How to Always Have Blog Topics

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Blogging means always having an idea. Always having something to write about. But what about when writer’s block happens? I’m sharing my top secret on how to always have blog topics.

Writer’s block happens. It’s inevitable, but, the best offense is a good defense, right? And I’m not just talking about sports.

When it comes to blogging, writing, social media, content creation, whatever, you need to stay inspired. Quite some time ago I came up with a strategy and it’s never let me down yet. It’s one that I think you’ll really appreciate and you may even feel like you should have been had on the go all along!

We all know Pinterest is the best. Bloggers all around know this. This isn’t new. It’s what we use to market, share, connect, Pin, be Pinned and frankly, go viral! Other than getting your face, and fancy finger work out there, it’s time to use it as a writing tool.


Pinterest isn’t social media. It’s a visual search engine. So, let’s talk about how it all began.

I remember the early days of Pinterest when it was an invite-only situation. I was so excited when one of my besties sent me an invite. It was like a wonderful secret online community that everyone wanted to be a part of. It was like going to one of those secret underground nightclubs that you have to knock a certain way on the door, hop on your left foot and do a jig and boom, you’re in.

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit extreme, but it was really fun to be part of it from the start and see it blossom so much over the years.

My relationship with Pinterest began before I started wedding planning. And it was a great resource for me. I pretty well planned my entire wedding through Pinterest. Searching for ideas, looking for inspiration. Creating secret boards for my future family, dream homes and more.

Now you don’t need invites or special codes. If you want in, you’re in.

The secret to never running out of blog topics


Fast forward to my life now as a blogger, I’m still using it for inspiration.

You probably pin from other bloggers, to broaden your boards, to get you more visibility. But, do you Pin for yourself?

Pinning for yourself means you see something you like, and you save it. You know, do what the platform was actually made for. Being a virtual pinboard No need to chop up those magazines put glue to bristol board and get messy. No, do it all virtually. Be a virtual hoarder if you will.


I love tools that help me save time. One of my favorite tools which has totally exploded my blog traffic is Tailwind. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on my blog, hands down. Bar none.

If you’ve been wanting to try out Tailwind, use my link to get your first 100 pins for free! You can also get $15 off here if you’d like to move up to the amazing paid version which allows you unlimited pins.

Let that service do hours of work for you in as little as an hour spent per month, or less really. That way you can get back to what really matters. You know, family, friends, writing, the good stuff!

With how much we already have automated, with services like Tailwind, we sometimes lose the bigger picture. It was probably Pinterest that brought you to blogging to begin with. You saw other people doing it, and you knew you wanted a part of it. And here you are!

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It’s time to reveal my secret. The reason why you clicked on my link, Pin, or otherwise!

There’s a reason why I’ve been gushing over Pinterest. It’s because of secret boards.

See, I told you it was a legit secret. Secret boards are my secret to always having blog topics.

Frankly, I’m surprised I hadn’t shared this sooner with ya’ll. Granted, I did go over its importance in my ecourse, Rock Your Blog Launch.

There are a few things you can do, and a few steps I highly suggest you do right this moment. Like right now. No excuses. I know you have the app on your phone…

On to my biggest secret on how to always have blog topics!

Make three secret Pinterest boards:

  • Blog Post Writing Inspiration
  • Blog Post List Ideas
  • Blog Post Upgrades

As you’re scrolling through Pinterest, you know, during commercials, on public transit, during dull work lunches, whatever, you can add to these boards. If you have a good amount of time, like when the kids go to bed, or they’re napping, go down the virtual rabbit hole. How do you do that? Select a pin, and scroll down. You’ll see suggestions based on the pin you’ve suggested. 

Just make sure to keep an eye on the time because 2 am can creep up really fast. I’m not responsible for your lack of sleep due to this either, that’s on you, babe. Pin responsibly!


This one I use the most. When I’m scrolling either through specific categories like parenting, or blogging I start Pinning away.


People love lists. I love lists, you probably love lists. Lists are the shizz. Also, it may inspire others how to always have blog topics as well! Your readers will thank you.

If you’ve been scrolling and come across something you’d like to make into a list post, this secret board will keep your list items in check. That way, when it comes time to actually write, you already have your research done.


It’s always good to upgrade posts with things like infographics, opt-ins, new Pinnable content, and other great things. If you see something that may fit a previous post of yours or something that inspires you to write a post and create something for, this is a great board to have. I probably don’t use this board as much as I should, but I know it’s there and I do reflect back on it from time to time.

If you need help in the digital content department, check out my quick ecourse Digital Blog Content Masterclass.


Once you’ve started cultivating your secret little (or big) stash, put it to good use. Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction. Whenever you’re feeling like you’ve hit a rut, these boards are going to pull you right up and out of it, I swear!

Now the new problem you’ll have is too many ideas and not enough time. But that’s a good problem to have if you ask me. Much better than tons of time and nothing to write.

When I’ve exhausted the inspiration from one of my chosen pins, and have finished writing, I will pin it to a board of mine which it is organically drawn to. Obviously, I’d be following up with a pin of my own take on the post. Bonus points if you link back to your blogging inspiration.


In this crazy big, and yet little world, it’s flattering to inspire others. However, it’s not okay to full-on copy someone.

As bloggers, we know that there is no way to have a totally 100% original topic. If you’ve thought about it, someone else has too, and that’s how posts exist. 

We all do it, we all pull inspiration from each other. That’s what’s so cool about this world. Just make sure to stay true to your writing style. Stick to your post composition. 

It’s great to learn from how others write, but you can’t copy a whole post verbatim. It’s not friendship. So just make sure to keep it in your own words, and make it your own. Don’t replicate a post just because you know it will get traction if it doesn’t fit your vibe or niche. Stay true to you babe.

If you’re wanting to up your blogging game, or need a revamp, be sure to check out my ecourse Rock Your Blog Launch. It’s for newbie, oldie and want-to-be bloggers who want to kick it up a notch or twenty!

Do you have any tips on how to always have blog topics to keep you inspired? Share yours below in the comments!

With love by Libby

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