media is when you post a status, see what that person from high school 9 years ago is up to. Get my drift?

So now that we’re on the same page that Pinterest is like a visual only version of Google, this is where the fun comes in.

You know how they say you eat with your eyes first? I 110% agree with this. Which is how I came to find a bunch of tasty cocktails for this holiday.

My inspiration for this roundup of booziness is all things pink, red, chocolaty, sweet, and sexy.

Bring on the booze!

Strawberry and Champagne Margarita

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Raspberry Moscato Cocktail - Wine and Mommy Time

Raspberry Moscato Cocktail

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Strawberry Moscow Mule - Wine and Mommy Time

Strawberry Moscow Mule

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Red Wine Hot Chocolate - Wine and Mommy Time

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

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Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail - Wine and Mommy Time

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

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I highly suggest sharing with others, however, if the above mentioned drinks are too tasty, I do not take responsibility for your actions ;).

Enjoy responsibly and feel free to tell me about any recipes you enjoy!

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