Postpartum Changes No One Tells You About

Congratulations! You have a new, beautiful, squishy baby to love on! Not only do you have a new name, Mom, but your body is brand new to you as well. What am I talking about? Postpartum changes that no one tells you about.

You’ve probably read or have been told that things aren’t quite the same after having a baby. Sure, this is true, but the things some of us experience as new moms are crazy, things no one prepares you for. Oh, and the ‘it won’t happen to me mentality’, better pass real quick, chicky poo.

When I left the hospital, I couldn’t believe the changes were happening already. Don’t consider this a rant, consider this an honest view of what a real mom experienced once her beautiful boy was born.

Get ready for some truth bombs, because I’m not going to hold back this time!

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So much blood

I touched on this in my post about preparing for postpartum healing. One thing no one told me was that I’d nearly need to be in diapers as much as my new baby. Seriously, it’s like having your period for the first time. But for a number of weeks, not just one.

When I thought I’d be able to just lounge in leggings and boyshorts with panty liners, was I ever wrong. When it came to pads, the more industrial the better. Speaking as a woman who owns thongs only and exclusively uses tampons, this was an adjustment and a half.

Just be prepared and know there is nothing wrong with you. You’ve gone the last nine or so months without a period. This type of bleeding is called lochia. However, be sure to seek medical attention if you’re finding clots larger than a golf ball, a foul smell or if you have a fever or chills. For more information on postpartum bleeding check out Baby Center’s post about it.


Swollen ankles

Also known as cankles. I never even knew that this would be a thing after birth. But it was and they were so ugly. Basically, it’s because when you’re pushing, you’re typically putting pressure on your feet. You know, when you’re being held in the ever compromising position, legs askew. So, fluid collects in your lower extremities. It’s called edema.

If the swelling hasn’t lessened within a week, check in with your doctor for their opinion.

There are ways to help alleviate the discomfort of edema, such as:

Night sweats

Also known as nocturnal hyperhidrosis. I know, it sounds scary, but it’s really not. Your body has been harboring so much extra fluid for that baby of yours for months, now it’s time to release what it doesn’t need. I never knew that I’d be waking up in a literal puddle through the night. To the point that I would sometimes take a shower, put new, absorbing blankets or towels on the bed and change my clothes. It was crazy, and no I’m not exaggerating.

I highly suggest picking up a waterproof mattress protector if you haven’t already. As gross as it sounds, it’s pretty hard to clean sweat out of a mattress. Frankly, you’ll be so tired, and doing enough cleaning as it is.

While this sweating won’t last forever, it lasted about two weeks for me. And boy was I ever glad when it tapered off. Just be sure to keep hydrating though because you’ll wake up drenched and parched.

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Hair loss

This was something I knew was coming, I read about it, was told by mom’s I knew. The wait to know when it’d start was tedious. For me, this didn’t start until about the five-month mark after having our son. It was coming out in huge clumps. But, it’s totally normal, and nothing to be worried about. Your hormones are all over the place and you just need to let this annoyance take its due time.

Just so you know, normal, daily hair loss is 100 or so strands a day. Yes, that’s a lot. And you’ll lose more than that during your postpartum time. It’ll come back, so don’t let those fancy shampoo slinging Instagrammers force your hand in buying their high priced, bottles of so-called miracle juice. It’s going to be alright.

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Pregnancy

Squishy tummy

The hardest postpartum part to get used to. For the better part of a year, you’ve been growing a human. The skin on your body has expanded and stretched to limits you thought never possible.

There is no miracle here other than the one you’ve created.

Yes, it’s weird to touch now. Now that it’s no longer firm, round and kicking back. This amazing part of your body should be celebrated now.

Continue using up the rest of your tummy butter, maybe even buy another tube. Why? Because it’ll help regain some elasticity. Plus, you’ll be using half as much as you had been. The first time I put lotion on my stomach after having our son it felt so weird and empty. But surely, in time, I could feel the texture of my skin going back to as it was. Which oddly was sad for me to see. That meant I was further away from a time when my little boy was hearing my heartbeat from the inside.

Yes, you’re going through so many crazy changes. Hormones all over the place. You’re exhausted as hell, a mombie even. But you know what, you’re not the first and you’re not the last. You did something amazing. Embrace this time because it’s so fleeting. Chalk up your mood swings as your own crazy reality tv drama playing out of one body. Your brain fog will rise.

Welcome to motherhood mama, it’s a crazy, wonderful world!

What were some things that you experienced during your post-partum time that no one told you about? Share below in the comments!

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The 5 Postpartum Changes No One Will Talk About

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