5 Easy Ways to Fit the Holiday’s In – Blogmas Day 12

Blogmas Day 12, that means we’re nearly halfway! Are you still having trouble enjoying this magical time of year while working a 9-5, momming and wifing? I feel you mama. I’ve brainstormed 5 easy ways to fit the holidays in!
Don’t worry, if you haven’t done much so far this Christmas season, you’re not alone. We’ve barely done anything. Frankly, I’ve purchased one gift. One. So behind it hurts. Fear not though! If you’re feeling like there isn’t any time to fit a little bit of St Nick into your day, there are ways.
Being a working mom, especially around the holiday’s is hard. This is my first year back to work since having our little guy and it’s been hard to get any family time. At the moment my husband is off Sunday-Monday, and I’m off Friday-Saturday. Yeah, that’s right. No days together. It’s been awhile… So, in the small time we get to spend together we try to maximize it the best we can.
When life is going a million miles an hour (or kilometers if you’re Canadian like us), refer to this list and take a little time as a family.

Watch a movie

We try to get one movie or holiday show in. A few a week or one a night if we’re lucky! Check out blogmas day 8 for my movie suggestions!

Go see the lights

Bundle up, take a walk after dinner with the family! This goes back to my Minimalist Christmas Bucket List from day 2. Nothing is more Christmassy than bottling up some hot cocoa and going for an evening walk to see the lights. It’ll get you in the spirit real quick.

Change your music

Jump on Songza or YouTube and crank up the holiday tunes instead of your normal jams. Do you prefer audio books? They have Christmas ones out too you know!

Bake something

There’s something so gratifying about baking. Maybe it’s because utter mush turns into some sort of a tasty thing like a cupcake! It doesn’t need to be from scratch to be perfect. Add some candy canes to your cookies, voila, Christmas.

Wrap gifts

Wrapping presents is a must do, but it doesn’t need to be boring. Make yourself some Bailey’s and make a time of it! Grab some girlfriends and wrap together while you listen to Michael Buble’s Christmas album.

Just remember, we’re always going to be busy. There are always going to be lists of things you need to get done but the memories are what matter. Sure your kids will look forward to the new toys and stuff. But it’s just stuff. Make memories, not trash, enjoy your time together. Afterall, they’re only little for a little while.

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What ways are you fitting the holidays into your hectic schedule? I’d love to know! Share below in the comments!

5 Easy Ways to Fit the Holidays In - Blogmas Day 12

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