10 Free Date Night Ideas – For when you’re on a budget

Do you know what’s better than a cheap date night? A free date night. Yep I said free.

I know the thought of free date night sounds like you’re going to have a really boring time. But it doesn’t have to be!

Most of these ideas are home dates, which means they are great for parents! Or when the weather is bad and your plans have to be changed. Either way, as long as you and your significant other are getting time to connect that’s the important thing.

Honestly, I think the nights we stay home and just get to talk or reconnect after a long week, or even a few weeks, are my favorite moments. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get dolled up and go out for a night on the town, but who says you can’t do that at home?

When was the last time that you actually made home date plans? Okay, maybe for some you do it often, frankly if you do, I’d love to hear about it!

Whether it means you get all spiffed up and have a romantic dinner for two at your dining table, or the two of you don your finest pjs, there is always something to do at home.

10 Free Date Night Ideas - For when you're on a tight budget - Wine and Mommy Time

On to the dates…


YouTube night in – This could really go many ways. You could both swap back and forth your favorite high school jams. Maybe there is a funny viral video you’ve seen lately, or one you remember from your past, que Shoes, or Numa Numa. Or, you could even do YouTube karaoke, you know, grab a hairbrush and belt your heart out. If you’re too terrified to break out your lack of vocal skills, channel your inner lip singing skills. It’s up to you really!


Netflix and Chill – Laugh all you want but the original millennial at-home date night is always a great fall back plan. Now, if you’re like the hubby and I who take almost an hour to pick something out to watch, maybe you should both have some movies saved in your picks just to get the ideas flowing. Or, you could even binge watch a show together! That can be fun too, I’d probably suggest Friends or something like that because you don’t exactly have to follow along and frankly it’s funny as hell.


Make a date night passport – This is something I’ve been meaning for Geoff and I to do for awhile. You know when you pass by a restaurant on your way to another one and always swear you’ll go there next time? Or maybe you surf Urbanspoon and see too many to choose from and always end up going to the same place? Yeah, we’re bad for that too… Well the idea of a date night passport is easy. Grab a notebook, sit down together and brainstorm places you’d like to eat, go to, or things you’d like to do. Then next time you’re at a loss for ideas, voila! You have the passport at your disposal to flip through!


Take a hike – If you’re outdoorsy, I’m not talking cocktails on a patio, I’m talking wilderness… Taking a hike is always a nice way to reconnect. Jump on Google, I guarantee you if you put in your city/town, followed by “hiking trails” you are bound to find some. On the other hand, if you can’t, or if it isn’t quite the right season, how about a walk around your neighbourhood? Get your limbs moving and play tourists in your own city. Or maybe even Google what tourists do in your city, you’d be surprised sometimes at the things you overlook on a daily basis around you!


Workout/Do yoga – So many couples love to workout together. It’s a great motivator, not to mention it’s a good way to do something as a unit. Hubby and I enjoy DoYogaWithMe.com, you can check out what I have said about them before here. If you want to make a commitment of doing yoga together, might I suggest the 30 day challenge? Don’t worry, they have beginner level! If downward dog makes you nervous, you can always head over to YouTube and take a peek around for some at home workouts on there as well! Bonus points if it’s a partner workout!


Sketch your dream home – You could do this together, or you could even do this separately and come back to compare it to each other. Is your dream home a cottage? Maybe it’s a small country home, who know’s! Get creative and have fun, who know’s, it may just come to fruition some day.


Plan your goals – I think this is a great relationship building activity. Some people choose to do this on an anniversary or New Year’s. Frankly I believe you can do it anytime. Sit down together, or separate, and write out your goals for the year. Think about if there is anything you would like to improve about your relationship, maybe saving for kids or a home.  Or maybe you’re wanting to make a career change! The possibilities are endless. Check out my post here where I talk about goal planning. It also has a free chart to download! Check in at the same time next year to see what you have accomplished or what directions have changed, it’s fun to see growth.


Living room fort – Grab some pillows, blankets and chairs and channel your inner child! Maybe you want to get fancy and string some twinkle lights. Just make sure they don’t give off heat and could potentially burn your fort down! This is probably the ultimate way to Netflix and Chill if you ask me. Snuggle in and enjoy!


Bevvies on the deck/stargazing – When was the last time you just sat on your deck, or maybe your front step and just shot the breeze with some drinks? There’s something so simple and enjoyable about just watching the passers-by and chatting away about nothing at all. Or, if you have a yard, or an open space outside, why not lay out a blanket and enjoy the starlight together? The beach is also a great place to do this, waves crashing, usually no one else around, so peaceful.


Volunteer together – If you have never done volunteer work, let me tell you it is so rewarding. If you check out Craigslist there are always places looking for help. Maybe it’s a soup kitchen, or the local cat shelter. Someone is always in need of extra hands. It’s a way to get out of the house and so something new together that you can talk about afterward. Not only are you giving back but you are making memories together and that’s what it’s all about.

See, there is so much to do for free! Simple things are sometimes the most memorable. I hope that these spark some great memories for you and your love.

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