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First Wine Wednesday in quite some time, eh? You wouldn’t believe how busy the past month has been. For more on that read my update here!

So, back in March, we did Mocktail March, since it was Peyton’s birth month. While we only did a few posts of that I hope that it gave you some great non-alcoholic ideas for parties or even nights in.

Now that we are passed little man’s birthday, our move, and more, let’s get back to why we’re really here – wine!

Remember this post where I shared some Canadian Wine Clubs? Well, I’ve found some amazing American clubs as well, some of which also ship to Canada!

The best wine clubs - Wine Wednesday - Wine and Mommy Time

The low down…

Just as a short recap. Wine clubs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are a monthly subscription which ships to your door every month. Others give you exclusive access to purchasing incredible wines at bargain prices. Those are only two examples but each club has their own perks, other than the obvious.

It’s so easy to get stuck buying the same thing over and over. Especially if you are anxious to be let down if you go with a new wine that ends up being not what you were looking for. Better yet, it’s nice to have a bottle or two, or three, on hand if ever company just randomly shows up. Like those nights when your girlfriend has had a shit work day and needs to have some Mean Girls and chill time. You know, the drill.

I love online shopping. I’m sure you’ve tried it too. Usually, we’re buying things like clothes, baby items, maybe even the random social deal like that 80% off facial service you’ve been looking at on Groupon or something. Well, why not wine? Seriously. The thrill of receiving a package is the best!

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Monthly subscription + Gift options

Plan options: Monthly ($29/box), 3 month ($27/box), and 12 month ($25/box)

Available in: US only currently

Number of bottles: 3 single glass servings, double up option available

Comes with: Recipes, pairings, music suggestions, history and other great notes.

Wines from: France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, with more on the way

Vinebox is a super chic wine club with a fresh philosophy that really targets the younger audience. I say this because it has a very similar look to all of those beauty boxes you see. Also, Vinebox get’s to know your taste by giving you a short quiz to better serve you.

While most wine clubs offer entire bottles, Vinebox is by the glass – what that means is that your box will contain three uber chic vials of wine, enough for a generously poured glass. If three glasses aren’t nearly enough, you can double your order! There is also an option to gift Vinebox – because you’re such a good friend.

To learn more about Vinebox click on the banner below!



Winc (Formerly Club W)

Monthly subscription + Gift options + Shop

Plan options: Monthly $13+/bottle

Available in: US only currently

Number of bottles: 4

Wines from: All over the world

Winc was actually one of the first wine clubs that I had ever heard of thanks to Stassi, who you may know from Vanderpump Rules. However, I learned about Winc from her Podcast – Straight up with Stassi. She has been talking about this club for quite awhile. Formerly Club W, Winc is another chic company bringing wine to your door every month. They have a super simple process to pair you up with some great wines, a quiz!

Also, after you have tried the wines they send you each month, you can give your reviews and that will also alter the results of what you will receive the next month. Basically, the more you review, the more they get to know you and what you do/do not like. Simply put, it’s like having a new BFF who just happens to send you wine every month. Pretty rad. By the way, for every 10 ratings you give, you get money back. Bonus! Winc has so many incredible perks that honestly you need to go check out their site for yourself. Did I mention that your first order is also $20 off? Just click on the banner below for more info!



Wine of the Month Club

Free Gift with Every Gift Membership!

Monthly subscription + Gift options

Plan options: Monthly $45+/month

Available in: Canada only currently

Number of bottles: 2+/month

Comes with: Recipes, pairings, history and other great notes.

Wines from: Canada

Wine of the Month Club is one of the oldest running online wine clubs. While they do not ship to Canada, I spoke of them in a previous post you may also enjoy.

Wine of the Month club works with over 50 Canadian wineries to select both exclusive and non-exclusive wines for you to try each month. While many people opt for French, Italian or Chilean wines, if you haven’t purposely tried a Canadian wine, you are truly missing out.

Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia boast incredible, award-winning wines. If you want to learn more about what the Wine of the Month club does and how they do it click on the banner below!

Give the Gift of Wine!


California Wine Club

The California Wine Club. We seek. You sip.

Monthly subscription + Gift options + Corporate options

Plan options: 5 different club levels ranging from $39.95-$219

Available in: US and in Canada (with additional shipping and other associated export fees)

Number of bottles: 2+ bottles

Comes with: Their wine guide and magazine

Wines from: California

California Wine Club specializes in small, family-owned artisanal wineries which makes them unique. You know when you visit a wonderful Mom & Pop restaurant that has been around for ages, has the most authentic, love-filled food? That’s what this company searches out in wine. Aside from their monthly wine club, you can re-order wines you loved, later on, so you don’t have to say bye bye to the one you love once the bottle is done! The club is pay as you go, which means you can cancel at any time, much like all of the clubs above.

One great feature about California Wine Club is that they have multiple levels of the club to choose from. Depending on your budget, or taste, they can customize your subscription to your needs and really tailor it to be something special to look forward to. Many of their online subscribers have been with them for 7+ years, need I say more?Check them out by clicking the banner below!



Are there any wine clubs that you know and love? I’d love to know about them!

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The best wine clubs - Wine Wednesday - Wine and Mommy Time

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