March 2017 Goals

March 2017 Goals for Wine and Mommy Time

Okay, it’s time I start holding myself accountable. In writing, to you all and myself. Goals people, I’m talking goals. Don’t worry, I wasn’t about to break down into some long ass post about how I’ve had a come to Jesus, Buddah or whoever moment. Goals. I’ve talked about them here before. I’m kind of […]

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5 Valentine’s Day Cocktails – shake it up for your love! – Wine Wednesday

5 Valentine's Day Cocktails - Wine Wednesday - Wine and Mommy Time

What Wednesday wouldn’t be complete without a little wine? None! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Let me be honest with you, I’m really not the biggest fan of V-Day. No, I don’t boast the whole Anti-Valentine thing. I just believe we should be held accountable to show love to those around us all the time. […]

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