15 Netflix Shows for You and Your Girls

Remember when I talked about 18 Netflix Binges you could watch with your guy? Well, I haven’t forgotten about the ladies. Don’t you worry.

I know it’s summer but honestly, some nights all I want to do is just chill on the couch with either a nice radler or glass of wine and watch some me stuff. I’m totally obsessed with reality tv, however, I’m usually pretty caught up because I watch it soon after PVR-ing it.

If you’re also caught up on the Bachelorette, or any of the zillion Real Housewives shows then fear not lady. We’ve got you covered. By we, I mean me. Because Wine and Mommy Time is a team of one… Wow, that sounds lonely. Anyway!

While my taste may not be the same as yours just give some of these a try. I promise you’ll be able to find something. Keep in mind these are shows and not movies. Mainly because I think that movies deserve their own time, place and well, post!

So read on, and tune into this awesome chick-Netflix, see what I did there! Hehe.

Netflix for Chicks

  1. Grace and Frankie
  2. Friends
  3. Call the Midwife
  4. The Client List
  5. The Good Wife
  6. Orange is the New Black
  7. Gilmore Girls (both original and Netflix version)
  8. Mr Selfridge
  9. How to Get Away With Murder
  10. Scandal
  11. Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills
  12. Million Dollar Intern
  13. Scream Queens
  14. Bondi Tattoo Crew
  15. Wentworth

I’ve watched all of these, at least once. Some three or more times. Truth be told, I’m currently watching Friends over again, and I don’t feel the least bit ashamed.


Also, because I love ya’ll I’ve made this handy dandy infographic for you to save for later!


15 Girly Shows to Binge on Netflix


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Leave your comments below of the shows that were yes’ for you and ones I may have missed.


15 Girly Shows to Binge on Netflix

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