30 Day Yoga Challenge – with free guide!

I love yoga. It’s a great release and is so rewarding for your mind and body. Remember when I told you about getting free yoga classes in this post? Well I have more to share with you!

Like I’ve said before I have absolutely no affiliation with DoYogaWithMe.com at all other than being a member who truly loves to share them with people. It’s really hard to find good yoga online and when I came across DYWM years ago I felt like I hit the jackpot!

In time for the new year, DYWM made a 30 Day Challenge. Basically you follow their suggested daily classes. They have both a beginner and an intermediate version so that you can choose your difficulty. If you need more help on which one to pick check out what they have to say below.


30 Day Yoga Challenge - Wine and Mommy Time


“Not sure which challenge to do? Follow these guidelines:

Do the Beginner Challenge if: you have been practicing yoga for a year or less or you most frequently choose beginner classes online or gentle to moderate hatha yoga classes in a studio. The classes will range from gentle beginner to challenging beginner classes and will include restorative and yin classes.

Do the Intermediate Challenge if: you have been practicing yoga for a year or more and you most frequently choose power or vinyasa classes online or at a studio. The classes will range from gentle intermediate to challenging intermediate and will include mostly power/vinyasa yoga classes.

Important: No matter which challenge you choose, you will most likely feel challenged in many different ways – physically, mentally, spiritually. Remember that yoga is about humility, surrender and experiencing your true self, and sometimes it’s better to choose the more gentle path in order to sink into your inner experience. So don’t be too concerned about choosing the right challenge during your 30 days of yoga – enjoy the path you are on!”*


Click here for your free 30 Day Challenge guide

I have also created an easy to follow spreadsheet for you to follow along. You can do this 30 day program as many times over as you want! Initially I intended to start the program and follow it through starting January 1st, however, it just didn’t happen. So I will be starting on March 1st and I will share with you all my journey, starting on day one, on day 15 and at the end.

If you haven’t tried yoga before, I highly suggest giving this a try. This challenge is supposed to increase in difficulty so you won’t be starting off in a difficult place. Being able to do yoga at home is also wonderful because you don’t have the self doubt that some people do when attending a class.

30 Days of FREE Yoga from Home - Wine and Mommy Time

All I suggest is to come into this with an open mind, and an open heart and just enjoy the journey. We focus so much on our next day, our next week, our next month and yoga really helps bring that focus back. I always feel so much more at ease after a class and it really is so humbling. They call it practice because you will always find a difference in yourself and your abilities the more you practice it. Think of your new practice as a marathon, not a sprint. Take it easy and enjoy.

Now, on to what you will need. First, sign up for a free account. In your account you can bookmark classes, comment on ones you’ve taken and so much more. Obviously WiFi, it’s super easy to stream their videos on a tablet, computer or even phone. A space large enough that if you lay on the floor like a starfish, you aren’t touching anything else. Yoga mat, other than the videos, you will need a mat.

Let’s talk about your yoga mat. You don’t need to spend an arm or a leg on a mat by any means. Places like Marshall’s, Winner’s, or even some supermarkets have affordable ones. However, word to the wise, cheaper isn’t always better. Just make sure your mat is thick enough for your floor. I would suggest 5mm or more if you have laminate, hardwood or tile.

Last but certainly not least, just enjoy it. Feel free to share this with your friends and as always, let me know what you think! I can’t wait to share my challenge with you all and I’d love to know that you’re following along with me.

*text quoted from: https://www.doyogawithme.com/30-day-challenge

**image credit of DoYogaWithMe.com

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