[Announcement] I’m Pregnant Again!

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On February 9, 2019, I found out I was pregnant again! By finding out I actually mean that two days prior I took an HCG test and it was a faint positive. But, I knew I should test again another two days later, so I did! And what was the result? One that made me super giddy! Two HCG tests and one First Response later, all showing that yes, I’m pregnant again!


Backstory, I woke up early on Saturday morning because I wanted to shower before the hubs and the little man woke up. And because I wanted to test again. I didn’t want to tell hubby right away because I wanted to test, but also because he had to leave for work. So, the little dude and I dropped Daddo off at work. We ran some errands and then I came home, peed in a cup and did another two HCG tests and one First Response test because I’m thorough like that. Well, the first response test, much like in my last pregnancy, double-lined super fast! And it was really vivid. So yeah, I think we can happily say it’s confirmed.

The next thing I did was look myself in the mirror, just like I did last time and started squealing with joy! I couldn’t stop smiling, my cheeks were hurting. This time, I went out to the living room and hugged my firstborn and asked him something we’ve been asking him a bit lately: “do you want to be a big brother?” His response: “I’m [Mr. P]” while clutching his chest in proclamation, so cute. So I worded it slightly differently “do you want to have a little brother or sister?” He grinned from ear to ear on the couch and said “no”. I just laughed, hugged and gave him a kiss and said: “well too late now little man!”

I'm Pregnant Again!


The next thing I did was start researching vegetarian pregnancy meal plans, because this time around, being pescatarian, I won’t be eating red or white meats. I even made a new secret Pinterest board: My Second Pregnancy! I’ll be saving second pregnancy things there, it started out with food, now it’s grown to subcategories like workouts, labor, breastfeeding and more. More on that another time.

After the tests, elation, sharing with my toddler, and starting a Pinterest board I started searching for Midwives in Nova Scotia. My last pregnancy was an amazing midwife experience when we were in British Columbia so I want to go that way again if we can. Read more about that in my post: Dr’s vs Midwives. I know demand is high and with less in the entire province than there were in our entire clinic on the west coast, there can be a waiting list. Being a Saturday, their normal office hours are closed, so I left a voicemail. A very enthusiastic voicemail at that! Where I think I repeated my name like 4 times and my phone number an equal number haha. So chill I know.


What did I do next? Logged onto the website I practice yoga from, MyYogaWorks, because I knew they had a prenatal series. After poking around their selection I found they have 50+ prenatal and postnatal classes! For skill levels beginner to advanced, I’m so excited!

I literally can’t count the number of times I went into our bathroom that day and looked at the tests again. So, to calm myself down while little man napped, I did yoga and put away laundry. 


I decided that yoga is how I would tell the hubs the news since we both practice together and separately on that site. My original idea was to set up our mats, complete with blocks, hide the tests on the other side of his block and queue up 1st Trimester Prenatal Yoga. But that wasn’t totally what happened. Since Geoff ran that night after work and then went out for some veggie snacks so we could watch Star Trek: Discovery together (nerds and proud) I knew there was no way to convince him to get onto a mat. So what did I do?

I took to Canva and made an image of the class I was going to share with him and wrote something underneath. See below!

Yoga Pregnancy Announcement



When I picked Geoff up at work it was super awkward, well for me. I wanted to blurt it out so bad! But the stubborn me was saying keep it to yourself and keep to the plan, Libby! So we got home, I started making dinner and Geoff left for his run. While he was out for his run I was trying to figure out how I’d do the reveal.

So, after Mr. P was in bed, we sat down on the couch with our snacks, ready to watch Star Trek. I subtly texted him, while on the same couch. Not awkward at all. He ignored it, probably because usually when we’re in the same room I’ll send him stupid emojis. So I had to tell him to check it. He stared at it. At first, I was worried, waiting for a reaction. But he wasn’t really cluing in, so I told him to read it, then “do what it says”. 


As noted, I hid the tests in his day planner. He was so happy! One of his first statements “I’m so relieved”. Mainly because we have goal ages (30 for me, 35 for him) to be done having kids by. Well, we made it!

It’s not so much a vanity thing, as it is the fact that we know the complications that can happen with older mothers. Also, my mom was mid 30’s when she had me, and dad mid 40’s which means we have a massive age gap, therefore, hard to relate to each other. Also, we want to be young enough to have a lot of presence in our future grandkids’ lives if we’re so lucky to have some.

But at the end of the day, like any couple, it’s our choice and we aren’t judging those who have babies older. Everyone’s path is meant to be different and that’s amazing.

There are so many ways to tell your partner that there is a baby on the way. I had so many ideas, but honestly, the way I did it this time just felt right. 

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How did you tell your partner, did they get it right away? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

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