10 At Home Date Ideas for Parents

The other night, hubby and I made plans to have a home date night. Let me tell you, it’s the most we’ve connected in quite some time. It really made me think though, we need more at home date ideas for parents.

Why? Because parenthood.

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We had a great time making an effort of having no screen time that night. No tv, no phones. Just him and I. It was so refreshing.

It’s really easy for us to let weeks and weeks pass before we even realize that we haven’t had time together in well over a month, or a few. Which is scary when you think about it. The most important thing as a couple, especially a couple with one, or a few kids, is time together.

Before we got married, we had to take a marriage course because we were getting married in the Catholic church. While neither of us are practiciCatholicsics, the course taught us a lot about communication.

Our biggest takeaway was to put each other first. Always, in all ways.

We’re not perfect, but life is always a work in progress.

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Think about it, the kids wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a connection. You have to keep that connection alive. You’re more than just parents. You’re best friends and lovers and that is just as important as being a great mom and dad.

Okay, enough serious mushy mush.

Get ready to fuel that fire from the comforts of home with some of these great at home date ideas for parents!

10 At Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

1. Game Night

This could really have some fun options. Hubby and I used to love playing Guitar Hero. Maybe your thing is card games or board games. Have your guy teach you how to play his favorite video game. It’s a great way to have some light-hearted fun.

2. Couch Fort and Movies

The adult pillow fort! Stack up those couch cushions, break out the pjs and fire up the Netflix. Let your inner kid fly, but keep it adult with some fancy cocktails like these!

3. Cook Together

Maybe he’ll cook the main and you’ll make dessert! It’s fun to collaborate in the kitchen. Even if it’s just a simple charcuterie board, the kitchen is the heart of the house.

4. Photo Evidence

Take a trip down memory lane. Break out those photos from when you first met, or maybe your wedding day! Reminisce about the old times and connect over the things that brought you together in the first place.

5. Paint Night

There are tons of painting how-to videos on YouTube. Grab a couple of canvas’ from the dollar store, and some paint and let your inner Picasso take over. Hell, if you don’t end up with some new wall art, at least you had fun in the process! Extra points if it’s finger paint.

intimacy games

6. Wine Tasting

Have a wine and cheese pairing party for two! My suggestion, start with a couple of bottles of wine that you love and Google some pairings for them! No time to waste? I have some candy and wine pairings here for you!

7. Breakfast for Dinner, In Bed

Having breakfast in bed is the best. But let’s face it. With kids, it probably doesn’t happen too much anymore. Have breakfast in bed at night, it’s the best!

8. Write to Eachother

It’s so beautiful to read sweet words from your significant other. Not only is it something that may give you that ego boost you’ve been needing after a long week but it really gets your hearts pumping.

9. Dreamboard Together

Everyone has ideas of dream vacations, homes, lives. Sit down together with some bristol board or paper and make a dream board! Or a vision board! Maybe they’re really lofty things but either way, you’re bonding and your connecting. Have fun with it! No dream is too big.

10. Spa Date

If your man likes a little pampering get the foot scrub and bath salts out. While it’s not for every guy, mine included, some really enjoy it! Take it a step further, add a face mask maybe. Some candles, some bubble bath, soak it up!

Need more ideas? I love this e-book from the Dating Divas, 52 Dates. It’s stocked full of date ideas for every week of the year!

Best ideas for easy date night!

Do you have some ideas? Other’s would love to see! It’s what we’re here for! Share in the comments below.

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10 At Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

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