12 Clever Newborn Tips

Some days my new mom days seem so far away. Other times, it feels like just yesterday. Since I’m feeling uber nostalgic, and a little helpful as well… I thought I’d compile some really useful newborn tips!

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When Peyton was born, we were living on the opposite side of the country from our families. As much as your in-laws, or mom, can text you advice, it’s different to have people around.

These days more and more people are living away from families, trying to make it work with newborns. It’s hard. I know the feeling.

I can’t even count the amount of useless advice I read online. You know, the so-called, hot tips to make your baby sleep through the night. Which end up leading you to have to buy some stupid thing that is totally not even what they said it was.

Better yet, downloading app after app. The struggle is real.

How about some practical newborn advice? Sound good? I think so!

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12 Newborn Mom Hacks

1. Coconut oil on their butt

Meconium is horrible. It’s like sticky, stinky, nasty butt tar. With that said. You’ll be seeing a lot of it for the first while and that shit is a pain to get off. Save yourself a bit of hassle by putting coconut oil on your little squishie’s butt to help you in the next round.

2. Fresh diaper under the old one

This was a game changer that thankfully, we learned early on. Before taking your baby’s dirty diaper off, slip a clean one underneath. Why? To catch any possible projectile poop, and to also prevent an accident between old and new diaper. At nearly two years old, we still do this to this day. It’s become second nature.

3. Tab the diaper

You know the tabs that keep your little’s diaper on? Well, they can be a pain in your ass when you’re trying to change a diaper. They get stuck to the new diaper, to the changing pad, anything, somehow. So, when you’re changing them, fold the tab, sticky side against itself. This is mainly to help avoid getting those pesky tabs covered in poo. Because it happens. And it sucks when it does. Then when you’re done, you can roll it up, untab the tabs and secure that shit! Literally.

4. Wipes at the ready

Had to be said. Get those wipes ready ahead of time. If you take a peek and see poop, get that changing station primed. Roll up those sleeves, and pre-pull the estimated amount of wipes you think you’ll need. Why? Because having to hold your babies feet up, while trying to open a wipes container, and not get shat on, is terrifying. That window of pee in the eye and no pee in the eye is very small. So prime your station and be ready.

5. Onesie shoulder flaps

You know those little folded over parts at the top of your baby’s onesie? They may look like they’re just a cute little embellishment. But in actuality, they serve a purpose! They’re built in expanders so that you can pull the onesie down their body, rather than over their head. Why? You guessed it. Because poop happens.

6. Soother for medication

Did you know there are specific soothers to help you give your little one medication? Check this one out! Also, if you’re bottle feeding, you can use a bottle nipple in a pinch to give them what they need. It’s an easy hack to know they’re getting the meds down and not just pushing it back out with their little bitty tongue. Especially good to know around vaccination time!

7. Prevent tub slipping

When your little one is still really little, you can wet a towel and put it on your tubs floor so create more traction. Preventing slipping, and scariness when it comes to baths. Once they get a bit bigger, use a laundry basket in the tub to keep them, and their toys contained.

8. White noise machines

Sound machines, especially like this one, will be your best friend. They help drown out the noise and give them a serene, continuous sound. Helping them get to dreamland and keep them there. This one has many functions, from songs to a simulated mom’s heartbeat, water, and more. It’s a tried and tested way to soothe your baby and they are easy to take with you if you are going on vacation.

9. Snaps over zip ups

While zip-up sleepers are easy on and off, opting for snaps pays off. Why? Because in a nighttime pinch, you don’t need to completely open up their outfit. Just unsnap the bottom portion you need to get to. Keep your baby warm, clean their bum, get in, get out.

Newborn Hacks for New Moms

10. Layers are your friend

The general rule of thumb with newborns is to dress them in one more layer than you would have. For example. If you would be wearing shorts in the summer, they should be wearing light pants.

11. Keep little laundry safe

If you’re constantly losing your own socks to the dryer monster, you bet your ass, you’ll lose scratch mitts to it too. Small baby items like socks, and scratch mitts, should go in a laundry bag. Don’t splurge too much, you can use lingerie bags! You can easily find these are your local dollar store or here on Amazon!

12. DIY stain remover

Dawn and hydrogen peroxide. Mix those two together and voila. Instant stain remover. Cost effective and it works.

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Now that you have some great tips, your probably thinking of some I missed! Share with other mamas below!

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12 Newborn Mom Hacks

11 thoughts on “12 Clever Newborn Tips

  1. Thank you Libby for sharing 12 Clever Newborn Tips post. Great tips that are so helpful. I never thought to use coconut oil.

    Would you recommend using coconut oil on newborn’s face and body (more than just butt)?

    1. Communication is the biggest tip I can give. You need to have a great relationship as partners going into this crazy parenting life in order to be great parents for your child. Oh and coffee, lots of coffee.

  2. Great newborn tips.
    Step by step is super tips. Yes, I agree with you it’s clever tip. I follow your advice. I think you are so creative, person. Your thinking is beautiful. Your post is very neatness. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am newly pregnant with my first baby. I have no enough ideas on how to care for a newborn baby. That’s is why I am looking for like this related post. This time I found you with super helpful. I hope I learn something from here about how to care for a newborn baby. And I will apply it at the right time. Thanks for the sharing such an informative article.

    1. No problem at all! I was in your spot in the beginning as well, and trust me when I say, there are so many resources available now. Thank you for your kind comments, I’m sure these tips will serve you well!

  4. Thanks for the useful tips, Libby! I am sure everyone who is going to have kids should read your article. You described all the most important details in a light and easy manner. I liked white noise machine, that you advised, a lot. Even though I am familiar with these gadgets and the way they work, I learned about this specific gadget only from your article.

    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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