10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies

With September well under way the holidays that require the most preparations will be here fast and furious. Obviously here in Canada, we’ll hit Thanksgiving first but that’s another post for another day! With the entrance of cooler weather comes wardrobe change over, seasonal latte’s and of course Halloween! For years we’ve been choosing our own costumes and party plans but if you are heading into this fun-filled holiday with littles for the first time you may need some inspiration. It’s always easier to plan ahead rather than scramble at the last minute, however, these DIY’s are a great range of ideas from hard to super easy last minute choices.


**I do not take credit for any of these ideas or pictures, please click on the image to follow the link to the originating post. Enjoy!**


This baby deer costume is too cute and super easy to make. My only note, while using face paints on children is make sure that they are consumable. Babies are constantly rubbing their faces and putting their hands in their mouths, if you are unsure ask a sales associate or purchase lip liners.


How adorable is this little dinosaur?? This is certainly one that you will need some planning for as it comes with a pattern, however, the result is so worth it, how much would your little love this for play time or just running around the house? Worth the effort if you ask me.


Cuddly koala anyone? Very little prep work to this one, it can even be done no-sew with safety pins if you like!


If you are an 80’s baby yourself this image better resionate with you otherwise your childhood was very sheltered and I appoligize. But really, not only is this funny but it’s extremly easy to make, onesie and then some pieces of felt, which by the way you can usually find at your local dollar store.


For the Harry Potter fans out there, you are welcome. If your baby is still in the head banging stage then this is perfect in so many ways, que Dobby banging his head on anything in sight when he does something wrong.


Again no instructions for this one but I’ve also seen a baby girl version as well which is equally as cute! To make the walker all you need is some plumbing pipe or PVC picked up from a hardware store,tennis balls, balloons, glasses if your baby will wear them, a cardigan, which you’ll use again if you don’t already have because they’re adorable, pants and a bow tie! Obviously you want your baby to be in the walking stage for this.


Another 80’s throwback! I don’t know how many times I’ve accidentally buttoned little man’s onesie over pants by mistake out of pure tiredness, so this speaks to me in so many ways. All this little one needs is “Call on Me” playing in the background and she’s all set!


I couldn’t be more obsessed with this one if I tried and frankly, I think it’s what our little guy and Geoff will be doing for Halloween.



Who didn’t have a massive collection of TY beanie babies? All you need for this outfit is felt for the tag and a soft, cuddly sleeper, not only will your baby be warm if you live in a cold climate but they’ll be nice and cuddly for you to snuggle!


For this costume obviously, most of the work would be on the table, my suggestion, so that they don’t pick up everything and try to eat it all, glue it all down with Superglue onto a covering that you can put over your stroller’s tray.

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