Starbucks and Sensetivity

Starbucks and Sensetivity - Open Letter to internet trolls - Wine and Mommy Time

So it’s that time of the year again, the time when Starbucks changes their cups and everyone goes ape shit. The new cup has been created by an artist Shogo Ota who was commissioned by our favourite coffee shop to create a cup that reflects community. The drawing depicts 100 people, drawn by a single line, that’s right, the pen did not leave the page until they were complete, pretty cool! Also, let me say that this cup is currently only available in the United States, but it’s just gone that viral.

Starbucks and Sensetivity - Green Starbucks Cup - Wine and Mommy TimeImage courtosey of Starbucks

So why are people in an uproar? First off. It’s a cup, it’s not the holy grail. Secondly, if you are that butt hurt over a cup changing, maybe you need a hobby. Thirdly, this is not the cup they will have for the holidays, yes we will have a red cup but Starbucks has said that this cup was a way for them to express the need for community and for people to come together. Shout out to the CEO and Chairman of Starbucks, Howard Schultz for trying to bring us some positivity. Check out his press release here.

In the past year especially, we have seen so much hate in the world. From the Orlando shooting, to that monster of university boy who raped an unconscious girl behind a dumpster and got off with a mere three months of jail time. All the while a nasty American smear campaign is going on before our eyes. Yet a coffee cup, something you are going to toss away, is reason enough to cause an uproar? Really?

When did we become so sensitive? In this time of technology, convenience and fake online persona it seems as though our lips have gotten physically tighter and our fingers looser.

Scrolling through social media you can see the rantings of ignorant minds who have not done research much further than the title of a news posting. We see animal activists eating steak and wearing leather while posting about unfair treatment of lions and dogs. We see people being called racist for braiding their hair.

At what point will we revert backward to a simpler way of communicating and seeking knowledge. Will we, or are the days of encyclopedias gone, only to be replaced with Wikipedia. Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Wikipedia can be edited by a 5 year old, and tabloids aren’t fact.

Everyone has become so sensitive. One person’s freedom of expression turns into another person’s way to lash out. We see this everyday. Bad vibes spread like wildfire, and complaints from bitter people are the fuel. I can’t help but think back to bullies in high school who would spread rumors to cut otherwise confident girls down. Tongues used to leave marks so deep that we would rush home to cry and promise to never go back to that place.

Don’t give in, and don’t let the negative stop your intent. Don’t apologize. If we are old enough to know better why aren’t we doing  better. Also, when did agreeing or sticking up for someone become taking a side? At the end of the day the braver and bigger person is the one who made the effort to be real, to express their true feelings.

Today we hear Trump talking about sexual assault being low on the totem pole of worries. Women are too afraid to come forward or are silenced in their attempts to seek help or do the right thing. Men are being called deadbeat dads just because they couldn’t make it work in the same home as the mother. It just seems like we’re going backwards. Gender and race equality are so much on the back burner in comparison to ridiculous news stories about geese causing havoc in trailer parks (I’m not joking, that story made the 5 o’clock news).

We are choosing to read one side of the story and not asking real questions or seeking the source. I do not and won’t ever claim to be an expert in motherhood or life. I just hope that you take from this to cut the bullshit and see a bigger picture. If someone hurts you, talk to them, if you don’t like what is in front of you, change the channel.

Celebrities and sports figure’s are being over analyzed every day with every tweet or glance. When did we start taking them for any less than human and why is it okay to go to the keyboards with a mere existence of a smiley face as a name or rainbow176 (not sourced, just saying). Slandering people online, even if you are not using your own name is still bullying, point blank, end of story.

Why is this relevant to a cardboard cup? Why isn’t it, is the better question. People are going to complain about any change that happens. Big or small. It’s up to you to choose whether you are going to be part of the issue or not.

With that said, I’ll have a grande americano with one pump of sugar free vanilla please, and no, I don’t mind the cup. Thanks.

Starbucks and sensitivity - Open letter - Wine and Mommy Time

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